Diseases Named After Food

Top 10 Diseases Named After Food

Even hearing about your favorite fruit or food item, your mouth starts watering thinking the delicacy of your favorite item which can uplift even a gloomy and tired mood of yours. But to your dismay, you will find that your favorite food items are not only meant for resisting your temptation but several diseases are named after your favorite food item. This might look funny to you but some of these diseases are really dangerous.

So, here we present you a list of top 10 diseases named after food items.


10. Strawberry Gallbladder

Gall Bladder releases important body juices called bile juice produced in the liver to break down the food we consume and digest the fat in the diet. In conditions of excessive increase of cholesterol in the blood and its subsequent deposition in gall bladder wall, the organ develops a stippled appearance resembling the color of strawberry. Medically known as cholesterolosis of gall bladder, the cause of this disease is still unknown.

9. Bread and Butter Pericarditis

Pericardium is a protective sac that encloses the heart and when this sac is contaminated by any bacterial or viral infection or heart attack, it takes the appearance of bread smeared with butter that have accidentally fallen. It is the reason for this name. This disease is caused due to fibrin, a protein that gets deposited on pericardium as a consequence. Medically known as fibrinous pericarditis, it can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin.

8. Cafe Au Lait Spot

Cafe Au Lait Spot is a disease of birthmark which is although not harmful but can be sign of several Dangerous Diseases such as tuberous sclerosis, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome and Hunter syndrome. These marks are light-brown in color which is the reason for the name. The presence of at least 6 cafe au Lait spots, at least 5 mm in diameter (before puberty) and 15 mm (after puberty) aid in diagnosis of neurofibromatosis I (NF-1).

7. Port Wine Stain

It is a relatively common birth mark caused by a collection of swollen blood vessels near the skin surface. It can cause some emotional distress in patients where the birthmark is especially prominent. The so-called name of this disease id due to its reddish-purple color like the color of Port wine which can get dark over the age. Sometimes, it can be an indication of other severe diseases such as Struge-Weber syndrome or Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome. It is caused due to the accumulation of inflamed blood vessels immediately beneath the epithelial layer of skin. If you want, then it can be removed just like unwanted tattoos using repeated laser treatments but this can be expensive and time-consuming as well.

6. Nutmeg Liver

Nutmeg is a kind of dry fruit which is eaten all over the world for pleasure but the disease named after this dry fruit is not so pleasant. Nutmeg Liver is a medical condition of the liver characterized by the chronic passive congestion. Due to improper circulation of blood, it gets accumulated in the venous network of the liver. This makes liver developing a microscopic, grated nutmeg look. This disease leads to fibrosis if heart is not treated on time.

5. Cauliflower Ear

This disease results from the repeated trauma to the ears. Most of the wrestlers, martial arts experts and people who experience repeated blows on their ears are the most affected by this disease. Due to the sudden shock, the blood supply channels and the cartilage lying underneath ear lobe gets damaged and starts inflating in such a way that it looks like a cauliflower. This condition is not reversible and hardly becomes normal but if taken expensive surgery or operation, it can be cured.

4. Blueberry Muffin Rash

One of the most loved and favorite Breakfast Items, blueberries muffin is a rich source of calories but the disease named after this breakfast item is not that alluring. This disease is a sort of allergy that occurs in the cutaneous layer of skin of infants if they are exposed to the harmful rubella virus while still in the womb and some other infections also. Its symptoms include the appearance of red and purple discoloration on the skin due to bleeding below cutaneous layer. This may cause deafness, heart diseases and eye abnormalities.

3. Watermelon Stomach

Dilation of blood vessels in the lower part of stomach causes this disease. It is one of the rarest diseases and the medical term of this disease is gastic antral vascular ectasia (GAVE). It is of unknown etymology and is a rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding and iron deficiency anemia. It is named so due to the characteristic red steaks of stomach lining that look like markings of a watermelon.

2. Currant Jelly Sputum

Currant Jelly Sputum is a mass of blood, sputum, mucous and cellular debris that collects in lung passages as a result of untreated Klebsiella pneumonia. This bacterium is the second most common cause of urinary tract infections and prevalent in people already suffering from diabetes, alcoholism and other chronic lung diseases. Symptoms of this disease include high fever, chills and flu-like symptoms.

1. Chocolate Cyst

This disease, medically known as endometriosis of ovary, is experienced by women. It is developed when the endometrial tissues find their way into the ovaries through pelvic cavity instead of the uterus and starts developing cysts on one or both the ovaries. This issue continues to proliferate, slough off, and proliferate again much like a menstrual cycle. The cysts accumulate blood over time and turn brown chocolaty in color which is the reason behind its name. They finally rupture after excruciating pain and suffering. But good news is that it can be treated with hormones or by surgical methods.

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