Top 10 Best Spots for Whale Watching


Whales are undoubtedly one of the most interesting creations of God which are also known as emperor of the sea bodies. Due to their enormous size and travel habits, animal lovers get a chance to get their glimpse during their travel through world’s waterways.

So, here we present you the list of Top 10 Best Spots for Whale Watching.

10. Iceland

North-east region of Iceland offers tremendous whale-watching experience on magnificently restored fishing vessels. The regular visitors include Minke whales and white-beaked dolphins whereas Humpbacks and blue whales are the occasional visitors. But this place offers its visitors a never-to-forget kind of experience. Husavik’s whale museum is also a worth visiting place with interpretive displays on cetacean species found around Iceland.

9. Cape Cod

Most of the whale watching companies claims that there are 99% chances to see a whale during peak whale watching season which is from April to October. The waters off of Cape Cod are so popular among whales that even WWF has included in their top 10 list. You will come across Humpbacks, Minke and Finback whales all around yourself.

8. Lofoten Islands – Norway

Although, number of sightings of whale has declined over the years but this is not the case with islands of Lofoten. This is a great place to witness the Killer Whales. Its nutrient-rich and deep waters guarantees of whale sighting and you just need to travel six nautical miles offshore which is just a one-hour boat trip. And once you are here, you will definitely find whales all around yourself. And the best time to go there is late October to mid-January ad it is the time when whales follow shoals of Atlantic herrings and you will never get disappointed.

7. Alaska – USA

Along the coast of South-east Alaska, a large number of whales can be seen traveling to their summer feeding grounds. The Lodge at Whale pass and favorite Bay Lodge in Angoon are the two excellent whale-viewing lodges in Alaska. With clear water boasting visibility up to 100 feet deep, it is easy to spot and witness these incredible creatures down there.

6. The Azores

Located in Atlantic Ocean, The Azores is an isolated chain of 9 volcanic islands and owned by Portugal. It is a great place to see almost 20 or more species of whales and dolphins. You can expect the sightings of spotted and stripped dolphins along with Orcas and Blue whales between April and September. The rare bottle-nose whales were also reported along the islands of Farore. It is the best place to see Pilot and Sperm whales swimming between islands of Sao Jorge, Faial and Pico.

5. Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island offers fabulous whale viewing opportunities, as 20,000 grey whales pass through Vancouver Island’s west coast while making their journey from their winter home off the Mexican Baja Peninsula to their summer feeding grounds. Along with sea lions, seals and other marine birds, we come across humpbacks and Minke whales making the way to their home. But the star attraction of this area is the Orca, or killer whale. Also, you can view the whales with a guide and local whale researchers are available to help identify pods and listen in to their conversations with hydrophones.

4. Hermanus – South Africa

What can be better than watching the whales without even boarding a ship? Yes, you can have a fabulous view of whales on the island of Hermanus in Walker Bay, Africa. Usually it is between May and December, when whales visit here. The whole route of whale watching extends 1200 miles from Cape Town to Durban. All you need to do is just climb to the top of cliffs, find a telescopic viewing station and just enjoy the scenic view of one of the most beautiful creation of the god. Moreover, in the month of July, the southern right whales visit this place annually. SO, if you get lucky, you can get a chance to have a glimpse of them as well.

3. Quebec – Canada

This place in Canada offers once in a lifetime opportunity of watching nearly extinct species of whales –North Atlantic Right Whale or Beluga Whales usually found in the St. Lawrence River. It is one of the handful places around the world where you get to see this species of whale. These whales are famous for swimming with their heads sticking out of the water which makes it easy for all age group people to catch a glimpse.

2. Kaikoura – New Zealand

The tiny town of Kaikoura is a world-renowned Eco-tourism destination located in South island of New Zealand. You can have view of a large species of whale at this place. This is one of the most popular places to have a glimpse of sperm whales. Between December and March, you can easily see the Orca Whales and between June and July you will come across the humpbacks. Also, you will get a chance to witness the world’s smallest and rarest dolphin – Hector’s Dolphin, which is found only in New Zealand.

1. California – USA

California is considered to be one of the best places for whale-watching experiences. The sheltered bays along the Pacific coasts give a chance to see the grey whales with a huge 40ft blow of water vapor that marks the presence of magnificent blue whale. The Santa Barbara Channel houses to blue whales, humpbacks whales and elusive species such as dwarf sperm whale. Moreover, the waters of the San Diego Bay are popular among grey whales between the months of December and March where these beautiful creatures stop by and visit to the lagoon waters of Baja. And to capture this beauty, you have to keep your camera ready as they don’t remain in line of sight for so long.

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