The 10 World’s Greatest Mathematicians

Mathematics is one subject, I could never master on and so do so many others who get lost in this gigantic maze of numbers and equations. Implying one formula to the other, remembering the equations and formulas, The rules for various different problems is never easy for an ordinary human being. But there were these greats who uncovered the knowledge that made this earth a technological and globally developed place. They were the masters who in one way had created this world, as without mathematics the world would be no more than an aquarium without water and fish. Although we may not one to battle with this scary but interesting subject, we certainly need to remember these greats for their contribution to technology, science and the man kind.

Here are the list buzz ten greatest mathematicians and their contribution to Mathematics.


10. René Descartes

Span: 1596-1650

Nationality: French

Known For: Cartesian Coordinate System

Also known as the “Father of modern philosophy”, Rene Descartes was equally appreciated for his contribution to mathematics. He was the first mathematician to express the variables in the form of x,y,z or a,b,c. He gave the world a suitable place to algebra and presented the most suitable notion for powers and exponents. He was one of the greatest mathematicians and philosopher.

9. Aryabhata

Span: 476 CE – 570 CE

Nationality: Indian

Known For: Value of Pi

He is believed to be one of the greatest contributor to mathematics and many ideas and works are based on his ideas. Due to communication inadequacy at that age, his works were known to the world after a long time. He is also considered to be the inventor of the value of Pi.

8. Alan Turing

Span: 1912 – 1954

Nationality: British

Known For: Computation, Algorithms and computer science

Also popularly known as “The father of artificial and computer science”, Alan Turning was the great mathematician who helped the Britain Government to destroy German ciphers with his brilliant ideas and thinking. He explained the concepts of algorithm and computation with the help of a turning machine.

7. Pythagoras of Samos

Span: 570BC – 495BC

Nationality: Greek

Known For: Pythagoras theorem

He was the great mathematician who formulated Pythagoras Theorem. His works had been the base for many other works. He is also one of the first to contribute towards advance mathematics as told by Aristotle and others. He certainly is one of those greats who can never be forgotten.

6. Joseph Fourier

Span: 1768 A.D – 1830 A.D

Nationality: French

Known For: Fourier Series and Greenhouse Effect

He was one of the greats mathematicians and also a great physicist who is credited for discovering the greenhouse effect and also the Fourier series that explained the heat diffusion correctly for the first time.

5. Leonardo Pisano Blgollo

Span: 1170 – 1250

Nationality: Italian

Known For Fibonacci Series

Considered one of the greatest from the middle ages, Leonardo Blgollo was the mathematician who founded the Fibonacci series, which later went on to become the idea and base behind many other great works. He was also one of the greatest contributor to field of modern mathematics.

4. Bernhard Riemann

Span:1826 – 1866

Nationality: German

Known For: Riemann Theorems

One of the greatest mathematicians and a true inspiration as Riemann belonged to a very poor family, but didn’t take Riemann long to realize that God had blessed him with exceptional calculating skills which he used very wisely. He went on to contribute in number system and many of his theorems like Riemann integral, Riemann geometry and Riemannian surfaces are still widely used. he also presented and wrote some of the best papers that formed the base for many more works later.

3. Euclid

Span: Around 300 B.C

Nationality: Greek

Known For: Euclidean Geometry

Considered the “Father of Geometry” Euclid is considered to be one of the most greatest mathematician of all times. He formed the Euclidean geometry that is still one of the most important base in today’s mathematics. He also wrote papers on Conic sections, number theory, rigor and others. It is very unfortunate, that nothing heavy is known about this great ancient mathematician due to the old age and some of his works are believed to be lost.

2. John Forbes Nash

Span: 1928 – present

Nationality: American

Known For: Partial Differential Equations and Nash Embedded Systems

The only living genius in the list, John Nash is one of the most dedicated and sincere mathematician of all times. He made ground breaking break troughs in singular theory and parabolic partial differential equations. He is also known for his work which is now called as Nash Embedded systems.A film on his life was made called “A beautiful mind” that went on to win the Oscars and made Nash an over night international hero.

1. Leonhard Euler

Span: 1707 – 1783

Nationality: Swiss

Known For: Euler Notations, Euler Functions and Euler Formulas

He is probably the best mathematician of the world with most of the renown works and theories rests on his base of Euler theories. he has contributed to analytical maths, graph theory , calculus and many more. He is also renown for contributions toward the fields of optics, astronomy, mechanics and fluid mechanics. He even went nearly blind by his right eye, but still Euler was unstoppable and has contributed a great deal towards mathematics and science.

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