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Top 10 Kids Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

When it comes to decor for a child’s birthday party, it can greatly vary depending on whether you have a boy or girl, as well as the age of the child. But, one sure way to find the ideal decor, is to consider a themed party, rather than just going with pink or blue, based on whether you have a young boy or girl.


Kids Birthday Party Themes

So, if you are looking for some fun ideas, these are some great themes you can work around, to create the perfect decor when you are setting up for a birthday party for your child.

10. Circus Trip

You can have a juggler, you can have circus animals, or balloon animals, and when thinking of the food, popcorn machines, cotton candy, and peanuts are all great options. By adding some of the fun themes and acts that you will see at the circus, not only are you going to have the perfect theme for boys and girls, you are also going to find several distinct decor ideas to add to the party.

9. Hidden Treasures

If you have an adventurous child, this is another great idea. You can do a pirate theme, or simply have fun games that the kids can play, and hidden prizes that they can find around the home and yard. Depending on the theme you choose, you can use pirate ships and flags, or stuffed animals to create a zoo theme.

8. Wizard/Magic

For the child that believes in fantasy, or the true Harry Potter fan, this is a perfect idea. You can have table linens and other settings that have lightning bolts on them. Capes, moons, stars, are all perfect and simple to make. You can have a wizard lair and other fun rooms set up in the home, to mimic a favorite movie or character that your child loves as well, so you can easily set the theme.

7. Beauty Spa

If you have a young girl who wants a day out with friends, this is a great option. You can set up a small area for them to get their hair done, or to have their nails done. You can use pink linens and other simple decors, like silver or shiny decor, and simply hang it around the home. It is a simple theme, and something that any young girl would like to have with a group of her friends.

6. Retro

Disco balls, multicolor hanging banners, old movie posters, old props, are some of the great ideas you can spread around the home and yard, with this theme. This is perfect for a teen who loves old music, or is interested in older films. The 50s, 60s, 70s, or any other decade that they enjoy most, are some of the fun options you can try.

5. Pirate Theme

Pirate cupcakes, a boat where kids can walk the plank, or a bounce house that is shaped like a ship, are some options that you can choose for the pirate-themed party. You can also have the kids dress up to add to the fun, and add to the creative style. Mini golf, and handing out eye patches are also some fun ideas for the kids to wear.

4. Dino Theme

If you have a child that loves dinosaurs, this is another great option. You can go with all green, you can find posters, and make fun-shaped food like dino eggs, which the kids will love. Table wear and other banners and decor can easily be found at any party supply store that you visit, when you choose this theme.

3. Music Theme

You can set up a jukebox, music banners, posters, or have a karaoke contest. A diner theme is also a fun option, with old chairs, and a milkshake machine, will add to the fun. There are several decades of music you can replicate, and you can find several fun games that kids can enjoy competing in, when you decide on this theme for the next party that you are going to host.

2. Make a Hobby Party

If you have an older child, or one in their teens, you can avoid all the crazy decor, and let them do what they want. From setting up stands to make bracelets, or painting stations, a karaoke machine, and other fun hobbies your kids might have, are some of the options that you can choose. Not only is it going to be simple for you to decorate, it is also going to allow you to give each child something they will enjoy doing, when they come to your child’s party.

1. Movie Theme

If your child loves Toy Story, or if they like SpongeBob, you can use these as the basis for the party and decor. You can find every single major character in any party supply store, so it won’t be too hard for you to find the items to decorate the home and your yard with. Additionally, you can hire a person to come dressed as the character if you have younger kids in the home and at the party. Or, if you are doing this theme for an older child, you may want to consider a party where they can dress up as one of the characters from the movie that the party is going to be based around, giving them a fun way to celebrate, and to show off their creative side at the party as well.

No matter what age your child is, or what they like to do, these are some fun party ideas that you can try out for their next party. Of course, each child is different, and based on their age, you have to keep in mind what is most appropriate for the party. But, if you are out of ideas, and don’t know what to do for their next party, any of these are sure to appeal to all kids, in all age groups, and you can work with your child, so that they feel they are part of the decision-making.

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