Medical Miracles

Top 10 Medical Miracles That Actually Happened

Emergencies never come after knocking your door. Sometimes the scale of emergency is small but sometimes it can go to a higher scale. We have seen a lot of lives that are lost due to medical emergencies. There can different situations in which the life of your loved one is at stake but all you can do is to pray for a miracle to happen. Miracle happens very rarely but when they happen it left you surprised.


Medical Miracles

Here are the top 10 miracles that happened in the medical field and saved a lot of lives.

10. Teen Lived without a heart

Heart is the most essential organ that is required for the survival of a human being. A minor disturbance in the normal functioning of heart can lead to many critical problems. You would be surprised to know that there is a teen that lived for 118 days without a heart. Fourteen years old D’Zhana Simmons was in need of a heart transplant due to her abnormally large sized heart. Doctors arranged the heart but the transplant failed and they had to remove it. Another heart could be arranged but doctors did not give up. They came up with a solution and designed two artificial pumps that circulated blood continuously in the body of that child. After 118 days a second heart was arranged and transplanted successfully.

9. Survives a fall from 47 storeys

There is a 50% risk of death if someone falls from 4 storeys but there is a man who has survived the fall from 47 storeys. While washing the windows, 47 years old Moreno fell from a 47 storeys sky scrapper. In this accident, his brother died and he went to coma for three weeks but suddenly on the Christmas day, Moreno showed the signs of consciousness and started talking. Within a month his condition improved and he was discharged from the hospital.

8. Brain fixed using superglue

The seventeen months old Ella was born with a rare malformation due to which a high pressure is created inside the veins of her brains. As a result of which blood leaks in her brain. In medical terms it is known as aneurysms, doctors came up with an amazing idea and used a special type of superglue to fix the tiny holes in her brain’s blood vessels. Although she would not be able to live a healthy and long life but this extraordinary surgery has contributed to reducing her sufferings to a very large extent.

7. Tooth implantation gave vision

42 years Martin Jones lost his eyesight due to an accident at work. He consulted his doctors and doctors came up with a risky idea of implanting a living tooth into his eyes to hold a new lens. They were not sure about the operation but it was successful and Martin regained his sight and came out from the world of darkness.

6. Screws fixed the detached skull

32 years Shannon Malloy met a car accident in which her skull was separated from her spine. She was shifted to the emergency ward where an extraordinary surgery took place. Doctors used screws to attach her skull and spine. Five screws were drilled into her neck and four into her head that stabilizes the two. It was a very tough operation because her neck went off about 5 times during the time of operations. Her loved ones call her survival a miracle and she is still fighting to regain her health.

5. Electrodes woke a man after 6 years

A fatal car accident left a man into the state of coma for about 6 years. He was not able to swallow, talk or make any movement. One day the doctor decided to implant electrodes into his brain in order to stimulate the thalamus which is an important part of brain for the sensory functions. As soon as the electrodes were implanted in his brain the man was able to talk, feed himself and interact. This decision of his doctor gave him life and it is no less than a miracle.

4. Rods holding the model’s body

17-year-old Katrina Burgess met a serious car accident that broke her neck, back, pelvis, legs and several ribs. No one believed that she would be able to walk again in her life. Doctors were also not sure about the surgery but they gave it a try. They inserted several rods to tie up her body and one day after the surgery he was able to take her first step. It took 5 months to recover and she was again signed by a modeling agency.

3. Survived from the steel rod

Phineas Gage was a foreman of a construction group working on a railway line but due to an explosion at the site, a 3 ft and 7 inches long steel rod entered into his head through his cheek and exited from the top of his head. Doctors performed a successful surgery and removed the rod from his head. The man survival is no less than a miracle.

2. Football’s player spinal injury

In the first match of NFL’s 2009 season, Buffalo Bills and Kevin Everett were tacking each other. But the tackle proved to be the end of match as well as the end for Everett. Everett suffered from the catastrophic spinal injury and was not able to feel and move his body below the neck. There are very rare chances that the victim would be able to walk again but the doctors did a miraculous job and Everett was able again n his feet.

1. Laser operation in the womb

Shannon and Mike were expecting twins but the doctor advised them to terminate one of the chid because they were diagnosed with twin to twin syndrome in which the twins are attached through blood vessels. Although they did not want it but decided to terminate the weaker child but then the miracle took place their doctor came up with the idea of laser surgery inside the womb which burnt the blood vessels that were connecting the two children. The good news was that the surgery was successful and the mother was able to give birth to both the twins.

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