Famous Journalists

Top 10 Famous Media Journalists Of All Time

Journalism is one of those professions which do not know the meaning of risk, disaster or anything. Be it storm, earthquake, terror attack or festive season, journalists are always there for us keeping the world updated about every happening and exposing various scams, frauds, scandals and wars. They are known as the Mirror of the World.


Famous Journalists

So, here we present you with the top 10 most famous media journalists of all time:

10. Kate Adie

Kate started her career as a studio technician in 1968 and shot to fame after her 1980 coverage of the Iranian embassy in London. She is one of the best-known faces for her reporting from major wars and conflicts including the Gulf, former Yugoslavia, Albania, Rwanda. She is BBC’s chief news correspondent and a presenter of the famous show – From Our Own Correspondent on BBC’s Radio 4. She has written several books as well e.g. The Kindness of Strangers, Nobody’s Child: The Lives of Abandoned Children and into Danger.

9. Hunter S Thompson

He is considered to be the inventor of ‘Gonzo Journalism’, a kind of journalism where the reporter is involved in the story. He embodied the irreverent reporter who thrilled in humiliating Richard Nixon. He is author of many books e.g. Fear and Loathing. He began as a conventional report but later on changed the face of journalism. He mainly worked for Rolling Stone magazine and committed suicide at age of 67. But he is still known as the pioneer of ‘new journalism’.

8. William Randolph Hearst

Known as the father of ‘Yellow Journalism’, it was William Hearst who invented the mode of journalism involving all the sensationalized and eye-catching news we come across every day. He was the son of journalist George Hearst. It was ‘The San Francisco Examiner’ which ignited his career and put him among one of the greatest journalists of all time.

7. Hu Shuli

Hu Shuli is considered to be one of the best journalists in the media-restrained country. It was the reason that she was listed among the Top 100 Influential People by Time magazine in 2011. Starting the career as a reporter for Workers’ daily, she now runs a new media group in China known as Caixin Media as editor-in-chief. She received immense support and acclamation from all over the world over her investigation pieces on corruption and frauds. She has numerous international awards for her achievements and currently serves as a board member of the International Women’s Media Foundation and a regional advisor for International Center for Journalists.

6. Robert Capa

Born in Budapest in 1913, Capa worked in Germany and France before moving to US. He is famous for his coverage to wars like Spanish Civil War, WWII, Arab-Israeli War and 1st Indo-China War. He is considered to be the most iconic photojournalists in American media history. He is known for his famous snap of ‘The Falling Soldier’ captured during Spanish Civil War. In WWII also, he captured amazing pictures of paratroopers jumping off in Germany. He lost his life when he mistakenly stepped on a landmine during his assignment on Indo-China war.

5. Walter Cronkite

He is the man known to set the standards for broadcast journalism during the emergence of new media and television. He has covered some of the major historical events like first man on the moon, Vietnam War, assassination of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., American TV broadcast with The Beatles during his career as an anchor on CBS Evening News. He was a drop-out during his junior year and then started writing newspaper gigs with a career in radio broadcasting. He has earned a large number of awards and honors and is the namesake for the Cronkite School at Arizona State University. He is known as ‘The most trusted man in America’.

4. Margaret Bourke-White

Known as the first female war journalist, Margaret had always been a source of inspiration and motivation for female journalists. She started her career as a staff photographer at Fortune Magazine in 1929 and accomplished herself as a skilled photojournalist of all times. She covered the Soviet Industry and her photographic documentation of WWII and the Great Depression brought the fame and recognition all over the world. In fact, she was the only female journalist who was allowed to capture the war by the US army. But her most outstanding work includes the popular picture of Mahatma Gandhi with the spinning wheel and capturing the noteworthy India-Pakistan partition.

3. Barbara Walters

She is known to revolutionize the age of media coverage and investigation. Renowned for interviewing high-profile personalities in politics and entertainment and getting the biggest bites, she has hosted and co-anchored various famous shows like The Today Show, The view, 20/20. Margaret Thatcher, Michael Jackson, King Hussein of Jordan, King of Saudi Arabia are some of the personalities she has interviewed so far. It is only because of her popularity and strong image that she is a popular subject for a spoof on Saturday Night Live.

2. Bob Woodward

After completing his degree in English and History, Bob joined The Washington Post. He is one of the most talked and celebrated journalists of 20th and 21st centuries. Working along with fellow reporter Carl Bernstein, he investigated and publicized ‘The Watergate Scandal’ which resulted in the resignation of President Richard Nixon. This was one case which made him a celebrity journalist. Woodward and Carl wrote a book about their Watergate experience which later turned into a popular film. His several stories have won Pulitzer Prizes including Watergate and September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Out of his 15 books, 12 were the #1 bestseller. He is widely known as the ‘Big Boss of Journalism’.

1. Joseph Pulitzer

Known as the ‘Grandfather Of Modern Journalism’, Joseph had worked for ‘New York World’ and ‘St. Louis Post Dispatch’. He is widely known as the most intrigued, ingenious and creative journalists of the all-time. It was his dedication towards the journalism that being a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, he discontinued this service due to his journalistic duties. Such was his commitments and dedication towards the journalism. He had always portrayed the journalists as the watch-keepers of this world who timely report the hidden dangers and treacherous shoals to ensure the safety of the world.

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