Top 10 Best Basketball Players In The World

    Best Basketball Players

    Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? There are far too many that it is impossible to say who is the best of the best and so to make it a bit simpler, Here is a top ten list of the best of all time:

    Best Basketball Players Of All Time

    10. Wilt Chamberlain

    Wilt was the tallest and the most prominent player during his time and he will be remembered as the man who made 100 points in his game.

    9. Oscar Robertson

    “The Big O” has changed the NBA forever not just because of his on-court talents but also his support in initiating true free agency into the NBA.

    8. Bill Russel

    This man basically made the Boston Celtics one of the most amazing teams in the NBA. Since he joined the team, the Celtics have been the winningest team in the league.

    7. Shaquille O’Neal

    Shaq is one of the biggest and the tallest man in court with his 7’1” height and 315 pounds weight! He can shimmy himself through any tight situation however he can be tough in his free shots.

    6. Kareem Abdul – Jabbar

    This man has been described as the player that could make gorgeous shots on court! This is so because he has experience to back him up. Over 10 years in the NBA has made him more than a player but a household name. He has even appeared in movies!

    5. Tim Duncan

    “The Big Fundamental” is a huge man in court. He provides a huge impact in every game but out of the court he is an all-around nice and quiet guy. This guy has 2 MVPs in his name.

    4. Larry Bird

    Back in his days, Larry Bird was fierce and unforgiving. He was the most explosive man in court! When you play against Larry Bird he will let you know that once he has possession of the ball, there is a 100% chance that he will be shooting any time soon so you better be smart!

    3. Magic Johnson

    Aside from his amazing smile and his towering height, basketball fans believe that he has changed the way the game was played in the 80s and has made the NBA a household name. Magic is an all-around guy; he is a powerful center and can assist perfectly as well.

    2. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jorden deserves to be in any top ten list of all time with 5 MVP awards and all-star appearances in all the seasons that he has played. He jumps like no other and is lightning quick inside the court. And with all the great merchandise you can never deny that His Airness is nothing but the best.

    1. LeBron James

    LeBron James Deemed as “The Chosen One” by Sports Illustrated when he was just a teenager. He is bigger than most NBA players but moves as graceful as a ballet dancer on court. He is nimble as a guard and he makes every game not just a win for his team but a worthwhile show for their fans.

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