Medical Breakthroughouts

Top 10 Most Effective Medical Breakthroughouts In Medical History

Technology is increasing with each passing day. This rapidly increasing technology has promoted countless discoveries. We all know that day-by-day diseases are getting complex. To treat these complex diseases, life saving treatments is required. Today scientists and doctors have invented many vaccinations, cures and treatments to save people from these life-threatening diseases. Here we have the list of- top 10 biggest medical breakthroughs of human history. This is a very knowledgeable article and this will let you know the heights where technology has reached.


10. HIV

The Human Immuno- deficiency Virus is a virus, which causes AIDS. We all are aware of AIDS, it is a very harmful diseases and it is very difficult to cure this disease. HIV is a self-replication virus, which causes the human immune system to fail. Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo discovered this virus in the era of 1980’s. No scientific procedure has been developed, to cure this virus. Scientists and doctors are still trying hard to find a solution, which can eliminate the side effects of this virus. But they have invented many therapies to treat this virus. HIV positive people can now lead a normal life with the help of a medication course. With the help of these medications, a HIV positive woman can give birth to a completely healthy baby. Scientists will soon find a proper cure for this disease.

8. Vitamins

Vitamins are the most important ingredient, our body need to stay fit. For the proper intake of all vitamins you need to take care of your diet. But in a busy schedule it becomes difficult to take a better care of your diet. Medical science has made it easier to intake all the vitamins without considering any diet chart. There are many diseases, which occur because of the deficiency of a particular vitamin. Doctors have invented vitamin supplements, which can help you in maintaining all the vitamins in your body.

8. X-rays

William Conrad discovered X-ray while performing one of his experiment in Germany. This ray was unknown and so it was named as X-ray. Through this ray, the concept of radiology aroused. With help of X rays, doctors were able to get the radio graphs of human body.

7. Blood Circulatory Systems

The blood circulatory system in human body is also called as cardiovascular system. Ibn al-Nafis was an Arabian physician, who was the first one to understand the human bold circulatory system correctly. He is also known as the father of circulatory physiology. After his description, William Harvey gave a detailed description about the circulatory system. This innovation helped in understanding the behavior of our body. the detailed description helped in curing many of the medical problems.

6. DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a very important part of a human body. It is a molecule, which contains the genetic information of a human. A Swiss physician named Friedrich Miesher discovered the DNA and named it as nuclein. After his discovery, many other scientists researched on nuclein and found many new things. Francis Crick and James Watson gave the exact description of DNA. With the increasing technology, the application of DNA has also increased. DNA is used in many places like Forensic, genetic engineering, information storage, anthropology, bioinformatics, and DNA nanotechnology.

5. Anaesthetics

Anaesthesia is a very important innovation in medical history. This is something, which doctors use in almost every operation. The use of anaesthesia has made all the surgeries easier. Before the invention of anaesthesia, surgeries were not easy. Patients have to undergo unbearable pain.

4. Insulin

Insulin is another very important discovery in medical history. The secretion of insulin occurs in pancreas. The secretion of insulin helps in regulating carbohydrates and enhancing the fat metabolism in human body. The amount insulin should be in a particular amount. Hypo-secretion of insulin can lead to diabetes. Frederick Banting discovered the mechanism of insulin. Insulin has a wide application in medical world. Many diseases are treated with the help of insulin. Almost all the cases of diabetes are with the help of insulin.

3. Germ Theory

Germ theory is one among the most famous discovery in the history of medical science. This discovery was done by a French scientists named Louis Pasteur. This discovery pointed to the reason, why diseases actually occur. This theory emphasized the need of hygiene and cleanliness. Because of the discovery of germ theory, the concept of sterilization came into play.

2. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to treat all the infections. The need of antibiotics aroused after the invention of germ theory. Almost every disease comes with a particular type of infection. And the side effects of these infections can be reversed with the help of antibiotics. The use of antibiotics inhibits the multiplication of bacteria inside the human body.

1. Vaccinations

Vaccinations are one among the most important thing, which can save you from life threatening diseases. Vaccination is injected into the human body in an early age so that it can fight the germs of a particular disease.

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