Sun Facts: 10 Undercover Secrets of the Sun for the Earth

    Sun Facts

    Sun is not a new object shining in the sky in daytime across the world. People most know it a source of light and heat. In summer they stay indoors for preventing themselves from hotness of sun, while in the winter they stay on open surface to keep their bodies warmed against foggy atmosphere. However, there are many secrets which are either explained or not properly. Sun has been the grand worth for earth and all of its populations.

    Sun Facts

    10. Source of Heat and Light

    About sun scientists have discovered the fact that it is the biggest source to produce heat and deliver it to the earth. While, sun heat is liked in cold winter and avoided in hotter summer, but in both cases, life exists on the planet due to active role of the sun. Many chemical reactions occur on sun’s surface that emits energy and heat which is reflected downward to Earth.

    9. Health Usefulness

    Health professionals always advise the moms to keep their newly born babies in the light of sun openly. Actually a number of types of rays are emitted by sun that reaches earth and such rays make the outer skin healthy. So, the medical professionals schedule for the babies stays under sky to receive these rays just for a while daily.

    8. Temperature Moderator

    In summer we avoid moving outdoor when the sun shines bitterly in the daytime, while in winter we do not prefer traveling away when foggy nights are on. It means we appreciate ourselves and others to travel at night during summer and in daytime when there is winter. Sun moderates earth temperature and plays a vital in life to perform jobs in different courses of timer.

    7. Energy Production

    Sun does a good job for humanity to produce and maintain new energy sources like the solar energy system. This is a wonderful and cheapest way to produce electricity, especially in those states or countries which often experience an energy crisis.

    6. Role in Harvesting Crops

    Crops and foods need sun heat to get prepared after harvesting. So, human and animal lives can never exist any longer if they are not supplied foods in chain. With presence of the sun heat and some ultraviolet rays the crops reach to final stage and then they are reaped.

    5. Production of Oxygen

    Photosynthesis is a process of preparation the carbohydrates and food in trees and plants. Plants make their food in presence of sun heat, carbon dioxide through stomata or pours on leaves and water from the roots. During this food preparation procedure, excessive amount of Oxygen is also produced and plants release this gas for human and animal use in the air.

    4. Casual Uses

    In routine life, sun and its heat is used for multiple purposes. Humans use sunlight to run little specific types of energy systems and other production processes. For controlling the body’s temperature sun is also useful for the earth and its creatures.

    3. Benefits for Animals

    Birds mostly lay eggs for their next generation and animals always use sun heat form sustainability of their body temperatures. Many animals always do for prey in sunlight, while secondly, the sun heat is necessary for the species, animals and creatures undersea.

    2. Emission of Rays

    Emission of some rays from sun can cause skin cancer and other types of health issues. This one very odd secret about the sun for earth and its population. Thus, we must make proper differentiation between useful and solemn rays emitted by sun throughout the year.

    1. Active Part in Raining

    Production of clouds is a scientific process which gets completed by the active role of sun and its heat. By sunlight, the vapors come into existence from water resources and then these vapors move up to the atmosphere where these join each other and form a new shape as clouds. Finally, the clouds become rain and vapors cause raining. Without sun heat raining will never be possible.

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