Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of

Tourist Scams

Tourism is one of the most flourishing businesses for all the countries are it developed or developing nation. Most of the countries like New York, India, China, Japan and England etc. are the countries which have rich heritage and a golden history which most of the people all around the world are interested to see and experience. Whereas other nations such as Australia and Las Vegas have a highly developed culture and rich luxurious places which attracts tourists from all over the world. But tourism has its own pros and cons as some localities see tourists as a mode of income since they can be easily fooled as they are new to the country or the city.

Here we are going to discuss ten most common scams which the tourists may have to face.

10. Fake Officials

There comes situation when a tourist seeks help and for that he looks for the officials around. But as it is very easy for local people to understand who is new and who is old they take advantage of that; and as the tourist approaches any one they fake their identity and become what the tourists asks for. For an instance if tourists seek help they will become policemen and ask them to come with them. By bluffing tourists they take them to outskirts and rob them. Therefore for a tourist it is very important to ask for identity proof then take any further step.

9. Pick Pocketing/Robbing

This is the major problem faced by tourists. They are easy targets for robbers since it is quite obvious that they must be carrying more cash and other valuable stuffs such cameras, costly gadgets and cell phones. Although localities also face such problems but tourists are more prone to these since they are not aware of the conditions and circumstances of other countries. Also, they do not know who to ask help for because of “fake official scam”.

8. Fake Charity Petition

This is the very common instance which is faced by almost every tourist. The people who are involved in such activities carry a pay slip which shows that it belongs to some trust and on the name of that they ask for a heavy amount from tourists which they give in sympathy. Tourists are fooled because if they actually want to donate to some charity they can visit some by searching about it on internet. Instead if someone asks for some cash in name of a charity, you can search about it on internet and if you feel like, only then pay.

7. Astraying Tourists

Local people seek opportunities to fool them or charge them unnecessarily to take them from one place to another. They astray them at times just to show that they have travelled a large distance to take them to their spot, henceforth ask for heavy amount. With high technology you are just a few finger points away from the information, make use of it and prioritize yourself first.

6. Ill-Treating (Racism)

For countries like India, Australia, South Africa and other such countries people are very much into racism and sexism. In India, people don’t even respect their own citizens. For instance, south Indians hold a grudge for North Indians and especially the East Indians and the pass racial comments by calling their community ‘chinkees’. When people travel to other countries, they are seen and stared by the local people as if they are some aliens. The ladies are teased in the local languages which makes them very uncomfortable.

5. Non-Cooperation From Localities

This is problem which arises due to language problem and mainly faced in reasons like union territories. There are people who tend to help those who are aware of their local language and the tourists are not aware of those, they tend to overlook them or try to misguide them from their path.

4. Overpriced Travelling Expense

This is one the major problem faced by a tourist. Travelling is the thing which is part and parcel of a tourist. Taxi drivers ask for extra money than the actual fare from the tourists for a small distance and they try to take long route to get to the destination so that they can charge more from the passenger.

3. Overpriced Hotel Rooms

First thing which a tourist looks for is a place to stay and for that he calls up to the brokers and other vendors. Brokers lure the tourists by telling that they can help them getting a room at affordable prices, therefore they take them to hotels which give them the commission to get more tourist. The middle person charges the tourists as well. Generally the hotels have a separate price rates for tourists.

2. Cheat Tourist Travelling Packages

There are some tourist companies who offer a day trip to all the monuments and the famous places in the city. They just take them to a few place as per their convenience and fool them that they have visited all the heritages.

1. Making Meter Run Fast

This is the most critical scams which a tourist faces in every country. They are not aware of the places and other spots where they want to go and for that they hire taxi’s and auto rickshaw which agrees to go on meter price but from behind they run their meters fast from usual and from this they take high fares from the tourist and they are not even aware that they have been cheated.

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