Top 10 Apparel and Footwear Which Hipsters Like More

Hipster Style

Wondering where to get more of that hipster style? Here are 10 apparel and footwear brands that hipsters go for. Find out if you got what it takes to become a hipster with these popular style:

10. American style

Aside from being part of 5 Seconds of summer’s single “She Looks So Perfect” you will definitely look hip and perfect in an American Apparel clothes. From hoodies to underwear you will never go wrong when you choose AA as hipster apparel.

9. P.C.

There is something way cooler if the apparel is French. Yes, there are even way cooler hipsters out there than the Brits and that is none other than sleek and handsome French guys. But unless you are really skinny, you won’t fit an A.P.C.

8. Fred Perry

It’s time to focus on hipsters that are probably way cooler than their American counterparts: British hips. And one of the best reasons why British hipsters outshine their American brothers is Fred Perry. This brand is vintage hip and still oozes style and retro coolness till this day.

7. Keds

Have you ever washed your pair of Keds? Probably not; there is something hip about wearing dirty and grimy tennis shoes that you may never be able to explain. Keds has been the official footwear of preppy, hip and unkempt people or basically anyone that would just like to be cool and hip.

6. Oak

If you love an all-black ensemble then Oak is for you. Oak has been clothing musicians, writers and artists since decades and till today; if you are not wearing Oak then you are not living hip. And besides, Oak has a fine selection of black leather jackets you will definitely love to sport around!

5. Pendleton

This brand has been clothing hipsters since 1889 and this is far from the neon oversized stuff that other apparel brands are famous for. Pendleton is all about staying hip and cool while loving your Native American culture. Pendleton is hipsters making it real.

4. Jeremy Scott

Oversized shirts with neon colors that are what this apparel is all about. Jeremy Scott has invented insane shirts with matching minis for women and same goes for men. And it seems this style will never go away; it is part of mainstream hipster style till today.

3. Acne

Cool, hip and Scandinavian stateside. This brand offers more than denim, tops, jackets and hoodies but a really different way to dress up in the 80s when the style was mostly neon and bubbly.

2. Levi’s

If every person owned a pair of Levi’s in his life then is it possible that everyone has the hipster moves? Levi’s apparel is one of the coolest and to think that it was around since 1880. Designs kept evolving but the quality remains the same.

1. Van’s

This incredible footwear has been dressing hipsters since the 70s. Van’s is all about personality, style and form. Van’s designs have not changed much since it was first launched and this is because it is hard to deviate from great quality.

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