Top 10 Exhilarating Activities

    Exhilarating Activities

    Ever wanted to go push routine out of the way and do something outright crazy and adventurous. Something that will make your heart beat a little faster. Something that will drive you crazy for the little moments that you are involved in the task. Something that will set your adrenaline pumping. Yeah, basically doing something adventurous, breathtaking and exhilarating. We all want to do something exhilarating in our lifetime, just to experience things that take our breath away.

    Exhilarating Activities

    Here is a list of 10 such Exhilarating Activities that will give you the much needed high, the legal high without consumption of drugs or alcohol. Try them to feel and live the meaning of the word ‘exhilarating’.

    10. Trek the highest peaks .. Be at the highest point you could be at, literally

    Yes, trekking to reach the top of the highest mountains is one of the activities that can just make you feel awesome. Remember that scene from Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani when Ranbir and Deepika get to the top of the peak and shout out loud just to celebrate the sense of achievement of reaching the mountain top. You can’t feel what it feels like until and unless you do it yourself. Yes, expeditions to trek mountains is exhilarating enough. But if that doesn’t seem to satisfy your thirst for adventure go ahead and read on.

    9. Road Trips

    A well-planned road trip with people you love- friends, family or your lover can be the best experience of your life. Plan your trip well, pack well, be open to adjusting, push your limits, have good music with you, don’t forget your camera and last and the most important choose your location well. Choose the place that you would look forward to heading to and getting there would give you happiness to level unexplained. Road trips are not just interesting and adventurous but there in an emotional aspect to it. It gives you the feeling of chasing a goal. It gives you the chance to create the best memories. So never say no to a road trip.

    8. Mountain Biking

    Yes, people who have the right biking gear for mountain biking and who can get themselves a little bit training in mountain bike riding can try this too. This activity will actually make your heart leap. The speed, the bumps on the way, the risk involved, the stunts, all of it actually makes it worth it. If ever you have the resources for it, mountain biking is a must-try activity.

    7. Desert Safari

    Ever imagined sitting in a SUV, which is riding on the sands of the desert. Sounds plain but the experience is not as plain. The butterflies you get in the stomach when the SUV rides on the sinking sands of the desert is something that can’t be explained in words. You need to be there and do it. Ever go to Dubai and don’t find something interesting just blindly try this out. Guaranteed satisfaction. Gliding on the dunes in a huge vehicle, what more interesting than this ha!

    6. Ice water Fishing

    Fishing in itself is a very nice thing to do but have you heard about ice water fishing? This is an activity where you fish through a small hole in the blanket of ice that covers the waters of lakes and water bodies in cold regions. Ever wondered how different it would seem pulling fishes out of a hole. The cool climate and sitting to do some ice water fishing with a bonfire burning close by in the woods so that you could warm yourself up and cook the fish as well, with some good company around you. Doesn’t this give you the high? unique task to do, isn’t it?

    5. The San Fermin Fest, Pamplona, Spain

    If you’ve been following Bollywood flicks, you really need to see the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Not only because it is a wonderful film but also because its climax gives you a brief idea about The San Fermin Fest that is usually held in Pamplona located in Spain. A herd of bulls runs behind people who run a race to reach the finishing line safe and sound by dodging the bulls. A huge number of people get seriously injured during this race and some even die. But, nevertheless, the fact that you run as fast as you can for your life, makes this exhilarating. It takes your breath away in the literal sense.

    4. Sky Diving

    If exhilarating activities performed on land are all attempted and you want to go a notch up to raise the level of adventure, try something to do with the skies. How does it sound to jump out of an airborne airplane from a height that would make you go weak in the knees and land with a parachute bursting open above your head as you come close toward the ground? Sounds grand, right. Feel the pressure of the air hit you up and practically make you float in the air until gravity comes into the picture and the earth pulls you down towards it. Sky Diving is also risky if not performed with proper gear and training. Proper care has to be taken to do skydiving.

    3. Bungee Jumping

    If climbing a mountain didn’t catch your attention, maybe jumping from it would. Bungee Jumping is an adventure sport that involves jumping from a great height with a rope tied to your feet and a harness tied to your body for ensuring safety. The blood rushing to your head, again butterflies in the stomach and overcoming your fear of height is the reason you should try bungee jumping. You’d never feel so good jumping of a cliff if it was for bungee jumping.

    2. Cage Diving

    Alright, the land and skies are conquered, why not do something adventurous with the waters. Surfing is okay and so is parasailing but it gets better and bigger when you go in for Cage Diving. Cage diving involves a person being sent underwater with all precautions taken and the person is sent down in a cave. You get to see the biggest and smallest fishes. You get to see the rich and diverse marine flora and fauna closely. You get to be close to sharks too. You’re safe enough because of the cage so there is no reason to be hesitant about giving this a try. It is more of an emotional experience too because you get close to nature and that too the rarest part of nature-underwater life. It will leave you spellbound.

    1. Visiting the wonders of the world

    The seven wonders of the world aren’t just for the sake of their name. They are grand, magnificent and majestic. Just being at these places would give you goosebumps that may take a long while to settle down. Be it appreciating the Taj Mahal, walking through the Great Wall of China, Looking at the tallest statue of The Christ the Redeemer in Brazil or being and getting the real view of the pyramids that you’d just usually see in the images. Just spelling it out in words give you a thrill. Imagine being there and experiencing and living those wonders first hand. Nothing can match the exhilaration count of this activity. This one is the ultimate.

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