Top 10 Most Weird Professions

Most of us, as kids, like to dream of becoming a great doctor, pilot or writer etc. some day. By the end of graduation, we get more and more concerned about our future. Making the right career choice is the only major preoccupation that we seem to have. While most of us eye for the conventional jobs that maintain certain standard in the society, there are people who end up getting jobs which we haven’t even heard of! We bring you world’s top 10 most bizarre job listings. Read on!



Bored of sharpening your pencils again and again? Professional pencil sharpening enterprises will surely be of help! The professional’s task is to whittle the pencils to perfection and return to the owner in special protective packaging!
(David Rees of Artisanal Pencil Sharpening is one such example!)


In this era, the domain of modeling is not confined to merely those who are charming or utterly beautiful. Modelling can be your cup of tea too if you have perfect hands, or bold and beautiful eyes or long, glossy hair! Body part modeling is just about all this. All you need to do is flaunt the body part that you feel is an asset for you. Hands, legs, lips and hair are the most frequently required body parts in this field.


Now this job is surely one of those that will land you in ‘sticky’ situations everyday!

Consuming chewing gums has become a mundane habit which is accounting for ‘chewing gum’ pollution in the cities. Yes, we are talking about those gross situations when you accidentally sit on a gum, or it gets stuck on your shoe, or even worse, hair!
This is where gum busters come to our rescue. Their job is to remove these chewing gums from all unwanted places like footpaths, underside of desks, park benches etc. They make sure that we don’t end up in a yucky situation at public places and make the city cleaner and better!


“Let’s name her I am so confused!”

Naming their bundle of joy can be one of those tasks that make new mommies and daddies really uptight! But thanks to baby name consultants, you can keep all your baby-naming worries at bay. These professionals are ‘expert’ in their field and can suggest names for your new born effectively. Their profession even includes writing books on baby names that you can refer to instead of taxing your brains about the matter!


Well, these people make a living by..err..watching porn. These professionals are hired by managers of various porn sites to remove any content that’s deemed illegal. Watching and flagging odious images, videos etc. are daily business for porn inspectors. Child pornography, suicide and other repulsive content is viewed and taken down the site by them.


Needless to explain that these are the humans who taste dog food before its launched in the market by dog food companies. As a dog food taster, a person is required to sniff, eat and evaluate dog food on the basis of taste, texture and overall quality of the product.
So the next time you get pissed off about your job, imagine waking up each day, getting ready for job and ending up eating dog food at your ‘office’.


Snake venom is packed with proteins that can be turned into drugs to treat all kinds of ailments. It is no less than an elixir when used in drugs. Snake venom is frequently used in medical researches as well. But the risky venture has to be done manually. A snake milker’s task is to collect snake venom by gently exposing the fangs and squeezing out the juices of these creepy creatures.


The job needs no description. The task is to explore worm colonies and collect loads and loads of worms. These creatures are then segregated where the best ones are kept and the rest discarded. A worm picker’s job is a nocturnal affair and requires dark, protective outfits. These worms are later sold to fishermen all across the world to facilitate the fishing business.


One of the super weird jobs, mattress jumping is not as fun as it might sound to us. A couple of jumps in frolicking mood is way different from a solemn profession that demands jumping day and night on mattress after mattress.

While most people refuse to even consider it “work”, mattress jumping is not to be confused with bouncing up and down a trampoline. It requires a great deal of practice and acumen. All mattress jumpers go through extensive training before being recruited by the companies.


Remember those cool deo spray ads that you see on channels all day long? The whole affair seems like a cakewalk. But at the backdrop of this business of fragrance lies a bizarre, gross endeavor. For the armpit sniffers, it’s anything but a bed of roses.
Their job is to aid deodorant companies in delivering a quality product. An arm sniffer is required to sniff armpits all day long to evaluate the body odour before and after usage of the deodorant.
They ensure that the spray masks the odour effectively. Each company uses these professionals before the product hits the market.
So the next time you feel vexed because of your boss or gripe about your job, just remember that somewhere in the world people are earning a living out of this very profession!

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