Top 10 Places To Hangout With Friends

    Places To Hangout With Friends

    Finding the place to sit with your friends and talk about the days of our lives can be a difficult task if there’s no place to hangout at. You can enjoy your conversation while I suggest you the places where you and your buddies can chill out.

    Places To Hangout With Friends

    Here’s a list of the best places to hang out with friends:

    10. Malls

    Whoever brought the concept of malls should be revered. Malls aren’t just there for shopping; rather they can fulfill a much larger purpose for you. Malls are great hangout places throughout the year, even during a hot summer day or if it’s raining cats and dogs. You can go window shopping or play games or sit in the food court or do nothing but chat.

    9. Clubs

    You and your friends could join a club. There’s always a plus one with every club member, thus you can even meet up your outstation friends whenever they drop by. Most of the clubs have a variety of activities to do, such as spas, swimming, gyming or other sports. Else, you can just relax in the lounge with your friends. This could be a pretty expensive hangout spot as enrolling in a club needs money.

    8. House

    If you do not want to spend much and do not feel much comfortable outside then probably you and your friends could just stay at one of your friends’ house. It will be much more comfortable and relaxing and if you feel hungry you can just open the refrigerator. You can even have movie nights and just cozy up in a blanket with popcorns or pizza. Just remember that if you and your friends live with your parents, then this might not be the best idea.

    7. Restaurant

    A nearby restaurant or eatery is a perfect spot to have a snack and chat with your friends. It doesn’t have to be a five-star restaurant but any local small spot where you can all sit down and enjoy. It can be a small Chinese restaurant or it can be the nearby KFC or Dominos.

    6. Park

    If there is a beautiful park nearby then search no more. It is a very versatile hangout spot as you can sit on the picnic benches, play football or badminton with your friends or just jog around. You can carry a little snack pack for a picnic or if there is a store around then buy something from there. This might not be the best option if the weather is against you.

    5. Coffee House

    A local coffee house is always a nice place to hangout, seen friends? You do not have to choose a really expensive or trendy place as it shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket, nor should it be too crowded. Take a peek around, try different coffee houses and select one.

    4. Bar/Pub

    A bar/pub can be an amazing and funfilled hangout spot during the evening. If you are of age then this can be a perfect place for you when you return after a tiring day at work. Today, Sports bar have come into existence where one can watch their favorite sport live on the TV or play pool and have their favorite drinks at a reasonable rate during happy hours. Then there are pubs which hold regular karaoke nights, where you can cheer your friends or laugh as they sing.

    3. Beach

    If you live near a beach then look no further. You can meet up your friends there, sit on the beach bars or just relax on the sand or get into the water. You and your friends can chat over coconut water and enjoy the warm sun and wind. If you want then you can even go surfing or ride a jet ski. Some beaches have regular beach festivals with lots of music, dance and drinks which are just another added benefit.

    2. Campus

    If you are a college student then your campus can be the safest and best hangout spot ever. Your friends would mostly be from the campus itself and thus it can be a permanent spot for you during your college days. You can sit in the college café or an empty classroom. You can find a calm spot in the college sports field, maybe somewhere near the trees. You can almost, choose any spot that is vacant and have fun. There’s always food in the canteen and friends around, nothing can be better.

    1. Bowling Alley

    Bowling has evolved into the best indoor sport ever. You do not need a special training to enjoy here. If there is a bowling alley near your house where your complete gang could drop in or where you could meet a friend then this is the best place to chill out. Bowling isn’t expensive and is much fun. You could compete against each other and laugh over every blooper. Bowling alleys usually are near a nice food court or bar or restaurant where you guys can have a snack if you want.

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