Birds That Can Talk

Talking Birds: Top 10 Different Kinds of Birds That Can Talk

Although most people only know of the parrot as being one of the birds that can speak, there are in fact quite a few species of birds that can communicate with people. Depending on the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into it, there are many species of birds you can teach to communicate, and to learn different languages in any language that you train with them. Talking birds are a great pet, not only to teach, but also to communicate with.


List of Talking Birds

These are the top 10 different kinds of birds that can talk, and can learn to communicate with their owners:

10. Budgerigar

The budgie, or common home parakeet, is possibly most well known for its ability to speak, and to mimic the words that it can hear. When training them, their voices are lower, and can’t always be clearly defined; when training, if you are looking to teach them several words and phrases, men are easier to train than the female parakeet is to work with.

9. Blue Fronted Amazon

With an excellent speaking voice, and many human-like tendencies in their voices, not only are they easy to train, they can learn quite a few words and phrases. And, for the pet owner that is looking for an animal that can be a companion, this bird is known to be able to live up to 100 years, and some have lived longer, with proper care and attention.

8. Eclectus

With bright red color females, and green color for the male species, the species can verbalize in a distinctive manner. They are well known for their ability to mimic the tone as well as the mood of the language in which they are speaking. With these capabilities, the earlier you start the training, the more you can pinpoint their abilities over a period of time.

7. Monk Parakeet

The colorful bird, is small in size and stature, and is actually classified as a small parrot, not a parakeet. They are known for their clever nature, the ability to remember easily, the fact that they are social, and the fact that they can learn, and can use a vast vocabulary, especially when you do start training them from an early age in the home.

6. Indian Ring-Neck

Not only can they develop an extensive vocabulary, but they are also capable of speaking in long sentence structures, and can create formal chains of thought when properly trained by their human counter. They are not known for mimic of the tone or pitch, and tend to speak in a lower voice, that is unique to each bird.

5. Hill Myna

It is a small blackbird, and is known for its ability to mimic the human tone, pitch, voice, and carry on the voice of the owner or the trainer that works with it. With a varied range of pitch and tonality, it is a unique species, and one that can take on various tones, and different pitches, depending on who is training the bird to learn to speak.

4. Yellow Crowned Amazon

It has the ability to learn quickly, and is a bird that does not nip at its owner and trainer. It can capture a varied and extensive vocabulary, it can easily learn words and sentences, and with a quick grasp of any language the owner trains the bird to speak, it is known to be able to remember a variety of words, phrases, and can retain an extensive vocabulary when taught from a younger age.

3. Double Yellow Head Amazon

It follows the Yellow Crowned Amazon in its ability for retention; it also has the ability to closely mimic the voice and tone of the trainer working with it. The bird is also known for its ability to learn music, and to learn how to pitch its tone, in order to attain certain levels, with songs, and other types of tunes that it is learning.

2. Yellow Naped Amazon

Of all the Amazon species, this bird is most well known for its capabilities, and for its ability to quickly and easily learn, and to retain what it is taught by its human owner. They enjoy singing, and they have a great method of mimicking the human voice, tone, and pitch; when taught from a young age, the bird is going to learn far more, and has a high level of intelligence, meaning it is going to be able to retain quite a bit. With several species, it is the one that is most known for its ability for retention and clear understanding.

1. African Grey

Mostly known for its high IQ and ability to learn on quite a few subject areas, the African Grey is also a bird that you can quickly and easily teach to speak. It is not only the smartest talking bird, but also the smartest in the avian species, making it a great pet if you want to impress, and have a pet that can communicate with you on an intellectual level. They can relate to their human trainer, and it has been said they can comprehend at the same level as a young child; meaning you can teach them, and they can retain quite a bit of the words you are teaching them. The Timneh is known to be able to learn and grasp the language being taught a bit quicker than the Congo species of the bird that you are going to train.

Many species of birds can learn the language you speak. Depending on how young they are when you start to work with them, what you want to teach, and the type of vocabulary you want them to retain, it is quite simple to train these birds. And, with the ones that have the ability to mimic tone, pitch, and voice, it is quite an experience learning and teaching them to speak. Whether it is for communication, or whether you want to show others what you have taught your birds, these are among some of the easiest species to work with, when you want a talking bird.

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