Sperm Facts

10 Spunky Facts About Sperm

It is wonderful that how we have made discoveries in medical sciences that affect us in every manner. Starting from the largest organ to the tiny cell, we have made several developments to cure multiple diseases and create new wonders from the human body. In the course of these discoveries, we have also come across several facts which make us go awestruck.


Sperm Facts

Here we have brought a list of 10 Spunky Facts About Sperm:

10. Beauty products made from Sperm

This might seem a bit weird at first, but this is the truth that these days high priced beauty products are made out of the human sperm. It has anti-aging capacity and it reduces wrinkles up to 20 percent. The semen is highly treated with chemicals to remove its bad odor and kill any harmful bacteria or viruses before they are put to use. Not only human semen, but bull semen also has its utilization in the beauty products market. It has high protein content and hence, the hair industry has made several products out of bull semen which are sold at high costs in the United States and UK.

9. Semen theft is on rise

With increasing demands for milk, meat and other products coming from the animal livestock, the theft of semen has increased these days. A bullshot of semen which is around .5 ml is priced at hundreds of dollars, even the cheapest is sold for two digits dollars in American market and hence, it is somewhat same as what the gold of same amount would cost you. The problem arises when this semen is stolen by the thieves as the agricultural lands or the owners are vulnerable in terms of providing security to their livestock and thieves take advantage of this situation.

8. Cyborg Sperm are becoming popular

Scientists have been making efforts to develop drugs which can trigger with more accuracy to the intended body part. For injecting nanotechnology propelled robots, they need fuel which can be harmful for human beings. So here comes the role of cyborg sperms, they can travel 100 micrometers per second and can move with the help of magnetic effect. They are being used for curing cancer and infertility.

7. Artificial reproduction technology is a new ray of hope

By use of in vitro fertilization, childless couples have got a new ray of hope. Scientists have created primordial reproductive cells and injected those in the mouse. The artificial sperm and egg cells were successfully produced and infertility could be treated. The experiments for applying the same technology of artificial sperm are gaining popularity among the humans.

6. Semen is antidepressant for women

This is a proved fact that unprotected sex improves the bonding between the partners and increases understanding towards each other. In addition to it, vagina absorbs several elements from semen during sex like endorphins, estrone and prolactin. The only risk related with this is the danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Antimicrobial capabilities of the sperm

After time-consuming experiments, it was seen that mallard ducks’ semen have high antimicrobial capabilities. During their semen exchange, they can destroy several dangerous bacteria and viruses. This is the reason that many animals do not get infected with sexually transmitted diseases in spite of having unprotected sex. This quality is also present in human beings but to a very less extent.

4. Allergy to semen is very dangerous

This might seem weird but some people are allergic to semen and this includes both the sexes. Around 12 percent of women are allergic to semen and they suffer from headache to anaphylactic shock. On the other hand, even men have experienced the same allergy to semen and they suffer from severe rashes or skin allergy from semen. Fortunate for the human race, this allergy is only due to semen and not from sperm, so there is no bad effect on procreative abilities due to this.

3. Hitler’s bull semen treatment

It is famous that Adolf Hitler had six female lovers. The man who stood against the major nations of the world found it tough to keep up with his sex life and satisfy his partners sometimes. Allegedly, some medical files say that Hitler was given bull semen injections in order to boost up his sex power. Interestingly, we do not have the records that whether this treatment of bull semen injection proved to be useful for him or not.

2. Sperm storage has adopted new technology

The deep freeze storage technology of sperms has got changed these days. A new technology has revolutionized this and now they can be stored at 4 degree Celsius only. This has made it economical and scientists can now preserve the sperms of endangered species for a longer time without much risk.

1. Allergic substances traveling through the semen

After an intercourse, some women complained of itching, headache, dizziness etc. after a long series of diagnostics, it was found that their partner had eaten something which those women were allergic to. The food substance did not digest and made its way through the semen, hence transferring the allergic substance.

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