Coldest Countries

Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World

There are so many places on the earth where the climatic conditions are extremely cold and it is always cold during any season. In such places the human survival is very less especially during winters the temperature falls down to very low and the situations are even more worst. This article is listed with the top ten coldest countries on earth.


Coldest Countries in the World

10. Estonia

Extremely Cold Countries

Estonia country is situated in the Baltic region of Northern Europe it is very neighbor to Finland. The climatic temperature in this region during winters is extremely cold and warm during summer. The temperature ranges from -7 °C to -3 °C during winters and in summers the temperature may rise to 16.5 °C. Snow is covered on the land and it is the deepest in the southeast part of Estonia, usually lasts from mid – December to late March.

9. Finland

Extreme Cold Countries

Finland is also a Nordic country situated in northern Europe. The temperature ranges from -45 °C to 0 °C. In winters the temperature falls to -45 °C to -22 °C. In summers the temperature may rise from 0 C to 35 C but summers are short and winters become long. Although the south region of the country is quite hot in summer sometimes reaching temperature from O °C to 50 °C.

8. Mongolia

Cold Winter Countries

Mongolia is a small country situated in east-central Asia. It is also one of the coldest countries in the world with very cold climatic conditions during summer. The country is very cold in winters dropping the temperature to -30 °C during January reaching to extreme cold conditions. In summers, it is hot and the average temperature is 0 °C in some regions so in Mongolia climate is highly cold and windy.

7. Iceland

Coldest Country

The name Iceland itself tells that it is extremely cold land. Iceland is a Nordic country situated between the Atlantic and the arctic ocean. The temperature ranges from -30 °C to -20 °C. During summers the southern part of the country is a little warm when compared to the north region. And life in Iceland is difficult because of the climate and unpredictable weather conditions.

6. Greenland

Cold Winter Country

Greenland is the autonomous country located near to the kingdom of Denmark which is also the largest island in the world. Undoubtedly Greenland is the coldest country in the world as it is located in the North polar region, as polar regions are usually cold. The country is fully covered with large amounts of ice which prevents the sun rays from penetrating on this area and making extreme cold. And because of this, the country experiences years of winter and even in summers the temperature below -7 °C.

5. United States of America

Cold Countries

The United States of America is also in the list of the coldest countries in the world. It has both coldest places and hot places. Alaska which is situated in the north part of America is the coldest place in America. In winters the temperature is recorded below -30 °C. Which is the extremely cold climate in Alaska. People staying in this region are affected by many skin diseases and infections due to extreme cold conditions.

4. Kazakhstan

Cold Country

Kazakhstan is the neighbor country to Russia. Kazakhstan is a very less known country which is situated in Asia. This country records one of the coldest temperatures on the earth. The winters are very cold and difficult to manage, whereas summers are hot and can be managed easily as the temperature rises to 20 °C and more. It is a very hilly place and it is difficult for those who are living up in those hills. And also These hilly places are effected with cold and snow atmosphere and the other places have normal atmosphere. Here usually snowfall is accompanied with heavy rainfalls which make the situation even more worse.

3. Canada

Coldest Countries In The World

Canada is a country located in North America. It’s the 3rd coldest country in the world Temperatures in this country vary from region to region. Winters are very severe with very lowest temperature with chilly winds, where the temperature may fall from -15 °C to below -40 °C. It can also drop even lower than -40 °C. While in the north parts of the country the climate is usually -20 °C and even more low in summers also. Whereas in other regions the temperature in summer falls to 20 °C to 30 °C.

2. Russia

The Coldest Countries In The World

Russia is also the coldest temperature ever recorded with -72 °C. Mostly this country has very low temperatures even the summers are cold. The temperature can rise from -82 °C and falls to -8 °C. During summers the temperature falls to -3 °C which is still cold. Verkhoyansk is another place in Russia with exceptionally low temperatures during winters. Verkhoyansk has recorded the lowest temperature of -69 °C. Vodka is consumed more by the people in this region to keep themselves warm and healthy due to extreme cold temperatures.

1. Antarctica

Coldest Country On Earth

Vostok Station located in the Antarctica continent, near the south pole region of the earth. Vostok Station is the research station set by the Russian federation for the scientists and their research work. No normal human beings live there only the research members stay there temporarily for their work. This place recorded the highest temperature of about -89.2 °C. The climate at this antarctic region is extremely dry with just 2.6 millimeters of precipitation per year. Winters are very long and the summers are short and very cold.

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