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Top 10 Dangerous Cities in the world

Traveling is the best way to spend your vacation, people have different options and choices while choosing their vacation spot. Some prefer an adventurous spot; few others historical places while some might just want an escape from their mundane life. Many a time’s curiosity to know about a place leads you into a perilous surrounding and you end up feeling completely helpless. Here are a list of places you must avoid visiting if you love your life.

10. Cape town, South Africa

Crime is the most prominent issue of South Africa. South Africa was always to have high number of assaults, rape (infant, child, adult), murders and other forms of crime as compared to the other countries. Majority of people who stayed in South Africa and immigrated stated that crime and criminalists played a major role in their decision to leave South Africa. A survey conducted in 1998-2000 accumulated by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime placed South Africa on the second position for assault and murder per capita and ranked it first for rapes in the data sheet collected for 60 countries. The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute had also conducted a research on the victims succumbed to crime which showed the south African crime being more distinctive as compared to developing countries. The high levels of crime are imputed to inequality between socioeconomic classes.

9. Nairobi, Kenya

There is high criminal offense in specific locations in Kenya particularly Nairobi is highly affected. Regular occurrence of attacks on tourists by armed assaulter is reported. However the one of the most common form of crime is carjacking which enables the criminal to commit an armed theft. On the streets “snatch and run” crimes have become very common. In the event with al shabaab militants threatening for launching attacks in the holy month of Ramzan , conditions in Nairobi in particular is very tense. Frequent new of street crimes has terrified the people. In the city night time traveling has now turned out to become a nightmare with looting and mugging becoming regular events.

8. Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela is known to be one of the most crimson countries. In Venezuela a person has chances to get murdered every 21 minutes. Crimes have taken such a toll on Venezuela that the government has stopped revealing the criminal data. Kidnappings, robberies and carjacking are the most frequent form of crime there. In 2013 the homicide rate was noted to be 79 per 100000, known to be the highest on the world. To our astonishment this figure quadrupled in the past 15 years with over 200000 murders. The polls of 2008 indicated that crime was a major concern amongst the voters. Venezuela is considered as a country of men, women and children who are constantly subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. The crime rates rises even more after the dark in the slum areas. It’s a haven for drug trafficking while police has sidelined itself to execute much control.

7. Peshawar, Pakistan

This city of Pakistan is one of the most aggressive places in the world. Fights of supremacy between tribes and warlords are a common story; this city is considered to be highly unsafe especially for tourists. News of targeted attack and suicide bombings on security sources have now become a norm, Peshawar is slowly sinking into the bottom of the pit.

6. Sana’s, Yaman

After the last year’s arising against Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former president of Yaman, especially Sana’a has become highly unstable. A sting of assassinations on security personals has taken place after al Qaeda’s Yeming and some local associates have established their presence in the region. The gulf and U.S executed transfer of power by replacing Saleh by Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi- his deputy. But the situation still stays out of hands.

5. Abidjan, Ivory coast

Abidjan has moved beyond 2010 post electoral crisis however it still continues to face criminal offense and such problems. Violent crime such as homicide, robberies, carjacking, home invasions is a haunting threat. Victims from western regions are seldom harmed if they agree to comply with demands by criminals; extreme resistant would result in a violent encounter. But according to latest updates security situations are somewhat improving, in current scenario.

4. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The city Ciudad Juarez is the unofficial capital of Mexico. Mexico is also known be a drug haven and drug traffickers here are notorious enough to do whatever they desire. With a corrupt security and police, Ciudad Juarez has come to be known as one of the most unstable and violent places outside war zones.

3. Baghdad, Iraq

After the US invasion, Baghdad had become world’s most dangerous place for a few years immediately. Things have started to calm down there after the withdrawal of military forces; however Baghdad still is suffering from the unstable political and economic environment. Years of bombing and shooting has devastated the country’s infrastructure. Sporadic bombings, suicide bombers, roadside bombs have continued to wreak a havoc on the miserable citizens of Baghdad.

2. Mogadishu, Somalia

Mogadishu the capital of Somalia was unarguably the most dangerous city in the world until recently. In the 1990s embassies had pulled out from the country following collapse of their last fully functioning government in 1991. The Al Qaeda associated militants had held sway on much of the city since 2007 till the last August after African Union fighters defeated al-shabab, ending a daily war scene.

1. Kabul, Afghanistan

Finally the count down ends, Kabul in Afghanistan. No matter how many US invasions and troops tried to fight on their grounds had managed to rescue Afghanistan and its capital Kabul form the grips of violence. Incessant bomb attacks on embassies and hotels have become a common place with security and army forces struggling to try restore some order. The Taliban had long managed to gain ground and control. The question arises how would the country sustain when the US forces withdraw from the country?

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