Rare Foods

Top 10 Exclusive and Rare Foods

Food is something that makes everyone go from sad to being happy. It is one thing that can bring together people from different continents and even different races together. Some of the foods that we see are generic to certain places and it might not be available everywhere. Therefore, we do not really know about these foods and their facts about them.


Rare Foods

The top ten exclusive and rare food items have been mentioned below in this article:

10. Saffron

Mostly used as something that gives color to food, saffron is one food items that is extremely rare and is found in minimal quantity at a very high rate as well. It is said that it takes a painstaking process of collecting about 75000 flowers to extract about one pound of saffron, which is the main reason for the high cost. Based on the quality of the saffron, the price ranges from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars per pound.

9. Dansuke Watermelon

Watermelons maybe a seasonal treat for many people but these watermelons are known for their crispy nature and their excellent taste. Grown in the northern part of Japan, these watermelons are black in color and it might cost you about 6000 dollars if you want your hands on this watermelon. This watermelon is grown in a single island in Japan and it’s harvested by about 65 people annually.

8. Yubari Melons

Yubari melons are some of sweetest melons that are available in the Japanese part of Hokkaido. These melons are said to have the sweetness due to the fact that they grow in the volcanic soil, which has a lot of nutritious value. Though these fruits are sweet, it is not that they give you too much sweetness. These fruits were sold for a whopping 26000 dollars in the year 2008.

7. Matsuke Mushroom

The matsuke mushrooms are mysterious mushrooms that are available in countries like Japan, Korea and China. The mystery part behind these mushrooms are because of the fact that it is extremely tough to find these mushrooms even though they are available in huge numbers. These mushrooms might cost you anywhere between 90 dollars to 905 dollars per pound.

6. The Chocopologie

This chocolate, which is made up of Valrhona cacao and black truffle, is considered to be the costliest chocolate in the planet. It is completely homemade and a pound of this chocolate might cost you 2600 dollars. This chocolate can only be pre-ordered as it is in high demand. Every chocolate lover must have this chocolate at least once in his/ her lifetime.

5. Kobe Beef

It has to be said that the Japanese people love their food. One of the best beefs in the entire world comes from the Wagyu Cows in Japan. These cows are fed with grass and beer and they have daily massages and they treat these cows’ life angels before they are cut down to make a tasteful delight out of its meat. 200 grams of beef might cost up to 100 dollars.

4. Caviar

These tiny eggs might small pellets of glass, but they have some really delightful taste in store for you. These eggs might cost anywhere between 8500 to 16000 dollars per pound. The only source for this egg is from a fish variety called Beluga. It is a fact that these fishes take up to 20 years to mature these eggs, which makes these eggs rare to find.

3. White Truffle

White truffle is neither a plant nor an animal. It is found in the regions near Italy and Croatia. Known as the magic mushroom, this truffle is known for its unique aroma and its intense taste. The cost of white truffle, which is normal, might be anywhere between 1400 to 4200 dollars. But the costliest white truffle that was ever sold was a whopping 3, 30,000 dollars!

2. Bird’s Nest Soup

Better known as the “Caviar of the East”, this food has its origin in China. Founded some 400 years ago in the South-Western part of China, it is definitely one of the most sought after food in the region. It is made up of saliva nests which is built by cave swifts. It gives a gelatinous texture when it is mixed with water. A single bowl can cost you up to 30 dollars and the soup is said to have strong medicinal and nutritional values as well.

1. Gold

Eat gold, and you can go out and say that you have eaten gold. With no harm being done to the body, eating gold is considered to be a matter of pride among many families. Though it is not consumed as a whole, it is served along with other food items, mainly to adorn the dish and increase the decoration value of the food. It doesn’t have any taste of its own, but yet it is one of the most sought after food in the world. You might have to shed your earnings in a single meal as eating gold can cost you plenty of money. Yes, plenty can be big and it can cost up to 33000 to 110000 dollars per kilogram of gold. Want to eat gold for pride? Think again!

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