Top 10 Awesomely Passive-Aggressive Ways People Got Revenge

At one time or the other, we all must have tried taking revenge from the people who do evil against us. Here is a list of 10 such aggressive passive ways people got revenge.


10. Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes a Sweary Poem

The highly talented man with skills of acting, politics, body building and poetry being added recently,Schwarzenegger became very much popular when a letter vetoing a bill authored by democratic assembly man Tom Ammiano contained a hidden message in the left hand margin, the words- f**k you, from Schwarzenegger. A Few days before that Ammiano had heckled the Governor accusing him of lying about his policies during the office. When Schwarzenegger was questioned, he replied knowingly, when you do so many vetoes, something like this is bound to happen.”

9. British Royal Band Uses Star Wars to Insult Saudi Monarch

King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia was to visit Uk for a royal engagement with queen Elizabeth II. In the Uk, whosoever visits to meet the queen, is welcomed by the British Welsh Guards with songs and performances. However, the guards did not want to greet a person who was the monarch of a country where human rights are violated and governmental corruption is endemic, nor the guards wanted to break the tradition. Therefore, they sang the song the Imperial March, from star wars, used to herald the entry of evil tyrants.

8. Ronald Emmerich Hits Back at Ebert and Siskel

Robert Ebert and Gene Siskel, have been rude enough with Ronald Emmerich in reviews of the movies Independence Day, Universal Soldier and Stargate that Ronald created two characters in the movie bearing a remarkable similarity with the pair. One of the two characters was Mayor Ebert, intruding jokester, the other one being called Gene, the chaiman’s sycophantic lacky.

7. Lord Byron Buys a Bear

Lord Byron entered the college with his dog, but he was asked to keep the animal away as dogs were prohibited in the campus. He requested the administration for this, but his application was straight away denied. Out of anger, he went to the animal shop and bought a freaking bear. He was asked to take the animal away and he agreed to it if the administration showed him the rules stating, “Bears are prohibited in the campus”.

6. George Lucas Sells His Land to Charity

We all know the famous George Lucas, responsible for the films such as Star wars and Indiana Jones. He wanted to build a special effects workshop on his property in Marin County, California. His neighbours obstructed him at every step in the name that such development would cause traffic and pollution. He lived with his plan for twenty-five years. Since, he could not succeed in it, he decided to build a home for poor children there. This made his neighbors go crazy, as predicted by him.

5. Michael Crichton Gets Personal

Michael Crichton received much criticism from Michael Crowley for his book ‘State Of Fear’. Crowley accused him of spreading negative influence on the discussion of global warming. As an answer to Crowley, Crichton came with his new book called, ‘Next.’ In his book, he created a character called Mick Crowley, who tries to rape a two-year girl, despite a small penis.

4. House Gets Colorful Paint Job

The Westboro Baptist Church(WBC), is known for its extreme ideologies against the gay community. The protestors have often spread the anti gay message. But, this man, Aaron Jackson, got a property across the westboro street and painted it in the color of LGBT Flag.

3. Bank of America Foreclosed

The Bank of America filed foreclosure on a home that was owned by a couple. The bank claimed that the couple owed them the mortgage. However, when the case went to the court, it was proved that the couple did not owe even a penny to the bank and they never had the mortgage bill to pay. As a result, the bank was foreclosed and had to pay the couple.

2. South Korea Blasts K-Pop at the North

This story is about the fragile relationship of North Korea and South Korea. It so happened in 2010, that north Koreans sank a navy ship belonging to the south, followed by an artillery attack on Yeonpyeong, situated in south. To take the revenge, south Koreans set their own radio station, blasting the North Koreans with sickly sweet sounds of K-Pop music, which was not at all appreciated by the North Koreans.

1. Gustav Klimt Bares Some Painted Flesh

The master painter, Gustav Klimt, had to suffer rejection for the paintings at University of Vienna on the grounds that his paintings were pornographic,though the subject being, medicine, philosophy, and jurisprudence. As a result, he drew the painting called ‘Nude Veritas’. In the drawing, he depicts a woman holding the mirror to the viewer. He has a quote inscribed in the top saying- “If you can’t please everybody with your deeds and your art, please only a few, To please many is bad”, by Friedrich Schiller. Since words are always less to describe the art.

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