Babysitting Ideas

Top 10 Babysitting Ideas and Activities

Babysitting? Find it difficult? Alternatively, want to try different things at it? Want your kids to have some more fun and not be bored by all the stuff? Then, you are at the right place. You will get some ideas on how to add on to your babysitting activities and make the kids go happy go lucky. Hope you get good tips and enjoy it all.


Babysitting Ideas and Activities

Here’s, a list of the best 10 babysitting activities and ideas:

Babysitting Activities
Babysitting Activities

10. Play Games

Kids love games, be it outdoor or indoor. The only thing they want is lots of fun, fun and fun. Talking about indoor games, you can go for board games, such as snakes and ladder, building games, etc. avoid very high thinking games such as word building or so, in case they do not have much knowledge of words, they will not go for it. Then you can go for outdoor games such as cricket, badminton, hide and seek, scavenger hunt, balloon volleyball, statue etc. choose light-weighted equipments. You can choose and try experiment new games as well.

9. Fly Kite

Well, this option may go with few kids only. Still, you can experiment it. Just be careful with kids trying to fly kite that they do not get their hands hurt, with the thread. Prefer low elevated areas for flying kites. As naughty kids may try going on and over walls.

8. Dance

All kids love to dance to the rhythm of music, however, many of the maybe shy or do not find the stuff exciting. Still, you can choose this activity at times. In case you babysit more than one, then you can keep dance competitions and distribute small prizes. You can teach them some crazy steps and dance along with them. You can ask girls to dance like boys and vice versa, kids love this evergreen girls v/s guys games.

7. Art and Craft

You can ask children to draw something. I know, it is quite messy, but keep newspapers and tissues along with. The fun and smiles are this worth. Give them crayons or watercolors, they may or may not be able to draw that good, but they will be able to try at least. Then, Craft is another good activity your kids can try hands-on. Like, making paper bags, envelopes, or doing something with clay. You can add to the crafts list with paper boats, snakes, hand fans, caps etc. just be careful with things like scissors, blades etc.

6. Cooking

Do not take it to traditional cooking. Well, here what I mean is let kids make something that is already cooked or do not need fir to be made. Such as sandwiches, salads (with cut fruits and veggies), decorating cookies, presenting food etc. kids love it when they are given such responsibilities. It makes them happier. In case, you are making something, ask them to get you things. Like, my niece is one and half years only, and she loves it when my dad asks her to get his dinner. Though she can’t do anything, she just passes over the plates and glasses.

5. Challenges

Give them challenges, like ask them to put their things in their right place or ask them to make their own room tidy. I know they would do it all at once an then make the room or the place to go back to its messy look back, but doing it once all, they would have good time doing it, and you never know if they learn the art of cleanliness.

4. Singing

You can try it out with some kids. You can play musical games as well such as “antakshri”; in this game, one person sings with a letter n the second person has to sing with the letter, first-person ended with and the game continues so on. It can be fun.

3. Reading

Reading can be fun for kids, unless the books read are not the textbooks. Well, you can go for comic books, story books meant for kids and other light books. Popping out popcorns and takin your pillows and blankets can give you the enhanced experience much awaited. You can then ask from kids, the moral of the story, which will develop their thinking abilities as well.

2. Stage Plays Or Drama

Acting is always fun. I know, kids would love it. Well, you can ask kids to act like somebody they know, or somebody from television or so. You can also enact a short stage play, with quite little costumes, cosmetics and jewels. Children would have good time learning dialogues and then rehearsing them, and then performing them. Take the plays, which have some good message behind, so that children can have fun with learning.

1. Take Them Outdoor

This formula fits with almost all children. Kids love going out, especially to some parks or such places. You can plan a picnic outdoor for kids. Take some snacks and sports equipments. Make arrangements for a safe and secure place. Take the permission of their parents as well, as it is about the safety of their children. You just need to be really responsible to do it all.

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