All of us have loads of plastic junk at our homes and offices that keeps accumulating day by day. While the easiest way is to dump it and forget it for once and for all, some creative thinking and a little bit of effort can make the difference. Here’s a list handpicked from the internet about creative ways to use plastic waste that’s being clustered at the place.


For all those who love to do gardening, why not use a recycled watering can instead of buying a new one? This water sprinkler is made from plastic bottle with holes in its cap. Just fill the bottle with water and squeeze to sprinkle. It will not only water your plants well, but also take you one step further in being eco-friendly.


This beautiful and creative thing will not only look great in your balcony, but also serve as a nice spot for all the birds nearby your home. Easy to make with plastic bottle, wooden spoons and some birdfeed, this creative birdfeeder is yet another innovative way to put old plastic bottles to use, effectively!


This creative desk organizer is made from an old plastic bottle. The lower portion of the bottle has been cut out and the rim has been decorated with colored tape to seal sharp edges. You can decorate it further with acrylic paint or fabric paper and store your stuff. No more messy desks!


Isn’t it really irksome when you can’t find those buttons or a pair of earrings or some paper clips when you need them? You can say goodbye to this nagging problem by storing them in this easy to make multipurpose stand. Just cut base of some bottles, you can take as many bases as you wish to have. Make hole at the centre of each bottle base and pass a metal stick through it. The stick can have its own base or you can make on using another bottle base stuck upside down. You can store anything from jewelry to sewing kit stuff to stationery and never worry about losing these things again!


This pair of funky earrings are made of recycled plastic! Yes, just some flakes of recycled plastic that has been fused together. Cut out the flakes in any shape and any color. You can further adorn them with buttons, beads or sequins of your choice. Isn’t it cool yet Eco-friendly?


Cute, aren’t they? You can make one too! All you need is a plastic bottle, some plastic bottle caps, sheets of felt paper, cardboard, pair of scissors and glue.

Cut the upper and lower portion of an old plastic bottle. Chuck away its middle part and stick the two portions together using tape. Decorate your piggy bank with felt paper cutouts and patterns. Use cardboard at the back of felt paper while making ears, to make them firm and strong. Cut a slit in the form of a rectangle at the top, to put the money in. You can even use a piece of spiral binding wire to make the pig’s tail.


With the advent of smart phones comes the need to charge them frequently every day. Having a cell phone charging caddy is, thus a good idea. The best part is that you can easily make one at home using empty plastic bottles of shampoo or lotion.

Cut the upper half away of the bottle and keep the lower portion. Paint it with acrylic colors of your choice. You can even stick stickers on it. Cut a neat square at the top to form a handle and hang it on the wall. Your mobile caddy is ready!


Even empty phenyl and cooking oil plastic cans can be put to use effectively. You can turn them into easy to make and durable dustpans. Just take an empty plastic can and draw an oval shape on it with a marker. The outline should start at the base and end at the centre of the can. Cut out the portion and you have your dustpan ready! (P.S: If you have a pet at home, you can use it as a poop scooper as well!)


Wondering what to do with those empty soft drink bottles that are piled up in the kitchen store? Instead of disposing them off, you can use them in the kitchen itself. Yes, plastic bottles can be easily transformed into storage utensils. Just take a few bottles of different sizes and cut their base. Make sure that you use base of a larger bottle for the storage can and slightly smaller one for the cover. The cover should fit in perfectly inside the base of your can. You can repeat this simple procedure to create as many food canisters as you like.


Beautiful, aren’t they? Well, all you need to create this beautiful work of art is plastic bag. Lots and lots of ordinary plastic bags. Just cut out the upper portion of the plastic bags (the loops that are used to hold the bag) and sew them together to form a flower. Repeat the procedure to form as many layers of petals as you wish to have. Sew all the layers of petals together at the center. Create as many flowers as you like and your bouquet is ready!

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