Junk Food

Top 10 Junk Food Youngsters Love To Eat

Junkies are the things which can make you hungry anytime, anywhere. At times just the name or smell of them is the reason behind your adverse appetite. No matter whether it’s your boring never-ending lecture, your so tidy and strict workplace, midnight or party you can’t resist to get a bite of these cuisines. They are economical and taste delicious so they do not burn holes in your pocket. They are refreshing and help in filling of the tummy fully. There are loads of franchises selling them worldwide and are also available in college or companies cafeteria.


Junk Food List

Here is a list of some of the mouth-watering junk foods:


Burgers officially named as Hamburgers is actually a sandwiched cheese, beef or veggies between sliced buns. So who in this 21st century doesn’t love cheesy Mc.Donald burgers? Obviously none whom I know of. Not only are they available in Restaurants but also along various roadside vendors, canteens, cafeterias and food joints too. Even when you are in haste you can grab them easily and satisfy your hungry stomach. They are easy to munch on your way.


One of the Chinese greatest food known as noodles or chowmein has now become the world’s favorite cuisine. You can never be in denial for eating a bowl of noodles kept in front of you. Being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian is never a problem, you can easily avail any of your choice from various food joints. There are even several renowned franchises of restaurants having at most hundred varieties of noodles cooked in their kitchen. They are available at reasonable price. You can try it with curry or even you can go with chilly paneer or Manchurian. You should try Singapore noodles, Hakka noodles and Vegetable noodles. They taste yummy.


You here the word ‘pizza’ and there you are thinking about all the delicious melted cheese, veggies and sauces. Here you have various outlets of Dominos and Pizza Hut in most of the cities. Pizza plazas are one the places people generally prefer to stuff their mouth because pizzas are reasonable and can be easily shared among two or three people. When the dinner turns out to be bizarre you can always count on pizza delivery as they are fast and good. The toppings are always mouth-watering. You can definitely go for a pizza treat because whether it’s a kid or your uncle everybody just loves pizzas.


Momos are also known as dimsums or jiaozi. They originated from Tibet where the stuffing is mainly of beef. But here in India, you get to either of the veggie stuffing or chicken stuffing with the red hot chilly spicy sauce. It is steamed and sometimes fried too. It is of low calories and good in taste. So health-conscious people can always grab some of them. There are easily available at roadside vendors and even in restaurants too.


Pasta also known as Macaroni is a native food of Italy. But the original Italian pasta is a lot different from the one we eat in India. It is made from purpose flour. Now a days it is found all over the world. They can be made fresh at home or can be bought from store. They are available in various shapes and sizes. As we all know people are very lazy these days so they can easily go for pasta as it is easy to cook. It tastes really yummy if loads of cheese and sauces are there in it.


Though it is a noodle which cooks in two minutes yet it is well known across India as Maggi. Youngsters love to eat it very much. Maggi acts as a savior at night when their stomach growls due to hunger. Easy to cook and good in taste. Various Maggi stalls are found in streets as roadside vendors. They make from Malaysian Maggi to Masala Maggi.

You can never leave the bowl of slurping noodles.


Delicious Chilli Potatoes is an Indian adaptation of a Chinese recipe. Everybody loves to eat the irresistible honey chili potato. They are served hot and are really spicy. Even the smell of it can make you crave for a bite of it. They are basically French fries cooked in Chinese sauce base. They are available at various outlets and are economical.


Kati Roll is an Indian form of a wrap. You can find these easily anywhere in India (especially North India) from local street vendors to high-end restaurants. Normally Kati Rolls are made with marinated chicken or vegetables cooked on a skillet and then served with some green chutney wrapped in parathas. It tastes divine and is a great Indian fast food. They are spicy and taste marvelous. There are different varieties of rolls such as Achari Paneer Tikka Roll, Chicken Tikka Roll, Shami Kebab Roll, etc.


Sandwiches are easy to cook and taste delicious. You can grab some of them and can easily munch them down the streets on your way to school or college. They basically contain a lot of cheese and are stuffed with either meat or green vegetables. They are available at various roadside vendors, canteen and cafeteria too. There are different varieties of them.


Deep-fried or baked everybody loves to eat sealed packet chips. Even half of it is filled with air, no one cares about it. They taste really good when crunched in mouth with either cold drinks or hot tea. Lays is one of the biggest firms which produces different flavors of chips from Spanish, American, Italian to Hyderabad, south Indian, magic masala etc. When you are with your friends then a packet of it goes away in a minute.

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