Mysterious Places

Top 10 Most Mysterious Places in the World

Every person living on this planet would know about the Bermuda Triangle and its Mysteries. We have heard a lot about that and this topic would certainly bring a ‘wow’ or a ‘what’ expression to our face. Many say that these are just a myth or the natives are preventing others from getting into their surroundings. But, according to science, there is a magnetic force that is causing these problems. Believing is in your hands, but this place is certainly a mystery. And yes, there lot more places where creepy things happen, however here are 10 other places which have been considered as a mysterious place on this planet.


Mysterious Places

Here’s a list of the top 10 Mysterious Places in the World:

10. Superstition Mountain

This Mountain is located east of Phoenix, Arizona. In the 1800s, Jacob Waltz, a Dutchman, has found out gold in that Mountain and since then he has kept that as a secret until his deathbed. Many have gone in search for the gold, but none returned. Some say that the spirits of the dead ones have haunted the mountain. The Reports state that ‘little people’ live below that mountain in tunnels and caves. And these may be the activities of those Tuar-tums.

9. South Atlantic Anomaly

This is nothing but a Bermuda Triangle in space and it is called as the South Atlantic Anomaly. It is a place where the Earth’s inner Allen belt comes closest to the Earth’s surface. This comes on top of Brazil and has caused a lot of problems regarding satellites and spacecrafts. Even the Hubble Telescope turned off when taking observations. The International Space Station avoids spacewalks when passing through that area as it causes some problems. These are not technical problems. The exact cause of this is not concluded by the scientist and so let’s put this one also on the alien’s head.

8. Lake Anjikuni

Lake Anjikuni is into the next level of mystery. We have seen a few individuals missing, but here an entire village went missing. In the year 1930, Joe Labelle, a trapper was looking for shelter and as he knew this village very well, he decided his path towards this village. When he reached there, the village was gone, leaving behind the food and the rifles. He then alerted the RCMP and the investigation began. It was discovered that some of the graves were open, clearly not by animals and emptied. And the bodies of 7 dogs were found dead and the reports stated that the dogs have starved to death even as there was food in the village. Some even say that there was a light in the sky during the time of the disappearance. The investigation proved to be vain as there are lots of stories in the name of the aliens, ghosts and even vampires.

7. The Devil’s Sea

The Dragon’s Triangle or the Devil’s Sea is found in some areas of the Pacific Ocean. This Triangle is similar to the Bermuda Triangle and is also a site of mysterious disappearances. This area is close to Japan and this part is considered as a danger by the Japanese.

An incident that took place was, the Japanese government sent a research vessel containing 31 people to find out the mystery of the Devil’s Triangle. They were gone forever. Another incident is that, Kublai Khan along with his army tried to invade Japan coming through the Pacific Ocean. To their dismay, they traveled through The Devil’s Sea. And the rest you could guess, they lost approximately 40,000 men.

Some just alien activity while others say it as a gate to another similar Universe. Some suggest that the disappearance is due to volcanic activities because the research vessel was caught in an eruption.

6. Bigelow Ranch

This place has also witnessed a number of UFOs, animal mutilations and other strange occurrences. This is a 480 acre land in Northwest Utah. Although this place has been experiencing this from the early 1950s, the most bizarre incidents took place when Terry and Gwen Sherman brought ranches in the year 1994.

On the first day, they saw a giant wolf in that area. The wolf looked to be tame and so they allowed it to come to them. But, it grabbed a calf. Terry shot it, but the bullet did not do any harm and so Terry went on for the shotgun, but it didn’t do much damage to the wolf. The Sherman tried to follow the wolf tracks, but it went off abruptly as if the wolf has disappeared. It did not stop there, they witnessed UFO’s more often and also animal mutilation took place on a constant basis. They were not able to tolerate it and so they sold the ranches to Robert Bigelow, the founder of the National Institute for Discovery. Bigelow owns the ranches from that day and the National Institute keeps the findings a secret.

5. Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant is a place that witnessed a creature known as Mothman, which lived there from November 1966 to December 1967. It is a 7 foot human with thyroid eyes and wings. Many People have witnessed it fly in the sky. This Mothman has his statue in Point Pleasant and some say it as an extraterrestrial creature, while others say it as mutant or a cryptic. Point Pleasant has not only witnessed Mothman, but also has been subjected to UFO sighting and also reports of ‘Men In Black’ were also viral in that place. These men were totally different in their speech and mannerism.

