Top 10 Martial Arts From Outside The Orient

    Martial Arts

    As soon as the word ‘martial arts’ pops, we mostly think of some Chinese- Japanese guys wearing white robes. But Martial arts is a much wider concept. It is prevalent in many forms in different parts of the world. The unusual thing is that most people are not aware about these forms of martial arts.

    Here is a list of Top 10 martial arts from the outside the orient.

    10. Highland Wrestling

    Scott people are known for their aggressive fighting style. But only a few people know about their acute martial art skills. Highland wrestling is the initial form of fighting taught to young lads in Scotland. Even English knights were said to be astonished by the fighting dexterity of Scott men who were skilled in highland wrestling. It is said to be a highly skillful and dexterous form of martial arts.

    9. Pankration

    Pankration was a part of the ancient Greek Olympics. It is remembered as an extremely brutal sport that allowed anything from groin kicks to eye punches. It was quite often for participants to have their body parts broken. The intention of the game was to gear up the participants for military services. Even today many people from Greece practice the form of martial arts. It has great historical significance.

    8. European fencing

    During the 14th and 15th century, swordsmanship was a must know skill for all men. Fencing is a very graceful and elegant form of martial arts and is a sign of royalty. The foot work required and the level of awareness that it involves makes it equivalent to any difficult form of martial arts. Different areas in Europe had different fencing techniques. One of the most popular fight forms in the whole Europe.

    7. Apache Knife fighting

    The apache people used knives for a lot of purposes- hunting, extracting but only a few people know about their knife fighting skills. They were known to carry more than a dozen knives per person and during a brawl they used to throw these knives with precise accuracy. US Navy Seals are known to learn Apache knife fighting techniques and are thus known as the best knife fighters of the world.

    6. Sambo

    Sambo is a modern form of martial arts that involves self defense techniques. It is considered as an official sport by the Soviet union and USSR. There are three forms of Sambo- sports sambo: it includes some sort of martial arts that resembles wrestling and judo. Combat Sambo- Combat Sambo is basically used for military purposes. And freestyle sambo that is run by the American Sambo association.

    5. Nguni Stick fighting

    The Zulu’s epic fighting skill is an offspring of the legendary Nguni stick fighting. In this brutal form of martial arts, fighters strike each other with freshly cut stick with only a small shield to protect themselves. Though it doesn’t hurt the body on the long term, Nguni Stick fighting involve extremely painful whacks on the body. South African hero Nelson Mandela claimed to indulge in Stick fighting as a kid.

    4. Krav Maga

    The brutal art of fighting in Israel developed at the street. It was used by Jewish people to defend themselves against people from anti-Jewish gang. Krav Maga is different from other forms of martial arts in a away that Krav Maga intends to end the fight as soon as possible. It is reserved for police forces and US military personals.

    3. Jeet kune Do

    Many regard Jeet Kune do as an Asian martial art but it was actually developed in America. It was developed by Bruce Lee who loved the simplicity of western fighting forms such as Boxing and Wrestling. Jeet kune do involves basic moves of martial arts and have been used by many celebrity friends of Bruce Lee.

    2. Savate

    Originated in France during the nineteenth century, Savate is a form of street fighting in which you try to hit the opponent on the head. Savate actually means ‘old shoe’. It consists of hard kicks on the head of the opponent with an intention to knock him down. It is a very famous form of fighting still practiced in France.

    1. Capoeira

    Capoeira is a fusion of dance and combat practiced in Brazil. One of the most beautiful forms of fighting, Capoeira fights play to a music and involve kicks and blows that resemble many forms of martial arts. It was used by the African slaves to protect themselves. Once the king abolished it, secret Capoeira games were held in brazil. To this day, Capoeira is an extremely popular fighting-dance art in Brazil.

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