Brain Power Foods

Brain Power Foods: Top 10 Foods To Boost Brain Power

A sound mind and body are extremely crucial to have a happy and healthy life. Apart from regular meditation, good sleep and other healthy habits, you can maintain a healthy brain with the following superfoods that are beneficial and easily available:


Brain Power Foods


Tomatoes are one of the most easily available food items that can boost your brainpower. It consists of a nutrient known as carotenoids that safeguard fat in our body. Since the brain is primarily made up of fat, carotenoid is a great nutrient to boost brain function.
Tomatoes contain two kinds of carotenoids, namely, lycopene and beta-carotene. Apart from being a strong anti-oxidant, lycopene regulates genes that influence our brain development. It also protects brain by destroying any free radical damage cells which can lead to ailments like Alzheimer’s.


Whole grains such as oatmeal, beans, brown rice, etc. facilitate stabilization of blood glucose. Adequate and steady supply of blood glucose is crucial to keep us mentally alert during the day. Including whole grains in our daily diet can enhance the ability to concentrate or focus, effectively.


Green tea is as amazing for brain as it is for heart. It enhances cognitive performance that includes working memory and slows down aging of the brain by binding cell membranes. Other than this, green tea can also potentially help in the production of new brain cells which was earlier deemed as impossible by neurologists.


For all the chocoholics, here is another great reason to indulge in your favorite food, chocolate is good for brain! Dark chocolate has numerous of health benefits. It facilitates blood supply to our brain which improves memory and alertness and even cuts down the chances of stroke.. Also, the antioxidants present in dark chocolate slow down aging of the brain.


Garlic is yet another superfood for the brain. It has multiple benefits that contribute to proper functioning of the brain. It effectively battles tumors and cancer cells thanks to its inflammation-reducing properties. Eating garlic causes blood thinning which improves blood supply in our body. Proper blood supply to the brain is essential for cognitive functioning and longevity.

Apart from all this, garlic prevents the death of neurons that causes Alzheimer’s, boosts nerve cells’ growth and increases learning ability.


Pumpkin seeds are a storehouse of nutrition that is valuable for heart, skin, immune system, brain and whatnot! Having high zinc, magnesium and omega 3 and 6, pumpkin seeds boost memory and thinking skills and reduce various neurotic conditions. The magnesium content also helps in calming down the brain and keeping anxiety at bay. Being a great anti-depressant, pumpkin seeds can also be helpful in elevating your mood.


Eating broccoli has abounding health benefits. Apart from being good for skin, heart, blood, etc., broccoli is great for brain as well. Its rich phytonutrients and fiber content improves brain health by facilitating cognitive skills such as thinking and reasoning.

Potassium content in broccoli helps our nervous system. Another substance present in broccoli, Choline, keeps neurotransmitters healthy which makes our memory strong and sharp. Thus, consumption of broccoli is ideal to have an active and productive brain. Not only this, studies reveal that broccoli can facilitate healing of the brain in case of an injury!


Having a banana daily is key to having a healthy brain. Potassium content in bananas aids in stabilizing oxygen levels in our brain which promotes strong signals between cells. This in turn keeps our minds sharp and focused.
Tryptophan and Serotonin in bananas help elevate our mood and make bananas a great anti-depressant. It also strengthens our nervous system and protects brain from free radical damage that can cause chronic brain diseases.
Vitamin B6 in bananas ensures good memory and magnesium increases electrical activity between neurons. Also, the fiber in bananas slows down the breakdown of sugar and supply of energy. This ensures a steady supply of blood glucose to the brain which can keep us alert throughout the day.


A handful of walnuts can enhance your mental performance to a great extent. Being a good source of high-quality fats like omega 3, walnuts boost brain functioning and enhance memory power. Not only this, omega 3 also helps in brightening up your mood because of its anti-depressant properties. This neuroprotective compound also facilitates communication between brain cells and improves nerve health.
Eating walnuts also improves the functioning of neurotransmitters. The antioxidants present in walnuts slow down brain aging thus reducing age-related decline in cognitive performance. Apart from all this, walnuts contain vitamin B6 which is memory-protective.


Thanks to its myriad benefits to mental health, oil-rich fish tops the chart!
Fatty fish is the richest source of omega-3 and thus contribute to having a healthy brain. Oily fish such as Salmon, Tuna, and Trout etc. contains ready-made DHA which goes straight to the brain and boosts memory and thinking abilities.
Fish also reduces brain shrinkage that can hamper cognitive performance. It helps in reducing shrinkage of brain portions such as cerebral cortex and hippocampus that are responsible for forming and retaining memories.
Eating fish during pregnancy benefits the child’s early brain development as well as his/her social and verbal skills. Also, scientific researchers have proven that eating fish twice or thrice a week can lower the risk of having dementia or Alzheimer’s. Also, Vitamin B6, Omega-3 and tryptophan in fish help in reducing the levels of depression.

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