Haunted Train Stations

Top 10 Haunted Train Stations

For many years, railway system has been one of the most favorite modes of transportation for a large set of people. Even after air transportation and invention of high-speed vehicles, people still prefer this mode for cheaper and longer distance. But there have been several reports of terrifying incidents and haunting experiences in many regions of the world.

Haunted Train Stations

Here we present you a list of the most haunted train stations in the world.

10. Connolly Station – Ireland

It is situated in Dublin, Ireland. During World War II, it suffered severe bomb damage in 1941. From then, it has been a focus of soldierly sightings.

But it was in 2011, when a case of soldier walking along a disused platform attracted the attention of Irish Ghost Hunters. And the footage of this investigation makes us to believe about the existence of supernatural activities in this station. Also, two soldiers were seen on the video footage but when the guards reached there, they obviously disappeared.

9. Begunkodor Train Station – India

Situated in West Bengal state of India, Begunkodor is a small village 161 miles away from the state capital – Calcutta. This station has been abandoned for 42 years after the report of presence of ghost activities. It is assumed that a lady in white sari who got run over by a train at this platform is seen dancing and wandering around the platform and railway track.

It is also said that the worker who witnessed this lady died shortly after the incident. But it was reopened in 2009 and after that, there has been no official reports of such incidents. But according to locals, they still feel hesitated to hover around this area.

8. Caobao Road Subway Station – China

Caobao underground station of the Shanghai subway system has a very terrifying image all over the globe. With nine deaths in mysterious circumstances, unexplainable train breakage, dragging of commuters by an inhuman hand are some of the circumstances which have spread a cold breeze among all the commuters.

There have been several reports of unnatural suicides, eerie voices and laughs with no one around. Moreover, existence of a mortuary near to this station adds some fuel to the stories and reports. It is the only reason that it is known as the ‘Ghost Station’ among the locals.

7. Union Station – Phoenix, USA

Until the new airport in 1950s, this station used to be the most important mode of transportation for this city. It was finally closed in 1955 and since then it is used occasionally for the tourist trains only. But the employees working here have come across the haunting of Fred – a name given by maintenance manager. The employees have seen a figure wandering around the station every now and then. There is also a door that opens and closes by itself with no reason and is considered to be done by Fred only.

6. Bishan MRT Station – Singapore

It is built on the site of Bi Shan Teng cemetery. And this has cooked several stories of haunting figures and activities. In the early 1990s, a woman leaving the train fainted and told that she was groped by unseen hands at the exit. Also, maintenance workers have reported headless figures, coffin bearers walking the rail. Also, passengers have heard footsteps on the roof of moving train.

5. Kymlinge Metro Station – Stockholm

In 1970s, a metro line was planned to continue out to Kymlinge but due to some reasons it was not completed and the authorities abandoned the plan for the continuation of metro line. It is assumed that it was due to some supernatural activities and reports. There is a famous saying about this station – “Bara de doda stiger av i Kymlinge”, which means “ only the dead get off at Kymlinge”. Although it was reopened in 1976 but due to the image of a ghost station, it still faces some problems in operation.

4. Addiscombe Railway Station – England

Before its demolition for the new tramline track, the surrounding area at Addiscombe station was plagued by ghosts and haunting figures. It is believed that the ghost of a driver who was killed on this railway line is seen walking among the sheds; specifically around Siding no. 4 where a water boiler exploded in the past.

It is also noticed that the area around this spoiler is colder than other places around. And we know that unnatural cold places indicate the presence of some supernatural presence and the proof of their existence.

3. Waterfront Station – Canada

It is said to be one of the most haunting buildings in Canada. One security guard was reported seeing a woman dressed in 1920s outfit dancing on the music of same era. And when he approached her, she disappeared and music stopped. This is not the only story; another guard came across a ghost of an old woman who reached out to him as he came towards her but he ran away in terror.

These are not all. There have been several other reports of haunting figures walking the rail, unusual loud screams and laughs in the night.

2. Panteones Metro Station – Mexico

What else can you expect from a place whose name means “Graveyard” itself? Yes, name of the station is named so because of the nearby two old cemeteries. This leads to several ghost stories and haunting reports itself.

It is said that in the tunnel between Panteones and Tacuba station, ghosts knock on the walls and disappear when workers approach them. There are several videos as well that show haunting experiences of engineers hearing screams along the tracks after the station closes for the night.

1. Macquarie Fields Train Station – Australia

This station lies in nearly deserted area of South-West Sydney. If stories to be believed, then several people have been reported seeing the ghost of a teenage girl. She walks around screaming and her screams get louder and louder as the night approaches. According to the locals, she sits in the station with blood all over her body, moaning and giving the appearance of not a happy ghost. These speculations have resulted in the investigation by Ghost Haunting Australia who photographed ghostly figures watching them.

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