Top 10 Dangerous Toothpaste Ingredients

Top 10 Dangerous Toothpaste Ingredients

Toothpaste is that item in our life that we use daily. It is important to clean our teeth, the formula of toothpaste becomes popular after World War 1. After that company began manufacturing the toothpaste. The point is though we use it daily, but we have never taken the time to read the ingredients. Most of them believe that the contents of the standard toothpaste are essential and ignore. The toothpaste packages warn at the end- do not ingest. Below given is the list of the ingredients that you must know and which should not be present in the toothpaste.


10. Formaldehyde

This chemical is used to remove the bacteria. This bacterium grows after eating or sleeping. Formaldehyde helps in cleaning the bacteria from between the teeth. But if the formaldehyde is taken in large amount, it can be very dangerous. It can cause various diseases like jaundice, kidney damage, liver damage and death. Formaldehyde is one of the most renowned formula in chemistry and we have definitely studied somewhere in our life. But we forget due to the human nature. So, it should be checked out, while buying the toothpaste.

9. Detergent

Next one on the list is detergent. How would toothpaste be without that soapy feeling? That is why manufacturers use the regular detergent to give that soapy feeling. Therefore, the toothpaste should not be ingested. Detergent, as you is hard as it removes the stains so think what if it is ingested into your body. If you ingest the toothpaste accidently, the detergent can make you ill. Detergent can cause digestive tract burning. White bubbles may be fun, but it can harm your kid. So teach him.

8. Seaweed

Seaweed is the reason why the paste is together. Without seaweed, it would have fallen apart. It is reported that seaweed isn’t toxic. Seaweed has a number of nutritional benefits and it holds the paste together. It acts like the gum to hold the paste together. Seaweed is the important ingredient of the toothpaste. This is not harmful, but the excess of any ingredient can cause problems. Have a happy morning.

7. Peppermint oil

Next one in the list is peppermint oil. It is the reason of the mint in the mouth. The fresh breath and the minty taste in the mouth is because of the peppermint oil. But if it is ingested hen it can cause muscle tremors, slow pulse and heartburn. All these ingredients should be kept in mind. Sometimes children eat the toothpaste and they need to be stopped before they face any problem. So, be careful!

6. Paraffin

Paraffin is slick as petroleum. It helps in making the paste smoother. It helps in sticking paste on your toothbrush. This is the important ingredient of the toothpaste. Eating toothpaste may cause many problems like abdominal pain. Paraffin content in the toothpaste can be harmful for heath so take care!

5. Glycerin Glycol

Next chemical used in the toothpaste is glycerin glycol. This was added in the past so that it can be prevented from becoming dry. This chemical is found in antifreeze. It is reported that glycerin is non-toxic, but if the past is swallowed, this chemical can cause nausea. So be careful from this chemical.

4. Titanium Dioxide

It has been reported that, titanium dioxide is also added to the paste. The same ingredient is also added to the white paint so that it can protect the walls. Same way it is added in the toothpaste so that it can protect the walls of teeth and make them nice and white. This chemical does not hurt, but we should stay away from it as it is neither recommended.

3. Saccharin

This is the zero calorie sweeteners. It is added to the paste so that it can overcome the terrible taste of the detergent. This is why people find their toothpaste sweet. This is not too sweet, but still gives the feeling. It is reported that saccharin is safe to ingest. This is also one of the most important ingredients of toothpaste.

2. Menthol

Without menthol your mouth would taste awful. It is the menthol, which adds a minty to your breath. Without a menthol taste of chalk, paraffin, titanium dioxide and glycerin will speak. Menthol gives the feeling of freshness after paste for some time. Menthol is added to various food products like tea and others. This is why they are used in the morning to give the feeling of freshness. Menthol is a very popular and safe ingredient of the toothpaste. Still swallowing of toothpaste is not recommended.

1. Chalk

Last one on the list is chalk. It is added to remove that caked on gunk from the white teeth. Chalk is made exoskeletons. Chalk in the real if chewed can harm your health. It can cause lung problems and can a cause bleeding. Even the dust of chalk is harmful. So think again before you swallow the chalk next time. Chalk is the important ingredient of paste as it protects the gums, but intake can be dangerous. These are the points which should be kept in mind. Toothpaste should not be taken lightly as it can cause problems to your health due to the heavy ingredients present in the paste.

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