Top 10 Foods that are Surprisingly Good for you

So I think we all swear by the quote “All good things in life are illegal or fattening.” I’ve lived by it for most of my life, not that it kept me away from the good things but established that kind of a notion at least. I’ve been a dessert lover for most of my life and have only been told that all that sugar is going to increase my risk of many diseases and make me fat too, obviously. I can’t deny that, mostly all the yummy food in the world does have a tendency of making you fat but you can’t deny yourself the simple pleasure of good food all the time, not all of us possess that can’t of ability to resist the aroma of our favourite dish. So here’s a good news, some yummy foods do not harm your health after all. Let’s have a look at these surprisingly delicious yet healthy foods.

10. Chocolates

This one is for all those super sugar lovers like me. You’ll obviously be surprised to know that chocolate isn’t that bad for you after all. We’re talking about dark chocolate here though, not milk chocolate and white chocolate. But dark chocolates are good for your health, especially your heart. It contains anti-oxidants which keep your heart healthy and also don’t do much damage to your skin. Next time when you have a chocolate craving, feed yourself some dark chocolate.

9. Whole grain pasta

We usually associate pasta with lots of cheese and fat even though also with a lot of yummy in our tummy but still. Try replacing your regular pasta dish with a whole grain pasta next time and feel better and healthier. The good part is it’s high on fibre so you’ll feel full very soon and also it reduces your chances of having blood pressure issues.

8. Fish

You’re a meat lover, more so a carnivore. And you generally assume that all kinds of non vegetarian food is just going to lead your body into a mess. No, not really. Fish in fact is said to recommended as a part of a good healthy diet because not only is it a good source of energy because of the protein content, it’s also very good for your heart. Not fried fish though. Skip the butter and add to your health.

7. Ketchup

Are you one of those people who always ask for an extra sachet of ketchup at your favourite fast food joint? Well, good news for you because ketchup is really good for your health just as tomatoes are! It reduces your risk of heart diseases! Go, ketchup lovers!

6. Beer

Hello, alcoholics and lovers of freshly brewed beer! News alert for the day: contrary to popular belief, beer is not all that bad for your health, as a matter of fact it’s wonderful for your heart. You can’t counter the fact that it’s still pretty fattening though. But next time someone lectures you about your beer consumption, you’ve got an argument to throw into their face.

5. Strawberries/Blueberries and yogurt

Isn’t frozen yogurt just the best? Yogurt when teamed with either Strawberries or Blueberries makes quite a healthy combination and has minimal to negligible side effects. You can have it any time of the day, breakfast, lunch, whenever and they’ll taste just as good and refreshing and will definitely add to your health without causing much pain. A healthy alternative is a good alternative after all.

4. Roasted chicken

We all love chicken now, don’t we? But you can’t consume it every other day because it’s not all that healthy really. But well, that goes for fried chicken. If you choose to roast your chicken next time instead of frying it, you may be heading towards a better form of chicken and considerably good health without much compromise with your taste buds.

3. Eggs

While the yummiest part of eggs, that’s the egg yolk isn’t exactly very healthy, eggs are pretty good for health all in all. If you ever join a gym, your instructor might as well ask you to add some egg whites in your diet because all in all they’re pretty good for your heart and without the yolk, they don’t run the risk of high cholesterol either.

2. Smoothies

They’re pretty heavy on your stomach and calm your food craving down for quite a bit making you feel more full and satisfied so you don’t constantly feel the need to munch on other unhealthy food items that you may be surrounded with. And again, you can have them guilt free, because they do not rob you off your health either.

1. Popcorn

Our good old popcorn can be consumed guilt free as and when you want, without any butter or caramel though. You can keep munching on it sub consciously without needing to concern yourself the amount you’re consuming and that’ll also leave your stomach happier than before. Couldn’t get better now, could it?

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