Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World

Painful Diseases

There are an endless number of diseases in the world, some known others unknown. None of them are good, that’s why they are called dis-ease. There are some diseases which cause excruciating pain, which seems intolerable. Others have a milder effect and can be treated with time and correct medication.

Here is a list of 10 most painful diseases in the world most of which are rated above 10 by people from 1 to 10 :

10. Spinal Cord Injury

The symptoms of spinal cord injury vary greatly according to the extent of damage and the place where the damage is caused. There can be a lot of pain and in severe cases it can result in paralysis. The spinal cord is the connecting link between body and brain, it is actually an extension of the brain.

9. Cramps

Cramps may seen as harmless things, but a person who experiences them frequently knows how dreadful it is. Cramps are sudden and severe which are caused by muscle contraction. They can last a few seconds or minutes, but the pain makes it impossible to do something else. The person just waits for it to end. The muscular tissue aches a bit after the cramp is over too.

8. Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are known by a really less amount of population. The people who suffer from cluster headaches define it as worse than anything. You tell them the worst thing that can happen and they will still mention this thing as worse than that.

As the name suggests the headaches occur in clusters. They can reoccur many times a day and can last for minutes to hours. People say it feels like someone is drilling holes into your brain.

7. Dercum’s disease

It is just not the excessive deposition of fat as it seems, it is the deposition of fat which causes pain due to compression of surrounding nerves. The pain increases with increase in the amount of fat deposition. Thus, we can conclude that the underlying fat is not always harmless.

6. Frozen shoulder

Inflammation is caused which prevents the joint from moving. Thus, the routine works are halted and the pain does not let you move your hand at all. With passing of time, the shoulder becomes really hard to move. There is less fluid, hence causes problem in rotation of the shoulder. The capsule is swollen which causes friction between the two surfaces.

5. Fibromyalgia

There is musco skeletal pain is caused as the pain is amplified in this condition. There is unbearable pain in different parts of the body. There are a lot of other symptoms associated with the disease which aggravate the condition more.

4. Kidney Stones

When body does not get enough water, kidney stones are formed by accumulation of crystals. The size of stones varies greatly. The stones cause a lot of pain. Passing kidney stones are even more painful and may temporarily harm the surrounding tissues. They can be removed from drinking excessive water to surgery, depending upon the condition.

3. Bone Fracture

Bone fractures displace bones from their original place causing adjacent nerves and muscles to pain because of dislocation. The pain can also be because of the excessive internal bleeding. Any movement of the affected body part can result in aggravation of the pain many folds.

2. Burns

Burns are experienced by everyone some or the other time. But sometimes the burns are deep or are caused on a large surface area. If someone unintentionally touches the place , the skin tends to come out like hot polythene. The body burning causes a lot of pain. When the wound is cleaned it causes much more pain every now and then. Till the wound heals the pain has to be dealt with everyday. There are chances of infection in the burnt place if proper care of the wound is not taken.

1. E bola hemorrhagic fever

It is caused by Ebola virus resulting in fever, headaches and other symptoms. With time internal and external bleeding of the body starts. The liver and kidney start to function less simultaneously. It is spread through body fluids and is the most dreaded disease in the present scenario. No specific cure is available till date.

It’s always better to be safe. Diseases are prevalent all over the world, but it does not mean you are prone to every existing disease. Most of the diseases are tackled by the person’s immune system. For the other diseases it is better to take some precautions.

Follow these set of instructions to prevent your body from diseases as far as you can :

  1. Maintain hygienic situations around you and keep yourself clean.
  2. Prevent misshappenings by being alert.
  3. Keep a check on your diet.
  4. Go for health checkups regularly.
  5. Stay aware . The more you are aware about things , the less are chances of you taking wrong decisions in health matters.
  6. Stay Healthy! Stay fit! Stay happy!

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