Benefits of Smiling

Top 10 Benefits of Smiling

It is true that we are first drawn to the human face than anything else. Success in business, good social connection or romance in life, there is only one secret that is smile. Smile is a simple straight forward gesture which can bring you admiration. Smile makes you look happy and confident. Smile is the only facial expression which attracts people towards you. Smiling is not just an involuntary response; studies suggest that smiling can give a positive effect on your mood by decreasing the stress level of your life. Smile is easy to do and has lots of benefits in it.


Benefits of Smiling

Here the list of top 10 Smiling Benefits:

10. Contagious

You must have probably experienced that some personal expressions are contagious. Yawning is a great example of it. Smiling is contagious; you can never resist yourself from smiling back at someone. Seeing someone smiling also lightens up the mood. Smiling is an involuntary facial expression that is contagious. A smiling person brings in happiness to you. So you are not just being happy, you are also spreading happiness around you.

9. lowers stress and anxiety

Your face reflects your mood; if you are sad or stressed your face will show it first. So whenever you are stressed, try to bring on a smile at your face and that will automatically relieve your stress and make you cheerful. Smile also prevents you from looking dull, exhausted or overwhelmed. Stress is negative whereas smile is positive. Studies have proved that people who smile more have fewer chances of heart diseases.

8. Makes you attractive

Carrying a smile is easier than carrying makeup; moreover, the smile looks more attractive than makeup. A smile tells a lot about you, it shows that you are empathetic, personable and happy. Smiling makes you look attractive and approachable to the people you smile at. Every time you smile, you grab in attention of people around you. That’s the reason a smiling baby always becomes the center of attraction.

7. Boosts your immune system

It is truly said that laughter is the best medicine on earth and humor is infectious. Smiling helps the immune system to work properly as when we smile, our immune system function improves as we become more relaxed. Smile prevents us from colds and flues and also makes us strong from inside to face harmful bacteria.

6. Makes you look younger

Smile lifts your face naturally and makes them look younger. So from now don’t go for facelifts, just smile and you will look younger and beautiful. Studies have proved that people who smile look 3 years younger than others. Smiling also makes you live longer.

5. Make you look trustworthy

When we smile to people we become more trustful to them. Smiling is the easiest way of gathering trust and if the other person also smiles, then congratulations, you are accepted by them. Smiling people are more trustworthy than non-smiling ones. If you smile you can make more friends, for sure. Studies suggest that people who meet with eye contact and smile are less likely to be forgotten. Also if you smile and ask for help, no one would deny helping you.

4. Produce empathy

Whenever we are caught doing something questionable or something embarrassing, the immediate first reaction which comes up is a smile. This instinct breaks the initial ice of embarrassment, promotes leniency in what others think of us, and engenders a sense of empathy since we have all experienced embarrassment so we must know the way out of it, this way we can turn an awkward situation to a comfortable one.

3. Increases productivity

It’s true that smiling increases productivity, people who smile often are more productive than others, moreover, a smiling face also reduces the stress and hence everyone will enjoy doing their work. People become less productive when they are upset. Many times you must have observed many cartoon pictures or pictures of cute animals on the wall, these pictures are meant to bring in smile and motivate the workers to work efficiently. So next time you feel exhausted, start smiling, it may seem silly but it really works.

2. Makes you more successful

It is true that people who smile are more likely to be seen as confident, intelligent and capable than that of others. The first thing people notice is your face, so if you smile people will consider you happy and confident and hence make you look successful. Say it a job interview or a general meeting always keep a smile on your face, smiling makes a positive impact on others. Smiling face gives a feeling of belongingness and hence people with smiling faces get promoted soon.

1. Better mood

Smiling is a natural way of lifting up the mood, whether you give a real smile or a fake smile, you will definitely feel better. Smile releases endorphins and serotonin, which increases your sense of well being. The power of loving smile is more powerful than 2000 chocolate bars. believe it or not, if you fake smile when you are upset, endorphins will lift up your mood and turn the fake smile into a real one.

These are the top 10 benefits of smiling.

Don’t let the world change your smile, but let your smile change the world.

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