Funny Ways to Scare People

How To Scare Someone? 10 Funny Ways to Scare People

Irritating and annoying people is something that everybody likes doing at least once in their lifetime, just for the fun and the memories that you make. Scaring people is the same. The only difference is that you also derive sadistic pleasure from it. Of course, it is fun, especially when the person you’re pranking is a sport and laughs along with you at the end of it. Scary pranks are the best and the funniest ones to play on someone, and if you choose the right person to try them on, then you will have a blast!.


Funny Ways to Scare People

Here are some ways to scare the living hell out of a person and then laugh your head off.

10. Hide yourself and scream

Okay, so this may seem a little childish, but it is the simplest way to scare someone. All you have to do is hide somewhere, like in a closet or behind a bedroom door and as your target is approaching, scream. Scream either horrifically or like a hurting animal or a ghost and it’ll do the trick. When you screech in the darkness or when somebody is supposed to be home alone, this prank will work the best. Your target will immediately respond by screaming back or becoming completely mortified. Then you can pat yourself on the back. This way of scaring somebody will, however, not work in the expected places.

9. Fake plastic reptiles

Another one of the old classics. The best thing about this trick is that you need no prior preparation for it. All you need to do is to make sure your target has no clue about the plastic reptiles and then bam! You throw them at the person unexpectedly and see the shock on their face. Most people are undoubtedly terrified of reptiles and this prank will work best on them. To make the reptiles more authentic, you can apply petroleum jelly to make them slimy and gross.

8. Stare at a person randomly

This will work only on strangers. It would spook anybody out if all you do is stare at a stranger with a deadpan expression on your face. You can also try going for the ‘psychotic’ look. That’d definitely spook any sane person out. This prank is very basic and works wonders if you do it right. Of course, do make sure you don’t overdo the whole looking psychotic and/or serious thing.

7. Fake blood, fake knife

Yes, all you need is a fake knife protruding out of your stomach and some (fake) blood around it, and voila! You can totally play this prank on someone. Make sure you have a painful expression and act out the part properly. It would scare anyone if they believe that you’ve actually been stabbed right in the front. Try this out on friends or siblings and not on any strict elders because you don’t want to get scolded or attacked by them instead!

6. Leave a message on the bathroom mirror

This prank is an “I Know What You Did Last Summer” special. Basically, when you’re in the bathroom (and your mirror is already fogged up) write a message using your finger, something spooky like “I’m watching you” and leave it. Make sure that no one else uses the bathroom immediately, and wait for your target to fall victim to this funny scary prank. All you need to do is wait as they use the bathroom and watch the message appear as the mirror fogs up again. Their scream of horror (or their mortified expression when they’re telling you this) should be enough satisfaction.

5. Make a spooky phone call

A stranger calling from an unknown number, spooky much? If you can pull this off, you’re going to have quite a laugh. All you need is to either go to a payphone (or use somebody’s phone whose number your target DOES NOT have) and make a call. Of course, what you say or how you freak out your victim on that call is all up to you. You could call and just not say anything (and keep doing this a number of times to get the best effect) or you could say something extremely spooky like “I see you sleep every night”. Don’t go too overboard but yeah have a good laugh with this prank!

4. Haunted Surroundings

Flickering lights, creaking floorboards or doors, shadows moving across windows, and dogs howling. These are a few of the things that you need to include if you plan on creating a ‘Haunted House’ atmosphere. The dogs might not be possible entirely, but you could always make the sound yourself. This is one of the ultimate scary pranks that anybody can pull off. It best works when someone is home alone. It would give even me the shivers!

3. Telling a scary story

Storytelling is so much fun especially when the idea behind it is to frighten the listeners. It’s important that the scary story that you are narrating has a believable plot and a solid premise, which means you’ll need to do your homework. After having prepared beforehand (so that you don’t stop in between) make sure as you’re building the suspense that you tell your audience that it is a real-life incident. Then slowly let the story unfold; whisper your story in a low, husky voice and watch as your audience is rapt with attention. When you tell them the horrible ending you can reveal your prank by screaming after a pause. This trick works every single time (unless your audience has already fallen victim to this once before!).

2. Stage a scene

For this, you need some friends to help you out and a solid plan. You could do something simple and it just requires the participation of more than a few people to make it believable. For example, if you have a friend who believes in studying at the eleventh hour for exams, all you need to do is have someone call him/her up a day before the exam and inform them about the change in the timetable. Then, another person can call up to confirm this change. This would daunt the victim and scare the hell out of them. Make sure you let them know it’s a prank after some time though. Some people are extremely sensitive in such cases.

1. Wear makeup and act like an insane clown

The Joker from Dark Knight was one scary chap, and Heath Ledger pulled that act off brilliantly. It also spooked me out quite a bit; the insane act. It would also be quite funny to try it out on a friend or acquaintance. Dress up as a clown (or the Joker specifically) and act completely off your rocker. Even at first, if they’re not intimidated by you, they’re bound to freak out sooner or later.

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