Top 10 Most Dangerous Competitions In The World

    Most Dangerous Competitions

    We’ve all grown up hearing our elders and juniors and everyone else talks about the challenges in the real world and how competitive the career space is; and how the competition is increasing each day making it difficult to even access basic resources. You always thought that academics and career were the only “competitive” fields, with injuries resulting in loss of prestige and discontinuity in pocket money.

    Most Dangerous Competitions

    Now, read on to know more about some really dangerous competitions that exist in the world …

    10. Bull-Fighting (Spain, Portugal, some Hispanic countries)

    Gory? Yes. Dangerous? Absolutely. Entertaining? Yes and No.

    Seen as a sign of caliber and strength, this sport dates long back to the medieval ages. Bulls are pierced, weakened and made to charge at a cloth flapped by the matador. The final attempt is to grab the bull by its horns and ride it. And if you’re THAT unlucky, you get to get trampled on and killed by the bull in full public view.

    9. The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Bike Race (Chile)

    Have a bicycle that can run on any kind of surface? Have a body strong enough to survive a staircase fall and from a window ledge? Then this the sport for you. Riders are required to ride their bikes along urban roads, market places, window ledges and practically anything on their way, and reach the final destination. It’s not only dangerous for the rider and the viewer, but it’s also a public nuisance.

    8. Horseback Riding (Nearly every country with its own version)

    One of the most popular sports involving sports, horseback riding becomes extremely dangerous when you’re competing against many riders and the stakes are really high. You not only risk breaking body parts but also getting trampled on by your own other riders’ horses. Also, you never can tell when a horse can go crazy and suddenly throw you off its back.

    7. Ga-Ga Ball Competition (Israel)

    Going ga-ga over Lady Gaga? This is another thing to go gaga on. Rumored to be invented in Israel, this involves playing in an octagonal wooden box. The game is a lot like dodgeball, but you have to hit the players below the knees in order to kick them out of the game. Make sure you have your insurance plan ready when you step into the ring.

    6. BASE jumping (Originated in Medieval Times)

    It involves parachuting from a fixed structure or cliff. When there’s a competition conducted among groups, the one who lands first becomes the winner. Can you think of ALL the mishaps that just MIGHT occur when you’re doing something like this especially with a lot of people? And with high rises becoming a favorite spot for ad junkies, something bigger involving a larger number of people waits around the corner.

    5. Dirt Track Racing (USA and some other countries)

    Originated in the USA, during World War I and since then it has undergone newer versions in many different formats. It’s a highly popular sport and involves heavy betting on favorites. You can’t see properly in the dust and then suddenly BAM! Your car hits another one and then a few more, and before you even know it, you’re being carried away in a gurney to the hospital.

    4. Moto X (USA and some other countries)

    It is a highly dangerous and risky sport, where the rider jumps from one side of the board to the other while performing stunts in mid-air. The best rider come entertainer takes away cash prizes and other goodies. And if you’re not that lucky, you just might end up breaking your neck or collar bone or even spine. Add to it the feeling of, “I was so close!”. Sigh.

    3. Shock-Fighting (Michael Alexander)

    Yes, there were championships held for this kind of game. Two boxers wearing gloves fitted with tasers(yeah, you read that right) fight with each other. Shocks are delivered which have a mind and body numbing quality, but the one who stands tall at the end is the winner. Dangerous and risky. Fortunately, it has been banned.

    2. The World Sauna Championships (Finland)

    No matter how ridiculous it sounds, such a competition exists. But how did it make to this list?

    This championship takes place in Finland where participants are required to sit in highly heated rooms. The last person to walk out of the room unassisted is the winner. What are the dangers? Third-degree burns, dehydration, vomiting and becoming unconscious. And you thought sauna was all about relaxation.

    1. Alligator Wrestling Competition (Started by Seminole Indians)

    This is exactly what it sounds. You have to get down and dirty and wet with an alligator and compel it to come out onto the land. Often these are held on sand or dry land for a higher difficulty level. You might get bitten or thrashed about or may emerge a winner with a missing leg or maybe end up losing just half your head.

    Just in case you’re prepping for that “competitive” exam, think twice about using that adjective.

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