M10 The 10 Best Motivation Secrets

Motivation is the secret of success. Being motivated enables us to complete even the hardest of tasks with ease. But motivation doesn’t come easy. One needs to be mentally fit to be motivated. Everyone needs motivation. From a businessman to a sportsman, a housewife to a student, motivation could make everyone cross the finish line in time. Today, I would list the ten best ways to motivate yourself. Do try to follow these steps to live a successful and tension-free life.


10. A Motivational Playlist

When we get up in the morning, our mind remains fresh, irrespective of the problems and stress we are facing. Set a playlist of motivational tracks and songs that would not let the stress come back but give you new energy and power within yourself to fight the stress and start the day with a different yourself.

9. The To-Do List

It has been proved that maintaining a “to-do” list for a particular day will keep you motivated to attain the goals you have set for the particular day. Whether it is a big presentation or a date with your special one, note it down at the start of the day and try to fulfill them before the day’s end. This really helps you to keep up with the pace of life and stay ahead.

8. Groups And Communities

This one is for the ones who are extremely depressed and have no idea what to do next. Join a group or a community that has people sitting around you with similar problems. This helps you to share your heart and feel free. This certainly takes your loads off to a certain peak and enables you to make a fresh start.

7. Never Forget Your Goal

Goal is something we all have. Every day we set new goals and aims and in no time we forget them. No matter what you do, never forget your goals as a clear goal in your find would help you to work hard and stay motivated. Forgetting your goals is the same as forgetting your identity as there would be no reason then for the job or task you are performing. Thus, never let go of your goal out from your mind.

6. Eat Good And Stay Fit

Hitting the gym and eating healthy is another way to stay fresh and motivated as food makes one complete, and an empty stomach makes you feel unhappy and distressed. Maintaining a fitness diet would enable your body to work more efficiently and also it would lift your morale up to a greater peak. Gym makes you feel stronger and fitter which is very essential for being motivated.

5. Your Friend Circle

A rotten mango would destroy other fresh mangoes, a proverb we all know. This is very true as one gets effected by the comments and talk he or she shares with their friends. Wrong advice would make you think in a negative way, which becomes a barrier to for your goals. Thus one needs to choose their friend circle very carefully and also one should not take wrong and unhealthy advice from others. We should be positive in all situations as it makes us more stronger to face our woes.

4. Books That Help

There are many motivational books available now that really helps one to learn and to be motivated. “What Young India Wants” a book by Chetan Bhagat is one that I would refer. One should not go for very high professional books but take one which is easy to understand and follow. Reading motivational books replaces your negative and give-up attitude with strong radiations that would life yourself and give you mental strength to face your weaknesses.

3. Yoga

Another proven fact for being motivational is Yoga. Yes, Yoga helps the brain cells to ease down and helps you think with a relaxed mind. Yoga helps one to attain peace and thus takes you out of stress and anxiety. Regular Yoga would help you to see your goals more clearly and give you an internal strength to face your problems with a greater impact. Yoga is one of the best ways and also one of the most followed for staying motivated.

2. Motivational Talks And Speeches

Honestly, this has helped me and would also help you when you feel lost or depressed. Motivational talks and speeches helps you to cut down your problems into pieces rather than having it as a whole big one. It makes you feel motivated when you hear about the same problems you are facing and the solutions for them. Sandeep Maheshwari and Chetan Bhagat are some of the best motivational speakers in India. Try to listen to them and figure out your own mistakes and problems. then try to solve them and all this in a more motivational way.

1. Never Give Up

This is the easiest and most effective way to lead a successful life. Never give up is what you must chant within yourself when you are facing problems and woes. It is an attitude all successful people have and it doesn’t come with birth. One must develop and explain himself that life is easy, all we need to do is never give up and have faith in ourselves.

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