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Top 10 Bizarre Uses of Potatoes

Potatoes are the most common vegetables in almost all of the countries all over the world, they contain large number of proteins, vitamins and nutrients. They are a part of the staple diet of every individual but besides these common uses in various dishes and fries, they are used in some of the very offbeat applications and even in the industries for bizarre uses. To make your knowledge excel this great vegetable and to give you a feeling of “wow”, here we are presenting the top 10 bizarre uses for potatoes:

10. Potato in a Soup!

You must be thinking what the hell I am talking about, soup with a potato? Eeew, this will be your reaction but potatoes can be really useful if you have some extra salt in the soup, they are used to desalinate the excess salt. All you need is to cut an uncooked potato in large pieces and put them in the soup while it is still on the stove. After about 10 to 15 minutes, remove these pieces and the extra salt is absorbed by the potatoes, Bingo!!

9. Heal your pain with Potato Juice

Many of the people might not even hear about the potato juice, mainly because of its not so good taste, but the juice is full of proteins and rich in vitamins. Moreover, it has been found that it is really cheaper than the actual medicines used in the healing of pain. It helps significantly in providing ease to body pain, ulcer pain, heartburns, sprains etc. It can be prepared simply like any other vegetable juice and to make it taste better, you can try adding other fruits or vegetables with it. It is a very healthy drink indeed.

8. Strong Adhesive

Potatoes are extensively used in some of the very big industries because of their starch content and the adhesive quality. It is used in wood, paper and textile companies mainly. The paper and textile companies require the starch content of potato as it used to make them stiff whereas the wood industry uses it to bind different layers of wood together and hence make them strong. The benefit is that potato extracts are cheaper than glue and are also effective.

7. Shine the Silverwares with Potatoes

This is one of the very important uses of this master vegetable, it can replace the costly chemicals used in shining silverware. The process is simple and you have to start by boiling the potatoes, once they are cooked, remove them from the water and this water is the replacement of chemicals used in cleaning and shining silverware. Place the silverware in water for upto half an hour and let them soak. After this remove the silverware and wipe them properly.

6. Shine your Shoes

Another very crucial use in the daily lives of people is to polish the shoes with this genius vegetable. It is very simple and anyone can do it, start the procedure by cutting the potato in two halves and then rub the potato on shoes, you will notice the dull appearance coming on shoes. Keep the footwear away for 5 to 10 minutes and then use the cloth or soft brush to clean and the result is extraordinary.

5. Prepare Vodka by yourself

A very clever use of the potatoes is in the formation of Vodka, for all the drink lovers, it is of the best uses of a commonly used vegetable. As many of you know, potatoes are an important ingredient in vodka thus it can be prepared at home as well. Take a bunch of potatoes in excel and boil them for 3 to 4 hours, add the sugar and make a mash of baker’s yeast. Split the content in bottle and the rinsed potato water as well. Brew them for 2 to 3 days and distil it to get Vodka prepared at home.

4. Eye Treatment

This is a very good use but people don’t know about this, many people suffer from the puffy eyes due to the lack of sleep or computer related work or due to something else. They used to keep cucumbers on their eyes for the treatment, no doubt cucumbers are good but potatoes are even better. Cut the slices and keep on your eyes regularly and see the difference.

3. Remove Rust

Potatoes are also effective in removing the rust from the metallic surfaces and utensils. Cut the potato in two halves and rub the rusted area from the potato. After this, leave the rusted area as it is for half an hour and then use the wire scrub to remove it. Now, you’ll get the brand new surface without any rust.

2. Substitute to Plastic

Potatoes can also be used as the substitute to the plastic which is non-biodegradable. Potatoes contain starch, which is the right material for making biodegradable forks, spoons and dishes. Thus potatoes can be very effective in the future and can replace plastic at smaller basis which will be truly beneficial for the environment.

1. Potatoes as Battery

On number 1 spot, we have a very awkward use of potatoes, it can be used to light up a digital bulb or clock. Potatoes contain a special type of energy that can be harnessed by using wires and then attach a source to it. You can try this at home for providing energy to the lighter sources not your washing machine or vacuum cleaner.

So, this was our list of top 10 bizarre uses of our beloved vegetable, Potato.

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