4. Michigan Triangle

This triangle can be found in the middle of Lake Michigan. This is also a site with disappearances of land and sea crafts. This includes,

On April 29, 1937, George R Donner was on returning from Erie, Pennsylvania to Port Washington, Wisconsin. He had to pass through the triangle. He was a bit tired and so asked his mate to wake him up when they reached the destination. Three hours later, his mate went on to the cabin to wake him up, but he was not found there. A thorough search took place, but he was not found anywhere.

Another one took place in 1950, June 23. A Flight from New York to Minneapolis changed its course due to bad weather through the Michigan. The flight was carrying 58 passengers and the aircraft was in the hands of experienced pilot Robert C Lind. Around midnight, Lind had asked permission to lower the fight’s altitude without specifying any reason but he was denied. Probably that was the last communication made by the flight and its last position was within the Michigan Triangle. Search operation took place, but neither the human bodies, nor the debris was found in the water.

3. San Luis Valley

San Luis Valley is a second home for the aliens. Farm animal mutilation is also common in this area. UFO sightings are so very common that a woman named Judy Messoline has set up a UFO watchtower in her place. She has witnessed about 50 UFOs since the 20th century.

All this started in the year 1967, when the first UFO arrived. Animal mutilation also started with this. The first one was a horse named snippy. Snippy lay dead without her brains and her near bones were completely gone. Since then hundreds of animal mutilation have taken place. The mysterious part is that there was no blood near the dead animals. These animals were damaged to worse. Investigating is being carried out and it has not proved worthy till now. Farmers say that, they would see a light in the sky before an animal could be gone the next day. This slightly proves that extraterrestrials are into our planet for some reason.

2. Bennington Triangle

Here come another triangle and this one is found in Southwestern Vermont. This site is subjected to 5 mysterious disappearances between the years 1945-1950.

Middle Rivers, a 75-year-old man was leading a group of hunters on November 12, 1945. While returning, Rivers headed the group and moved forward, but he was never seen again. His rifle was the only evidence.

In the year 1946, Paula Welden reached the same spot. It has been almost 60 years and no trace of her was found till now.

In the year 1949, December 1, James E Tetford was driving his bus back home after visiting his relatives. Witnesses have seen him at the previous stop and when the bus reached the destination, he was nowhere to be seen but his luggage was on the bus.

Paul Jepson disappeared in the year 1950, October 12. Despite wearing a dark red jacket, none of them were able to find his trace.

Frieda Langer was the last one to disappear in the year 1950, October 28. She was roaming around with her cousin in Glastonbury Mountain when she slipped into the stream. But, her body was recovered after six months of her disappearance. Her body was damaged, torn and the cause of death could not be determined.

People living in that surrounding say that this could be an alien or a monster or even a serial killer. But, nothing was proved to date.

1. Bridgewater Triangle

Bridgewater Triangle
Bridgewater Triangle

You should certainly stay away from this triangle. Bridgewater Triangle is a 200 sq miles area in Southeastern Massachusetts, south of Boston.

This area was subjected to Cryptozoological sightings. Cryptozoology is nothing but the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. The sightings were taking place since the early 1970s. There were several reports of a tall, hairy ape-like creature roaming around that area. People have also seen Thunderbirds and giant flying reptiles fighting in the mid-air. In the year 1976, there was a report from a man who saw a large, red-eyed dog, killing two of his ponies. Besides these animals, there were reports of mutilated animals, especially cows and calves.

This does not end here, early in the 1960’s people have sighted UFO’s in the form of a ‘sphere of fire’ and from then this Bridgewater Triangle has witnessed a lot of unexplained objects in the sky which includes a mysterious black helicopter. In the year 1976, a UFO landed near the city of Taunton and another 1 in the year 1994 landed here, which had a triangular shape. In the year 1908, on a Halloween night, two officers have seen something in the sky, which looked like a ‘Giant Lantern’. It disappeared after 40 minutes.

These are a list of the Most Mysterious Places on Earth.

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