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Top 10 Best Movies Directed By Yash Chopra

Yash Chopra, the man behind the best of the romance flicks on silver screen, has taught the meaning of romance and unconditional love. He has given us several path-breaking movies of Indian Cinema which started several trends and were followed only after his roads. He is still known as ‘The King of Romance’.

So, here we present you the Top 10 Best Movies directed by Yash Chopra.


10. Waqt

With this movie, Yash Chopra started the trend of multi-star cast in Indian Cinema. It is just like a yesteryear’s visit to Indian Cinema. With the massive star-cast, engaging plot of lost-found and wonderful music, this movie became one of the most stylist movies of that year.

9. Daag

This movie laid the foundation of Yash Raj Films ad this was not directed by Yash Chopra but produced as well. It is an adaptation of novel ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’. This movie was made keeping in mind the fame and fan following of Rajesh Khanna. It was a box office super-hit and its musical also dominated the Indian music charts that year. It was a beautiful description of a convicted criminal running from law.

8. Veer Zara

Seven years after directing the film ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’, Yash Raj allured the box office with this saga of love, separation, courage and sacrifice. This film was not only highly anticipated but became the top-grossing movie of the year domestically as well as internationally. It was not only a box-office success but won several awards at Filmfare and National Awards. This movie proved that age has not faded the sheen and charm from ‘The king of romance’. The beautiful locations, songs and story-line made the audience to go gaga over this scenic masterpiece.

7. Darr

Darr is one its kind movie that defined the image of the conventional hero and created sympathy for the obsessed lover. It was the first collaboration of Shahrukh Khan with Yash Raj. This movie was declared as musical and box-office ‘Super-hit’. The famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan with a stammer accent is still used in many pranks and shows. This is one of the few movies which portrayed the negative actor in a very unusual and different way. This was the result that audience was fascinated with actor in a negative role. And this kind of work can be expected only by a director of that caliber only.

6. Silsila

This 1981 romantic saga of Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Jaya Bachchan and Sanjeev Kumar was a failure at box-office but it was successful in attaining the cult-classic status among the Indian Audience and critics. Another thing which makes this movie a special one is the speculations that it is inspired by the real-life story of Amitabh, Rekha and Jaya. It unfolded many hidden stories which were only behind the curtains that time. But above that all, it was Yash Raj’s imagination and romantic instincts that helped in developing this stupendous movie.

5. Kabhie Kabhie

Released in 1976, it is truly a love story of generations. The beautiful compositions by Khayyam still hold a special place in Indian audience’s heart. It was the 8th highest grossing movie of that year. It is considered to be a remarkable piece of cinema which has all the finest elements – good story, star cast, dialogues, music, acting and the direction. All the stars, Amitabh Bachchan, Raakhee, Shashi Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman, Neetu Singh, Rishi Kapoor gave one of their finest performance in this cult piece of cinema.

4. Dil Toh Pagal Hai

This musical modern age movie set the new standards for the entire Indian industry. With the bold story-line and phenomenal music, this movie created waves in the Indian cinema and went on winning several awards and acclaims at almost every award show. This movie gave Karishma Kapoor her first ‘National Award’ for Best Supporting Actor (Female). It is still one of the most admired love stories of all time. Moreover, the movie’s tagline – ‘Someone somewhere is made for you’ became a rage and it is still practiced.

3. Chandni

It is not only the musical and box-office success that makes this movie a special one. But its huge success and profit also ended the lean phase and financial crisis of Yash Raj. That’s why, Chandni remained Yash Raj Studio’s most admired movie of all time. It was a blockbuster in 1989 and is one of the most watched movies in Indian Cinema all-time. It also received The National Award for Best Popular Film Providing wholesome entertainment. It once again established Srivedi as the top heroine in the industry.

2. Deewaar

Once you watch this movie, you will remember it your lifetime. It was one the most realistic life depiction of that time. It is still considered to be Amitabh Bachchan’s most spectacular performance of that era. Sholay also released that year but Deewaar bagged all the major awards. Although this movie didn’t have any typical music extravaganza, comedy, dance routines etc. yet it was a blockbuster. It is a kind of movie whose magic cannot be duplicated or re-created by copying the plot and recreating it. And who can forget the famous iconic dialogue- ‘ Mere Paas Maa Hai’ which made audience to shed the tears.

1. Lamhe

This is a gem in all aspects and pinnacle in the bold and sensitive film-making. It was real daring of Yash Chopra to make movie on such a taboo topic yet in a professional mainstream manner. This movie was miles ahead of any 90s movie because not only of its bold plot-line but the pinnacle of artistry and acting achievements the actors achieved. Although the movie boomed at box-office and the reason could be its bold plot-line which was indigestible to the Indian audience that time but the artistic performances, direction and everything related to the movie made it an unforgettable and unmatched work of human artistry. There are many beautiful items in Indian Cinema Canon but none of them is more resplendent, wondrous, beautiful and painful than this masterpiece.

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