Advantages of Oiling Hair

Top 10 Advantages of Oiling Hair

Recollect your babyhood days, when your mother or grandmother used to run behind you to oil your hair. Our elders always advised us to apply oil to our hair, as it is very advantageous, but we refused because according to us we looked outdated when we oil our hair. Later on, got to know the importance of oiling hair on a regular basis. Here through this article, we are listing out the top 10 advantages of applying oil to the hair. You must read it once to know the importance of oiling the hair.


Advantages of Oiling Hair

10. Makes your Hair Glimmer

Generally people use leave in conditioners for getting shiny hair, these chemical products apart from providing glossy hair also affects their quality. Therefore, the best home remedy for making your hair glitter is to use hair oil habitually. The best way is to use 2-3 drops of oil as a leave in conditioner.

9. Prevents Dry Hair

Oil is the best and economical home remedy for treating the problem of rough and dry hair. Your hair might appear to be parched and rough, if you don’t go to spas on a regular basis. But, this issue of going spas recurrently can be solved by using hair oil frequently. The applied oil locks the moisture in the hair, thereby nourishing the hair automatically.

8. Enhances the Hair Growth

Applying oil in hair and scalp boosts the blood circulation, and hence repairs the damaged hair and advances the hair growth. The applied oil pierces the scalp skin and enhances the blood circulation in the skull. Proper blood circulation maximizes hair growth and helps them in recuperating their strength. The damage caused by the chemical cosmetics, shampoos, serums, conditioners, etc., can be easily depreciated by using oil on a regular basis.

7. Prohibits Dandruff Growth

Dandruff and flaky scalp are one of the major hair problems. According to Dermatologists dandruff not only affects the hair growth, but also is the reason for white spots and acne on your face. Applying oil is one of the more efficient home remedy for getting rid of dandruff. One should apply oil in the scalp using fingertips at least twice a week before going to bed. Applying oil on a regular basis can help you do away with dandruff.

6. Averts Hair Lice

Irritation in the head due to presence of lice is a very common problem. Generally, people use the medicated shampoos to inhibit the hair lice, but these are temporary treatments. When you stop using these medicated products, the lice would germinate again. The most favorable treatment to avert lice is using hair oil on a regular basis and then rinsing by using suitable shampoo.

5. Shields Hair from Pollution

Living and travelling through the polluted area is very harmful for the skin and hair. In the polluted areas the dust and dirt glue to your face and hair, thereby worsening their condition. It is quite easy for us to wash our face, after coming from outside, but washing hair is not practicable. That’s why using a shielding layer in advance is the best option. As a shielding layer appropriate oil can be used. Oil is the best option to shield your hair from diverse environmental harms like dirt, u-v rays, dust, etc.

4. Upholds the color of your Hair

In general, people do not fancy applying oil on their hair for a longer time. But the fact is if you do not apply oil on hair, your hair will turn gray at an early age. The people of olden time had black hair, even in their fifties because they used hair oil on a regular basis. The best home remedy to retain the color of your hair is to apply oil on your head regularly.

3. Prevent Scalp Infections

The best way to treat the itchy scalp infection is to use hair oil regularly. For this purpose one should prefer coconut, almond or olive oil. The best way is to prepare homemade hair oil by adding various disinfectants like neem and tulsi leaves, gooseberry powder, etc. This oil should be used to treat scalp infections.

2. Oil Acts as a Deep Conditioner

Oil provides smoothening effect to your hair by nourishing them. You should condition your hair deeply on a regular basis. Warm oil is best suited for proper conditioning. The best oil for hair is coconut, almond and olive oil. The best way is to heat the oil to a moderate temperature, apply it on the hair and scalp and leave it for around 1 hour, wash using suitable shampoo and then apply conditioner if required.

1. Oil Inhibits Hair Loss

Oiling hair on a regular basis prevents hair loss to a great extent. Oil massage eliminates the chances of itchy and dry scalp which is one of the major reason of hair fall. Oil nourishes the hair roots and makes them stronger. So, one should apply oil on a regular basis to get thick and long hair. Oil doesn’t allow the hair to fly in the wind’s direction, eliminating the flakiness of hair.

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