Hot Water Springs

Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs In The World

Hot springs are as much favored and liked by people as the cool waterfalls, maybe some people prefer them to the cool waterfalls. These springs are good for us humans. Bathing in these hot springs, increases the temperature of the body, killing germs. Not just this, hot spring bathing helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and aids digestion. Some hot springs have natural minerals, which add to their usefulness. Elimination of toxins from the body, improved joint mobility, better sleep and lowered blood pressure are some of the other advantages of hot springs. Let us have a look at some of the natural hot springs, where you can rejuvenate yourself.


Hot Water Springs

Here’s a list of the top 10 natural hot springs of the world:

10. Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

Well, British Columbia is a place that has numerous natural hot springs. Lussier hot Spring is one such. It is an undeveloped hot spring in White swan Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia. However, the place has better connectivity. You can take the white swan forestry road to the hot spring from the provincial park exit. It has availability around for parking and public toilets. The springs are the pools made up of several rocks with gravels at the bottom. The highest temperature here is 43 degree Celsius.

9. Heviz Lake, Hungary

It is the Europe’s largest geothermal lake and second-largest thermal lake in the world. It is located near Heviz, a place in Hungary. The flow of the lake is so strong that it is replenished every day. There are many springs around the lake of different temperatures. When these springs enter into the lake, they become the constant temperatures, 38.5 °C. the waters are reported to have medicinal values and can be beneficial to the patients of locomotor disorders and rheumatic diseases.

8. Strawberry Springs, Colorado, USA

This spectacular hot spring has minerals in it, thus it is famous all around the world. In the beautiful forests of Colorado, is a spring pool where you can energies yourself and relax your bodies after much workouts. Be it just warming bones, or relaxing after a daylong skiing, camping, boarding, the spring is great. But beware! As the temperatures can be up to 104 degree Celsius.

7. La Fortuna De San Carlos, Costa Rica

This hot spring is on the Scratch river and a center of tourist attraction. It is a waterfall pouring from a cliff 70 meters high. It is one of the most beautiful and soothing experiences.

6. Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish. Well, it is a site in Denizli Province, turkey. This is a famous tourist place in fact. Well, there are terraces, which are made of a travertine, a sedimentary rock deposited by water of the hot springs. There are total 17 hot water springs in the area, temperature ranging from 35 °C (95 °F) to 100 °C (212 °F). Limestone is the mainly found mineral there.

5. Travertine Hot Springs, Bridgeport, CA, USA

Travertine hot springs are cluster of pools near the Bridgeport. It is a little known town with a population of just 575. Though, in this small place, you cannot locate the hot spring, until you get to the south of it. A narrow trough brings water from the underground above the land. There are many pools. The water in the first pool is piping hot and may range to 105 degree Celsius. As you go down the pools, the water becomes cooler. The very last pool offers the shallowest and the lukewarm bath. You will find the view truly majestic and amazing.

4. Saturnia, Italy

Saturnia is a spa town, where you can find artificial and natural springs. The waters here are rich in sulfur. Temperature is around 37 degree Celsius. The place is famous as ‘honeymoon spa’.

3. Beppu, Japan

In the city of Beppu, there is a group of numerous hot springs, a total of 2909 hot springs. Not a less number. 130,000 tons of hot spring water gushes from the ground every day, according to the Beppu City Hall. The number and the amount yielded is the largest in the Japan. The place is extremely amazing.

2. Grjótagjá Thermal Spring, Iceland

I could not wait long to write about it. This geothermal spring is peculiar in a way that it is inside a cave; most of the adventurous people would love it. it’s dark inside, especially the night time. You would need some headlamp or flashlight to guide you inside the cave. The water temperature inside will help you forget all about the chilly winds outside. You can swim, float and then even rest to the rocks.

1. Bains De Dorres, France

On my list, I give them the no. 1 position. The spring dates back to the Roman empire. Actually, the bath offers the visitors a chance to soak all their worries in the spring. They are surrounded by views of valleys offering soothe to the eyes of the visitors. The temperature ranges between 98F (36.6ºC) and 104F (40ºC) degrees. The visit to this natural hot spring would lighten your heart and give peace to your mind.

These are the best hot springs on earth.

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