Most Dangerous Cities For Women

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities For Women In The World

While a march towards establishing gender equality is slowly progressing all over the world, issue on women safety still remains unresolved and disturbing. Even in developed parts of world, large chunk of female population feels unsafe going out in their society at night. Recent survey by Gallup showed that in countries like US where 82% of men are comfortable in out in nights only 62% of women do so. In a few least safe countries of the world for majority parts include the war-torn areas of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa both men and women generally doubt their safety. Although the women are always less secure but same scenario if considered in developing countries leads to a wider gap.

It’s true that women have become more independent and stronger these days but the society cannot ignore the perception that ladies still remain more vulnerable and an easy attack target. Today’s women may be knowledgeable about self-defense, martial arts and other such tactics but people do exist who cannot see things beyond slender body, feminine features and flowing hair.


Most Dangerous Cities For Women

So for ladies who strive for traveling and those who are curious to see the world, there are a list of cities they might consider crossing off your list.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town offers many sites for tourist attractions howsoever it is advised for women to stay away from roads and streets of Cape Town. All sorts of crime in broad day light are very commonly reported. Such criminals don’t hesitate gunning down a person even before making sure he would have something valuable on him or not.

9. Guatemala city

This is a common destination in Central America for tourists stop over’s, It is preferred by adventurers. The problem here is, crime has reached out of hands now. Crime is as petty as pick-pocketing to murdering people on streets. Approximately 40 deaths take place in a week in Guatemala. Death in this place is so rampant that now it seems the cemeteries have also become overcrowded.

8. Cali, Colombia

This place has always been known to be a drug haven for drug dealers. The problem in Cali becomes even more apparent as the age of criminals is reducing. These young people who became accustomed to crime have now become members of aggressive gangs. Thus monitoring petty crimes has become near about impossible . The astonishing part is that teens are also involved in creating ammunition and use these weapons at free will.

7. Karachi, Pakistan

When most parts of Pakistan stay quiet, Karachi seems to have fallen into a pit of silence. Karachi was the capital of Pakistan but today it is a ghastly place of hired fearsome killers. The occurrence of killing and crime has risen to such an extent in this city that now it looks as if no law ever existed within this state. As the cultural believes of Pakistan is known, those women who still intend on visiting this place in spite of crime rates should beware of practices followed there. This way they won’t attract unwanted attention and end up becoming victims themselves.

6. Mogadishu, Somalia

The persisting political situation and civil wars made it a dangerous place for women to be in. The set of problems at Mogadishu, Somali involves terrorist attacks, piracy, pick- pocketing, thefts, murder, kidnapping and revelry between clans.

5. Caracas, Venezuela

The destitute and rich inhabitants of Caracas, Venezuela stand at extreme ends in their way of living. This persisting economic situation has fueled already expanding crime rate in the country. 3,862 homicide cases were recorded in 2012 considering a population of 3,247,971 total population. Crime rate has increased to such a rate that the policemen are slaughtered as well.

4. Baghdad, Iraq

Although it is true that current scenario in Baghdad has amended as compared to previous years. However the inhabitants of Baghdad still live in a fear that envelops its surroundings. Till this time people are living a perturbed life in Baghdad due to occasional gunfire and bombings. Also because of men’s perception about ladies, women too have to stay very cautious about their surroundings. Hence it is not prudent to visit this city.

3. Maceio, Brazil

Scenic beaches would definitely steal your heart but charm of this place doesn’t hold too long, stained by a bad reputation. The crime problem of Maceio can be traced to disparity of economic and social problems like huge gap between rich and the poor residents, also extreme poverty. Reports submitted by police reveals that crime is committed by local residents majorly and even younger age groups are getting involved with gangs. Tourists are eyed as easy prey for gangs and criminals. Ladies need to take precautionary measures to keep themselves safe.

2. Acapulco, Mexico

This place was haven for the famous and rich, however the beauty of this place had diminished and tourists are no longer attracted to this place. Tourists apart, residents too are no longer taking into consideration the beaches and beauty because of the huge crime rate repeating every day. Nowadays Acapulco has become more popular due to its nerve-wracking murder incidents. Homicide victims are now dumped here and this place is becoming haven for drug dealers. Although the beach is bewitching but donning a sexy bikini and relaxing by the shores is not a good idea for ladies.

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The reputation of San Pedro Sula as murder capital of the world is now made even worse by circulation of illegal drugs especially cocaine. Cocaine which is produced here is illegitimately smuggled to other contrived including US. It has remained the most dangerous place not only for women but for every person. Visiting this place would be equivalent to visiting your grave as the level of crime affects young and old, men and women, tourists or residents. Considering a population of 7,19,447 the number of homicides estimated as 1218 is very high. Not to mention that this number for homicides only counts the one’s already known rest remains unreported.

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