Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Options & Ideas

Healthy Breakfast

When you are scrambling to get everyone out the door in the morning, a healthy, nutritious breakfast is probably the last thing on your mind. That’s why it’s important to change your mindset and plan ahead. If you have the necessary ingredients in your hand, you are much more likely to follow through and prepare a nutritious breakfast for you and your family.

Here are 10 of our favorite healthy, easy-to-prepare, scrumptious breakfast options. Bon appétit!


When your only option is to drink your breakfast on-the-go, a smoothie is a refreshing, fruit-filled breakfast choice. All you need for this morning favorite is a blender, low-fat or soy milk, frozen fruit, juice and ice. Often when one gets up late, he gets caught up in a dilemma because it’s too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. Not anymore, just add a scoop of whey protein powder in fruit smoothie to help curb your appetite before lunchtime.


Instead of dousing a whole-grain or bran toaster waffle in syrup, cut the sugar and boost the protein and fiber by spreading it with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. You can also sprinkle on 1 tablespoon of raisins, sesame seeds, or extra peanuts for even more fiber, which helps deliver the meal’s nutrients slowly and steadily. Peanut butter includes a lot of proteins and vitamins and contains 0% cholesterol.


A plain cake-style doughnut is usually a better choice than a bakery muffin. At Dunkin’ Donuts, for instance, an old-fashioned doughnut has 280 calories, while a corn muffin has 510 calories. Add fiber by eating ¼ cup of almonds or dried fruit. Instead of coffee, try 8 ounces of low-fat chocolate milk. It has low cholesterol and are high in vitamin d.


Searching for a low-calorie French toast option? So long as you stick with healthy ingredients and toppings, you can savor French toast while watching your waistline. Soaking it in milk and egg and then cooking it, makes a good tasty meal while not wasting any bread. Create your own French toast with whole-grain bread, one egg, low-fat milk, vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon for less than 300 calories. Top with strawberries and blueberries to complete your mouth-watering breakfast!


If you are looking for a healthy way to spice up your breakfast routine, go for a breakfast burrito. Cut the amount of fat and cholesterol by using egg substitutes and veggies instead of sausage and cheese. Gather these ingredients to create your own morning fiesta: Whole-wheat tortillas, egg substitute, salsa, tomatoes, onions and canned corn. And then wrap it up with tortilla to make it a wrap and make it perfect to serve and to eat.


Craving an ooey- gooey breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s? Satisfy your urge with a waistline-friendly version instead. Create your own breakfast sandwich using a whole-grain English muffin, light turkey sausage and reduced-fat cheese. Instead of heavy stuffing you can just add regular stuffs like cheese, tomato and smiles. Pack one in your child’s lunchbox for an easy snack solution, too!


Oatmeal gets a bad rap. But really, it’s anything but. Not only is oatmeal a source of heart-healthy whole grains, but it can also be dressed up to be a tasty morning treat. Top it with strawberries for an extra boost of vitamin C, potassium, iron and folic acid. Or, opt for oatmeal full of flax, blueberries, almonds and honey. Looking for extra flavor? Treat your family to apple cinnamon oatmeal or baked peach oatmeal — salivating yet?


Your kids will love it because it looks like an ice cream sundae. You’ll love it because of its good-for-you ingredients. Break out a sundae glass and full it with low-fat yogurt. You can also put a layer in granola and fresh fruit for a scrumptious breakfast option. Be sure about which yogurt to grab in your grocery’s dairy aisle. Nix them all and make your own to ensure you’re serving the healthiest yogurt to your family.


Do you think the words low-calorie and omeletdon’t go together? Think again. By mixing egg whites, non-fat cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, fresh spinach and a tomato, you can whip up your own healthy, low-carb omelet in no time. Mix it up by substituting fresh or frozen veggies (think carrots, celery, onions and broccoli) or even black beans to create your own delicious start to the day.


The cereal aisle can be a tempting and confusing stop during your trip to the grocery store. Out of all the boxes lining store shelves, how do you select the healthiest cereal for you? According to experts, it’s all about picking a cereal high in fiber and made with whole grains. Research suggests that by adding whole grains to your diet, you’ll reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. If you’re worried about the taste, try pairing your whole-grain cereal with skim or low-fat milk and fresh berries.

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