Cities for Single Women

Top 10 Best Cities for Single Women (Female-Friendly)

Every single woman is concerned about her life as to where she can have bliss of a perfect personal journey with constant career growth and opportunities, safety, equality in the society and a place for a peace of mind. Despite all the news of women harassment and inequality, there are still some cities in the world which showcase a completely different picture and provide the best of the environment for single women. So, here is the compiled list of the top 10 cities for single woman.


Cities for Single Women

Best 10 Cities for single women

10. San Francisco, California

Even if you have a devil’s food addiction, climbing all the street hills will definitely transform your body into a slim and trim body shape. Maybe this can be one of the reasons for having second lowest obesity rate in the US. The city is full of single men also. And if to talk about professional opportunities, then this city is considered to be among the cities with lowest unemployment rate.

9. Zurich, Switzerland

Pristine streets, punctual public transport, and world’s best ski resorts – all these you can find only in Zurich. It is a tranquil city in the mist of fast-paced financial growth. Here you will not find any hipster with tattoos and skinny jeans with metal chains and rings all over his body, but this is the place for well-dressed gentlemen. This place comes out to be a perfect mixture of growth and development in the lap of natural beauty.

8. New York, USA

This city is home to 40 Fortune 500 HQs, hefty pay packages, international men and a very diverse culture. This city has a small world in itself with people from almost every corner of the world. And what else can be good where you can just go out and meet with a diversified set of humans. But one thing that has to be kept in mind is that this city has the toughest competition you will face than any other city in the world. So, be prepared to give the best shot of yours at any time needed to excel.

7. Tokyo, Japan

With no rushing into marriage and starting a family soon, Tokyo is breaking all the stereotypes and telling the world that this is no longer a land of kimonos only for women. With vast education opportunities, high earning and travel options; Tokyo is becoming an ideal fit for women who like to live their life in the best possible way. All this has made the older guards to blame them for shrinking the population but despite all these, women are advancing their career and life.

6. Shanghai, China

Statistical figures prove that Shanghai is going to be a really good place for single women. It is predicted that by 2020, there will be around 24 million single men in China. And being the financial capital of China, cosmopolitan nature and increase in number of MNCs; this city will have an edge over other cities. So, if we see then Shanghai is the place to go out for considering the professional and personal life as well. Moreover, ballroom dancing on the streets, champagne brunches and other such activities make this place a complete package for one’s life.

5. Austin, Texas

It is the capital for creative singles. Being ranked the best city to begin your career, this city has a very supportive venture capital environment with high quality and low cost for accommodation. And According to Marie Claire survey, the ratio of single men to single women is 12:10 which shows it has tremendous options and opportunities for single women.

4. Milan, Italy

‘The Fashion Capital of The World’ has all the ingredients to make itself a paradise for single women. It is nicknamed as ‘New York of Europe’ and has liveliest job market in the country with energy-efficient and government-funded regeneration programs which makes the professional life a boon here. And that is not only this city has to offer; it has a very social scene with well-tailored men with sleek haircuts and a high sense of fashion. What else you can ask for from a place. It has all to offer you- sophistication and secured professional career.

3. Paris, France

What you can ask from a city which follows only 35-hour workweek, and thus can utilize rest of your time in any art course, giving oneself a pleasure time by cycling around the beautiful city – There are plenty of activities for a lady to do in Paris. Moreover, Paris men are famous for valuing their women as much as their quality of life and thus it makes a perfect place to find the soul-mate who respects her in every single way.

2. Melbourne, Australia

The Economist named this city as the world’s most liveable city. Distinguished by its cultural and artistic environment, this place proves to be a paradise for single women with inexplicable discrepancy between attractiveness of the sexes. With plenty of career opportunities and the best of the gentlemen around the world, Melbourne proves to be not only Australia’s but world’s one of the best cities for single women.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the first ranked egalitarian country in the world. With almost equal opportunity in all the sectors and social parameters, Sweden proves to be an ideal place for single women. Equal opportunity in work, equal airtime for male and female sports, unisex bathrooms, world’s first female-friendly car and many other facilities like these make this a perfect place to live in. And yes, not to forget that Sweden is a place with ample opportunities in finding a true and genuine love where men do household work more than anywhere else.

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