Most Dangerous Sports

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports In The World

Sports are all forms of physical activities (usually competitive) which, provides entertainment to participants and spectators, and aims on the maintenance or improvement of the physical ability and skills of the participant. However, sometimes this entertainment is quite tough for some people and they always want to try something new to amuse themselves and others.

Literally, there is a large number of people who like to endanger their lives and are ready to risk it anytime for fun. There are so many fatal accidents caused at every second all around the world during some incredible sport. These injuries include fracture, brain traumatic injury, spinal cord injury, lung and heart trauma, strains and sprains and many others.

People who find normal daily sporting dull and boring always discover new dodgy ways to keep themselves busy.


Most Dangerous Sports

This is a list of ten such implausible sports, which would make you hold your hearts.

10. Big Wave Surfing

Big wave surfing is not surfing over big waves, but surfing under ginormous tides. Experienced surfers use unique surfboards known as ‘towboards’ or ‘guns’ depending on the technique used by them and the size of the waves. This is one of the wicked games of which various championships takes place all over the world each year. In a big wave wipeout, waves can push the surfers down 20 to 50 feet below the surface. The pressure of water currents under such depths can cause fatal injuries to the surfer. Surfers may have less than 20 seconds to attain the equilibrium, once they start spinning and the other wave hits them.

9. Street Luging

Now known as “laydown skateboarding”. This modified version of skating was born in California, when people find out that they could reach bottom of the hill by greater speeds by lying on their skateboards. This is a extreme gravity power activity and totally depends on the riders’ ability to keep his body in equilibrium. The winner is decided on the maximum speed, riders maintain to cross the finish line. The U.S. Skateboard Association in Signal Hill, California held the first official street luging race in 1975. This game has taken a thousand of riders to the hospital because of various grave accidents.

8. Bull Running

The origin of the sport comes from the need of transporting the animal from the off-site corrals to the bullring, where they would be killed by the evening. According to the Spain tradition, it started in 14th century in the Northeastern Spain. It involves running in front of the group of bulls (typically 12), participant should be above the age of 18 because of higher safety risks and should run in the same direction as of the bulls. Its record-keeping started in 1910 and since then around 15 people were killed due to goring.

7. Sky Diving

Parachuting or Sky Diving is also a gravity power activity. This unusual sport is now also used by military to save aircrews from emergencies aboard balloons and aircraft in flight, and as a way of delivering soldiers to the battlefield. The practitioner leaves the aircraft from space and comes down for several minutes free falling, and slows his speed in the last part of the descent by using a parachute. Skydivers also practice different kinds of formations like hybrid while sky diving.

6. B.A.S.E. Jumping

This is a minimized version of aircraft skydiving. Participants here fall with a parachute from fixed objects. B.A.S.E. refers to Buildings, Antenna, Span and Earth (cliff), these are the four categories of fixed objects for the sport. Base-jumping is considered more dangerous than sky diving because the distance one needs to reach the ground safely after free fall is less and chances of the person to strike the ground with deadly force is very high.

5. Ice Hockey

As its name suggests, it is hockey played on ice, in this game two teams of skaters use sticks to shoot a hard rubber hockey puck into their opponent’s net to score points. It is a sport totally depending on the physical contact between the players who move at around 30-40 Km/h speed and carries a high risk of injury on the friction-less ice.

4. MotorCycle Racing

This is one of the most dangerous motor vehicle sport. In this game, the player or the rider has to do nothing but maintain his equilibrium on the motorbike while riding at an extremely high speed. Rider needs to deal with all the obstacles in his path during the race including rocks, sudden bends and bugs on his helmet screen. The Isle of Man TT Event is the deadliest example and more than 300 fatal accidents are recorded since then.

3. Cave Diving

Underwater diving in caves with at least partially filled water is so much dangerous that experienced affords little protection. Even a successful dive is considered the one where the divers have returned safely and more than 500 deaths are recorded until date from 1960s. The hazards include, the heavy setups, which divers carry on their backs, wild animals in the caves, freezing temperature and low visibility conditions.

2. Equestrianism

Horseback riding or equestrianism was not originally a sport but horses were used for police work or to control the herd animals on a ranch, and mainly as a means of transport. Man has always been curious to know that which horse is the fastest, which started the trend of horseracing. Equestrianism was included in the Olympic Games in 1900, and various types of horse races were added in the future. This is considered one of the most dangerous frequently performed sport because around 700-800 racehorses die every year along with many riders.

“Even winners lose in horse races”

1. Football

You must be thinking that why football is on this list and that too on number 1! Therefore, the answer to the question is that, children and adults can be seen playing football in almost every playground, but it is far much dangerous than other sports mentioned on the list. It is the top scorer when it comes to the injuries by sport. In the last 4 years, around 27 football players have died during the game, which is more than the number of deaths in any sport.

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