Top 10 Intelligent Shopping Tips

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, there are some things that should always be kept in mind whenever you go out to purchase things. Many times we end up buying things which we don’t really want – and they end up in the back of our closets! So much money and time spent on things you didn’t want in the first place! That’s why it’s always better to make up your mind before you go anywhere so that you can make an informed choice and not regret any of your purchases.

Here’s a list of things to be kept in mind before you end up spending your money buying unnecessary things.

10. Prepare a list

Never go to a store without a list of things that you want to purchase. It’s advised to prepare a list before you leave your house – write down all the things that come to your mind over the course of two or three days, so that you purchase the items in one go, and select a day when you’re free and then go shopping. Although making a list might seem insignificant, it does help a lot. Our mind wanders away when we’re at the store and forget to buy things which are important and we end up with products which we didn’t want in the first place.

9. Shop with a fresh mind

If you’re tired, hungry, drowsy, angry etc. then it’s better to not shop. You might’ve noticed sometimes – whenever you’re hungry and are at the supermarket, you end up buying too many food items. It is because at that time you feel that you’ll be able to eat all that! However, once you reach home and have your food, you realize you wasted a lot of money on things which you didn’t want. Similarly, when you’re angry or not feeling your best, you end up buying a number of clothes to make yourself feel better – and by the time you reach home you start regretting your purchases. That’s why it’s always best to go shopping when you’re at your best.

8. Set a time frame

We can spend hours at the mall or the supermarket without purchasing even a single thing. I’m sure a lot of us are asked why we only came back with a single carry bag when we were out for more than 5 hours! That is just an indication that you’re probably not a good shopper. Always allot yourself time. For example, tell yourself that within one hour you’re supposed to checkout 3 stores and purchase food items within half an hour. It helps to manage time and also allows us to focus as well. Our mind won’t wander if we know we are under a time limit.

7. Set a budget

Never ever go out for shopping without setting a budget first. We all are aware how distracted we can be when we spot offers and discounts. If you set five hundred rupees as your budget for grocery shopping then when you reach the store, you’ll know that you have to shop within limit. It eliminates the unnecessary purchases that you were planning to do and you only end up buying things that you ACTUALLY want.

6. Compare prices

If you’re buying electronics, be it TV, washing machine, refrigerator, gaming console etc. it’s best if you first do your research and then purchase the item. It is because a lot of companies as well as stores (online as well as offline) offer great discounts and offers which might benefit you. For example, an online store might be offering 5000 rupees off on a smartphone you want, but at the same time some other shop might be selling free accessories like branded earphones with the same phone. So it’s better to know your options before purchasing such goods.

5. Carry a spacious handbag

If you’re going to a flea market or thrift shopping, then it’s best to carry a spacious bag with yourself. Generally these kind of shops provide you with plastic carry bags and it becomes difficult to carry so many while shopping. Hence a big bag is a must if you are planning to visit such markets.

4. Don’t always go during the sale season

A lot of times we make the mistake of going only during the sale season. Yes, you do save a lot of money but at times the deals offered by the store aren’t that good, although they make it seem like it. They usually sell old products or clothes in sale. The whole aim of a store to put up discounts is to clear the old stock so that they can bring in the new one. So buy wisely when the sale season is on.

3. Ask yourself ‘Do I really need this?

Many times we end up buying things which we don’t need at all. We waste so much money on it. That’s why it is very important to ask yourself whether you really want the product or not.

2. Don’t go when it’s overcrowded

Shopping on Saturdays and Sundays is a bit of a challenge. With so many people swarming like flies in every possible store, it becomes difficult to actually look for the things you want to buy. Hence it’s best if you go and shop on weekdays so that you can relax and check the product you are buying.

1. Always carry cash

Keeping debit cards and credit cards is okay, but one must always carry cash too. There are shops which only accept cash, and sometimes you have to buy things which are priced below five hundred rupees. Not only that, paying for insignificant things like car parking etc. also requires that you always carry cash with yourself at all times.

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