Top 10 Natural Sights in China to be Visited and Enjoyed

Natural Sights in China

To see whole beauty of the world you have to spare entire of your life for tourism. However you should keep in mind the most interesting and magnificent places situated in a country which you are willing to visit. China is the business hub, everyone knows this, but how much this country in Asia is beautiful no one knows. Today we appreciate you to have a visit of top 10 marvelous natural sights in China which deserve to be toured and viewed closely.

10. Lofty Mountain Splendor – Tibet

This is not a natural splendor in Tibet locked in Himalaya’s mountain series; however the location is purely natured to be visited. It generally holds thoughts and expectations of tourists have not yet viewed this lofty mountain splendor in Tibet. Lakes from Mount Everest catch attentions of the travelers at first glance.

9. Colorful Alpine Lakes – Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou in West China inspires and draws attention of travelers towards the multicolored fairyland. The beauty of this place matches to rest of venues in China or world, but the lagoons within the longer series of bigger mountains covered by forests and greenery beside the banks of these colorful lakes. Colors of the trees, flowers and grass on top of mountains seem diving in the neat water of lakes. Sometime it seems there are trees and forests inside the lakes when watching the sight bit farther from the peak of mountains.

8. Steps to Heaven – The Younyang Terraced Fields

If you have never visited Yuanyang still, then you must place this venue at the top of sights to be visited when leaving for China. This venue carries a lot of things and specialties which definitely will invite your attention towards the natural jewels which this location has. It has the ascending patios looking like the steps of a ladder which Chinese mean the “Steps to Heaven”.

7. Karst Landscapes – Yangshuo & Li River

Li River carries much value and arrogance among the photographers and tourists, because this seems like an excellent work of some artists. Sheer Kart hills have surrounded the Li River and these seem as the pillars beside the river. Ink painters, photographers and poets use this sight for addressing actual beauty of nature. It has also occupied the position in list of top ten Watery wonders of the planet.

6. Precipitous Pillars – Zhangjiajie

Precipitous pillars are mountain chains having thin forest on the top in National Forest Park Zhangjiaji, China. This sight holds the inspiring attention of spectators and travelers for Hallelujah Hills (Mountains) in Avatar. It is famous for its deep valleys, rock pillars and towering peaks.

5. Traditional Seaside and Mudflats – Xiapu

Xiapu is a covered gem in China that deserves for visiting and even about this some stories are famous that travelers discovered it. Basically this venue is volatile scenery that changes abruptly having sometime the mud only; while sometime it gets filled with sea water. This usually has charming mudflats and a straight (casual) lifestyle.

4. Wuyuan Rural Area – Wuyuan

Wuyuan, China is one of the most attractive and pretty countryside and this venue draw a picture of pure rural life with colorful blossoms naturally. From beginning of March to mid of April period is the best one to visit Wuyuan because in this tenure the land of this countryside remains covered with rape of yellow flowers and this layer seems like a yellow carpet.

3. Nine Centuries Quaint – Hong Village

Hongcun is the oldest village in China that has watery surroundings with lotus flowers, charming ponds and stylish bridges to cross the water area. The village has a life of about 9 centuries and villagers mostly have the water yards inside their homes. It is a pure Chinese painting for artists and photographers.

2. Seas of Cloud and Sunrises – The Yellow Mountains

This venue is the only one in China that has four natural wonders shocking the viewers and travelers a lot. Hot springs, odd-shaped rocks, peculiar pines and seas of clouds are major natural wonders which this sight owns. The most beautiful attractions of the spectacle catch attention when the sun rises and sets.

1. Rainbow Mountains – Landscape of Zhangye’s Danxia

Rainbow Mountains are actually Danxia landscape that has vividly colors and the upper surface of mountains becomes like a rainbow in rain. Formation of the landscape is cute and it seems someone has thrown the colors on the mountains. Photographers and artists love this venue a lot and consider it the special blessing of God to China.

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