Top 10 Highly Developed Countries


Citing development of any particular is a very subjective statement, which was no more than just rhetorical proclamations before the time of Roy Harrod. The eminent economist brought into limelight a theory for citing development on terms of economic growth and thereby giving an opportunity to put forward a better picture. And with time, based on these theories and practical theologies, we came up with a more clear vision for quoting development tags on countries – Human Development Index (HDI). It uses an amalgamated figure to mark countries on development levels from low to high. It’s not only based on economic scene of the country but also on life expectancy, education, health facilities, population control and welfare. And far yet, this is the most efficient yet vague title to rate countries. Nonetheless, we provide you the list of developed countries based on these citing which would have otherwise been very difficult tasks to uphold.

10. Sweden (.904)

The country which takes pride in calling itself a socialist and liberal country of European continent, is of size no more than the state of California and contains a population quantity of 9.4 million people led by the Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. It is quite impressive that the Swedish people are counted as one of the happiest in the world withholding a GDP of $36,867, and life expectancy of 80.9 years. And also, it has been taken into account that the poverty and unemployment rates are very low in country. Plus, it’s a tourist location buzz. There you go, Sweden.

9. Germany (.905)

With one of the largest population i.e; 82.2 million in the European grounds, Germany has a large economy given its buzzing capital centre of Berlin. The education provided in Germany is top-notch with 100% attendance rates and literary rates off the charts to 99%. And in addition, we all love German cars, making it compulsive to mention of the bustling German market known for its precedence. It withholds a GDP of $40,631, and carries low poverty and unemployment rates.

8. Liechtenstein (.905)

It is one of the smallest and prosperous countries of the world with a population of around 35,000 people and a mainland of around 160 square kilometres. But even so, its legislative body manages to upraise one of the highest GDP in the world ($41,000) and absolute zero poverty and unemployment rates. It has a very proficient democracy which had very low tax imposed on citizens making it a centre of foreign country investments.

7. Ireland (.908)

With a small population of around 4.5 million, Republic of Ireland stands itself in a democratic parliament. As expected from it, being listed here – it has a whooping literacy rate of 99% along with terrific education ethics and life expectancy that goes all the way upto 78.9 years. It has well reputation for its free press, freedom of speech and sovereignty around financial terms. The country withholds a GDP of $204.87 billion with per capita income of $50,843.

6. Canada (.908)

It is one of the biggest parliamentary monarchs in the world which shares a great contact geographically with United States of America. Queen Elizabeth is the head of the state for this republic. It has a reputation in economic progression staking up a GDP of $1.758 Trillion and per capita income of $52,567. It is strange that the country known for its low taxes and free health care and life expectancy of around 80.7 years has sustained its development quota along the years. Plus, it is also one of the known tourist locations.

5. New Zealand (.908)

New Zealand is a remote nation which accounts as a group of islands. It has a mesmerizing landscape and scenic beauty which attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year. It has a parliamentary monarchy with Queen Elizabeth as their queen. It is one of the finest places to live in and has a strong stability when it comes to political/economic matters. It has a GDP of around $4.3 million. It has out-of-league infrastructure be it in the field of society of economics, has cent per cent literacy rate along with world class education.

4. Netherlands (.910)

As Germany, Netherlands has experienced fair share of financial prosperity in its history which helps to make this country one of the happiest places in world. The country is home to around 16.7 million people who make per capita income of $52,845 and GDP of $842 billion. This legal capital of world has high literacy rates with no unemployment thanks to its world class education standards.

3. United States of America (.910)

We can’t fail to mention the first world country in the list of developed nations – which has gained the status of greatest democracy in the world. The economic history of the nation boosted up in the late Nineteenth and Twentieth Century. It was the post World War scenario, in which the state saw an opportunity of an epoch of Capitalism which helped them gain a GDP of $14 trillion.

2. Australia (.929)

The realm of Australia – an island which is continent in itself is ranked one of the highest developed due to its high standards in quality life and financial stability. It has the 13th largest economy around the globe if we talk GDP, and it comes down to 5th while considering per capita income. Plus, the country shares a high reputation in its literacy rates, unemployment reduction along with life expectancy.

1. Norway (.943)

Norway is by far the best place one can imagine to live in, with peaceful static standards in everything remotely connected with quality of life, edification, authority or economic sovereignty. Fairly stated, country has no poverty and meagre unemployment rates that contribute to make the residents happiest. It stands out to be a universal ideal as a society with such an advanced schooling, security and healthcare.

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