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Top 10 Military Retirement Gifts

Selecting a military retirement gift is definitely not among the easiest things to do. After all, you are honoring a country hero which has defended us with selfless distinction for several years. Therefore, your choice for a military retirement gift has to be as specific as possible and may have to include rank, unit, year, and specific branch. You may choose to offer your soon-to-be-retired officer a functional gift box, or you may opt for a more expensive gift such as a customized statue.


Military Retirement Gift Ideas

Regardless of what you have in mind, here are our top 10 retirement gift ideas for the military:

1. Army Ring

One of the cheapest and most affordable military retirement gifts you can purchase is an army ring. It’s a known fact that military people prefer to wear rings, especially if they inspire authority. Well, an army ring will grant him the pleasure of wearing U.S.’ coat of arms and flag symbol wherever he goes, so he will definitely remember you for such gift. You can buy this type of ring in sterling silver or 14K gold, with or with no oval stone. In addition, some stores give you the possibility to personalize it with wearer’s name for a slightly higher price.

2. Retirement Gifts Box

Another inexpensive, yet quality, retirement gift idea consists in a unique gifts box. Such boxes usually include a fine wine bottle to delight the gifted’ taste, but may also include various tools for opening the bottles. In addition, some gift boxes comprise a unique BBQ set, which is truly an inspired gift if your old buddy loves outdoor grills. Finally, there are also some boxes which give you the possibility to store cigarettes inside them, which again may be an inspired gift if your man prefers to smoke in his spare time.

3. Retirement Gift Displays

What better way to celebrate an old man’s army retirement than by offering him a customized display where he can store some of its well-earned medals and stars. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative you could also opt for a display which has the stars and medals pre-engraved on it, case in which you’ll have to know your buddy’s honorifics. Additionally, many of these displays allow you to engrave them with the name, rank and unit of the retired person. There are some displays which even boast the traditional U.S. flag and coins, a great way for someone to remember about the army.

4. Eagle Statues and Symbols

The eagle has been known as a symbol of excellence for a long time now, being gifted only to those who shown outstanding results in serving the country. As an ex-army man, the eagle can only represent a real proof of appreciation, especially if it comes from one of his close friends. Therefore, offering your man an eagle statue, symbol or imprint (customized or not) will definitely leave him a pleasant impression that he won’t forget for long. In fact, he might even host your gift on the front panel of his living room.

5. Retirement Gift Pistols

What better way to remind someone about the army than by offering him a custom, one-off replica pistol? This type of guns usually capture the real essence of the Old West, being a great reminder not only in regard to army but also delivering some of the action often witnessed in Western movies. You may opt for a revolver or a classic gun, both which can be easily hanged on a dedicated wall panel. Some pistols also serve as lighters, so they may come in handy in a variety of situations.

6. Military Retirement Gift Plaques

In case you need a wide area to describe retiree’s service record and his application for service, look no further then military retirement plaques. They allow you to add all the art and insignia you want for a very low cost. Furthermore, some plaques come accompanied by replica pistols or Air Force berets to give your man an extra reminder about the army. Such gift shouldn’t miss from a retiree’s wall or desk, and the sooner you deliver it the better.

7. Sabers and Displays

Does the retiree have a passion for well-crafted swords? In this case, a saber and a display (to serve as wall support) represent the perfect gift for this occasion. You can opt for cavalry swords, NICO sabers or officer sabers. All of them are crafted from aluminum alloy and are granted to resist the test of time. Furthermore, they can be usually personalized with text, rank and insignia. They look truly outstanding on a walnut support, so if you know that the gifted one will like it there’s no reason not to choose the sabers. This is definitely a gift that’s most appreciated by officers and veterans.

8. Retirement Gift Statues

There is a multitude of military-related statues on the market, so with a little research you’ll definitely find something that will suit the retiree’s taste. The “Calling Dustoff” – Combat medic statue is among the most preferred gifts for such occasion, and this is not only due to its accuracy and well-crafted details, but also due to the possibility to engrave it with the retiree’s rank, unit and year. You can always opt for “I was there” or “Kevlar bust” statues which will make a good impression nevertheless. If you shop for a quality statue then the retiree will take pride in it for all his life.

9. Stetson Displays

Another very inspired gift for a retiree lies in Stetson displays. These units can be easily laser-engraved before delivery (thus being able to show retiree’s name, rank, unit and other details), and thus represent a gift that will definitely be remembered for long. Regardless whether we’re speaking about a retiring officer, NICO, or cavalry soldier, Stetson displays are appreciated nation-wide for their quality. What’s more, you may also opt for a Stetson saber wall display which will allow your retiree to display his saber collection in style. If you are generous enough, then you could also offer a saber along.

10. Military Theme Clocks

At last but not least, military theme clocks truly represent a wise choice when it comes to gifting a retiree. They come in various styles and designs, with some of them being designed for wall-hosting while others are specifically set for a desk. Some of these clocks also come in a finish case, which hosts the U.S. insignia as well as a laser-engraving plate. If you truly want to live your buddy pleasant memories about his retiring event, then military theme clocks are the final choice to take into consideration.

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