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Top 10 Must Visit Places in Venice

Italy is located in southern Europe and it sticks out in the Mediterranean sea like a boot. When you think of this particular European city in Italy, you begin to wonder how this city really exists and the people there survive a normal lifestyle with water everywhere. For anyone from any other city other than Venice, which is located in southern Italy is marvelous wonder is a surprise. Want to get away from the city rush and traffic? f yes, then, this is the perfect place for you to be in. There are practically no roads in Venice’s historical center and trucks and cars are banned here. It would be an experience of extreme adventure for someone who is not used to these usual conditions in their city. It is astonishing to see that this city survives and continues to be so beautiful even with so much water logged around. Venice is a beautiful city whether or not you see it in the day or night. It is almost like a fairy-tale city floating in the sea. It is built on 117 islands and features 150 canals. The area around Venice is the wealthiest region in entire Europe. The city has drawn millions of tourist from it’s ancient monuments and abstract buildings. Thus, making tourism their main source of income.



Museo di Storia Naturale di Venice or conjointly apprehend as Natural history meseum could be a depository of explanation housed in Fondaco dei Turchi, situated on the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy. Its assortment is especially primarily based round the nature of the Venetian lake that surrounds the town. nowadays it\’s one among the eleven venues managed by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venice.


Murano could be a series of islands connected by bridges within the Venetian lake, northern European nation. It lies regarding 1.5 kilometre north of urban center and measures regarding 1.5 kilometre across with a population of simply over five,000. it’s notable for its glass creating, notably lampworking. it had been once Associate in Nursing freelance comune, however is currently a frazione of the comune of urban center.


Piazza San Marco is that the principal public sq. of Venice, Italy, wherever it’s typically identified even as la public square. All alternative urban areas within the town area unit referred to as campi. The Piazzetta is associate degree extension of the public square towards the laguna in its south east corner. the 2 areas along kind the social, spiritual and political centre of Venice and area unit usually thought of along. this text relates to each of them.


Teatro La Fenice is associate theater in metropolis Venice. It is one of the very famous and a renowned set of theatres in Europe, the location of the many renowned classical music premieres. Its name reflects its role in allowing associate company to rise from the ashes despite losing the employment of 2 theatres to fireside and legal issues severally. Since gap and being named La Fenice, it’s burned and been remodeled double a lot of.

6. CA’ D’ORO

Also remarked because the ‘Golden House’, this is a wonderful and beautiful palace on the Grand Canal can be a type of architecture masterpiece with a fabulously embellished floral façade. At the moment it’s academic degree art deposit that homes Renaissance sculptures, equally as paintings by Tiziano Vecellio and Guardi. Don’t miss out on the chance to seem at the Grand Canal from the balconies of the palace.


Explore the Venetian art of the eighteenth century by paying a visit to the present brilliant palace, set near Campo San Barnaba. Discover halls and ballrooms adorned with splendid works of art by the foremost necessary Venetian artists, like painter, Jacopo Robusti and Longhi. If you walk to Ca’ Rezzonico from Campo San Barnaba you discover yourself during a quiet very little garden, wherever you’ll take a rest faraway from clamorous tourist-ed spots.


Palazzo Ducale is unquestionably a must-see attraction. One among the oldest buildings in city, erected within themid-14th century because the Doge’s residence, it options typical type of architecture. In 1923 the nobleman Palace was become a repository, displaying an in depth assortment of masterpieces and hosting varied art exhibitions. Take a tour within and go up the Giant’s way into the grounds, then visit the lavishly embellished Doge’s living accommodations and also the Senate Hall. You may have a novel chance to run through the Bridge of Sighs, the sole bridge in Venezia that’s utterly coated, wherever those that had to run from the court to the prisons might take their last breath of contemporary air. Discover the mysteries of the Doge’s Palace on a Secret Itineraries tour.


“I dedicated myself to my collections. I made it my life’s work. I’m not an art collector. I’m a museum.” – Peggy Guggenheim.

The Peggy Guggenheim assortment may be a fashionable art depository on the Grand Canal in Venezia, Italy. The depository was originally the non-public assortment of the yankee heir Peggy Guggenheim, UN agency began displaying the artworks to the general public seasonally in 1951. Once her death in 1979, it had passed on to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, which eventually opened the gathering year-around. the gathering is housed within the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, associate 18th-century palace, that was Guggenheim’s home.


It is the cathedral church of Venice ever since 1807. The present basilica was built between about 1063 and the middle of the 15th century. The inside is very romantic and impressive. It seats 120 guest. The religion of this church is roman catholic. If you love to be a part of weddings, you may have a chance of attending an Italian wedding as a lot of weddings take place at the Basilica.


It is Venice’s largest waterway. The Grand Canal is about two miles long and features three bridges which are the Ponte Degli Scalzi, the Ponte Del Railto and the Ponte Del Academia. It is a beautiful joy to take a ride of this canal at night.

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