10 Tips To Solve Relationship Fights Quickly

    Relationship Fights

    Being in a relationship is an incredible feeling. Relationships are of different sorts and each relationship goes through silly fights, petty arguments etc. Though these are very common aspects of a relationship but you cannot afford to overlook them because fights should be solved as soon as possible or else they give rise to further misunderstandings. If you’re into a relationship, you’ll understand better.

    Relationship Fights

     Well, let me list down some tips to solve the relationship fights quickly…


    Almost all of us have this little own world of ours where we give ourselves a large amount of self-importance. Well, this is none other than our ego which overtakes us in such a manner that we almost stop caring about other’s feelings. This surely isn’t right. Especially if you’ve been through a fight with someone, ego is something you need to put aside to resolve it. What matters more about your ego or the relationship? Consider the other person’s feelings before yours and make an attempt to bring things back to normal.


    When things are going through a rough patch, they don’t seem to straighten out magically. So don’t lose hope. No matter how serious a fight it was, you need to keep trying to resolve it because where you stop trying, things may never come back again.

    8. FORGIVE

    Forgiveness is the best way to solve a fight. If the other person approaches you with a heartfelt sorry, you don’t have to be hard as a rock. If you know it’s meant for things to become good again, you need to learn to forgive. No good can come out of acting all stubborn. In fact, you might end up getting hurt because you’ll regret having not forgiven. So if someone has mustered the courage to walk up to you and apologize, respect it.


    People have this tendency of always thinking that “I’m right then why should I be the one to apologize.” If you think the same way let me tell you, this is very kiddish behavior. What matters in a relationship is that what is right and not who is right. Remember that the other person may also be thinking the same way and maybe you end up never resolving the fight.


    Writing text messages or making calls don’t always work. If the person means a lot to you, then he/she deserves more than a call or message. Escaping confrontations is never the solution, it simply makes things all the more complicated. What you need to do is walk up to that person and talk it out. This way everything will also be out in the open.


    Understanding each other’s perspective is another point to be kept in mind. You should always try and understand the situation you two are going through. Many times petty misunderstandings lead to huge fights. A better understanding would lead to a fewer fights too. Realize what the other person is going through and see things from his/her side. If you really them, you will know what’s best to be done.


    Surprises work like magic to solve fights of any kind. Work up a surprise gift for the other person so that he/she may see all the efforts you went through to solve the fight. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive gift, a small handmade card or a favorite dish may work too. Also if you can afford it, buy your partner something he/she really likes. This might make them forget the fight.


    A conflict only gets worse with the use of high-pitched voices. You may feel you adrenaline all worked up and yell but you’re surely going to regret it later on. You never know how hurt the other person may get. In fact, usually, the issue is not as big as the yelling makes it. So, avoid it. Even if the other person may lose his/her calm you try to maintain yours. Remember one of you has to settle it down.


    If your partner wishes to explain him/herself to you, give them a chance to. Statements like “ I don’t want to hear anything”,
    “it’s over” and “ there’s nothing left to listen” may burn down all the hopes of a reconciliation. You need to be a good listener and let the other person speak up their heart. At least they made an attempt to talk to you, this means you matter to them.


    We always take note of the other person’s mistakes never pondering over our own. You need to realize your mistakes before taking the other person’s into account. It tough but really important. It’s never one person’s fault so you too stand as part of it. Doing this will automatically reduce a large number of your fights.

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