Top 10 Home Computer Money Making Ideas (Online Business)

Online Business Ideas

Well, all of us would love to make money sitting at home, especially the college students and the homemakers. I know, how difficult it is to make a living on the pocket money that dad gives. However, here are some ways in which you can have some extra pocket money with little more effort. And, for the homemakers, why don’t just try and get your shopping done yourself, this time. All you need is a personal computer or laptop, sometimes a net connection and the will to do it. You can chose the one that matches your skill.

10. Typing jobs

Many a companies need people for typing the contents that they have. Actually, the companies have the material; all they need is just people to type that in MS-word. It may be for the eBooks or whatsoever. Often they give you the pictures from where you can copy, the time limit and the number of pages, you have to write and need some accuracy. If you complete the work, you may get a handsome amount. Just be smart enough to find out they are not fraudulent.

9. Translation

English is the universal language, but there are around 6500 languages more. Well, all you need o do is translate a text from a language to the other. You need to be proficient in the language and for everything else, there is Google. It can help you a lot to an extent. Translators are paid really well.

8. Photoshop

It is really in demand. All you need is to have command over Photoshop and photo editing. Many might think photo editing is simple but you need to have mastery over it, and really dedicated to have strong hold over the subject. Along with this you need creativity, along with technical proficiency. You can then make money in number of ways, like creating video tutorials, writing photoshop tutorials, creating tutorial site and earning through advertising, starting a photo editing service and etc.

7. Web Development

The field is extending day by day. To the beginners, I would advice to join some tutorial or class so as to gain more about the concept. It is important and really important to be proficient at it all. Well, once you have gained the knowledge about the subject, you can start. To start it, you can go for freelancing, make tutorials for others, just like blogging, or you can develop word press theme and sell them. The other requisites for this may include Photoshop, html, Css, Php, JavaScript etc.

6. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. There are many jobs and internships available for the SEO reviewer. You only need to have good research skills and analytical skills. You may need an antivirus software and you may have to visit sites that you are not interested even, such as pornography.

5. Social Media marketing

Well, it is a method of gaining popularity and marketing through social media sites such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc. the activity involves sharing of images, videos, content for marketing purpose. You need to have good links, good communication skills and smart mind to execute the tasks. Often such jobs are performance based.

4. Tutoring

This is one of my favorites. For those who possess knowledge, love teaching but avoid hectic schedules of school and all, it is a great opportunity. In this, you just have to teach a single person over Skype or video call. In addition, you can for pre recorded sessions, which is preferred by many online coaching.

3. Domain Name Flipping

It can be one of the lucrative ways making money at home. It is just like buying something, renovating it and selling for higher prices. The ?something’ here refers to domain. You buy an old domain, the ones which are poorly maintained or unused or both. With little more efforts you update the site, make it more user friendly, more business oriented, and more attractive, and sell for higher price.

2. Blogging and writing skills

Anybody can be a blogger, all you need is just to have passion for things and words to that all down. Well, the key here is advertisements that are posted in your blogs. Go as such: start a blog, and sign up for services like Google AdSense. The more time the readers click on those ads, you are paid. Well, tis was about blogging. You can also write articles and get paid. Many websites hire people for writing and pay them as well.

1. Freelancing

Well, freelancing is a great idea for those who do not want to be bound by anybody and prefer having small projects. There are numerous projects you can get such as blogging, content writing, drawing, graphic designing, programming, editing, web development, data entry etc. you can get good pay for the same as well.

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