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What is the definition of smart according to you? A person who looks good and have a descent brain would be smart for you. Well you got it right somewhat. A smart person has a brain that works well but a smartest person has a brain that could answer anything you pose to him. He would give answer to all your question no matters how difficult they are. Our history has witnessed some of the smartest persons that know everything about anything. These people had a very good IQ level that makes them able to answer from the simple arithmetic questions to the hard core rocket science questions. Our education system has witnessed a change in recent times but there is nothing wrong in saying that there are much less smart people now as compared to that of past.

Here is a list that would tell you about some the smartest person with high IQ’s who can give answers to all your questions.

10. James Wood with IQ 180

James Wood is a famous actor who has acted in various movies and televisions shows. His amazing performance and talent helped him in grabbing 2 Emmy awards. He did a fabulous performance in My name is Bill W and promise. He was also nominated 2 times for the Academy Awards. But that is not all; he had an IQ of 180 and has some amazing mathematical whiz in his mind. Before starting his career as an actor he showed his talent in the field of linear algebra. He was also a scholar from MIT and one of the smartest persons that showed his talent in mathematics and acting.

9. Marilyn Vos Savant with IQ 190

It is not like that only man can have the highest IQ. Marilyn Von Savant holds the Guinness Record of having the highest IQ. She is a famous American magazine columnist, author, lecturer and playwright. She is writing in the famous column Ask Marilyn where she solves puzzles and gives answers to some of the difficult questions asked by the people.

8. Kenneth Ferrell with IQ 190

Kenneth Ferrell is the man behind the design of IQ tests QUINTIO and 12345 IQ tests. He is a very well known doctor and is an elite member of many well known academies worldwide. Order of Imhotep, the Epimethius society and GenerIQ society are some of the places where he offers his intelligence. Talking about the intelligence, he has an IQ of 190 and he loves doing IQ test for fun. He decided to design some different kinds of test for checking the IQ of people and with that he came up with QUINTIO and 12345 IQ tests.

7. Garry Kasparov with IQ 190

Garry Kasparov is a world know chess champion with an intelligence quotient of 190. He is one of the smartest chess players who have won numerous chess championships. He became the youngest undisputed chess champion in 1985 at the early age of 22 years. He holds the record of 15 consecutive tournament victories and 11 consecutive Oscar victories. His first defeat was against the IBM smart computer deep blue in the year 1997 but then also he is one of the well known and undisputed chess champion of all times.

6. Mislav Predavec with IQ 129

He is no different than other teenagers. He plays Mafia Wars, listens to rock music but above all he is the president and the founder of the GenerIQ society. This organisation gathers the smartest persons from the world to come together to work upon some really interesting ideas.

5. Rick Rosner with IQ 192

Being the person with an exceptional IQ, Rick does not seem to have an exciting career. He worked as a waiter, stripper and a nude model. But then he realised about his intelligence and thought to use it for some good. He became a writer and producer for some of the well known quiz shows and he is the one who sued the famous show Who Wants to be a Millionaire over an allegedly flawed question.

4. Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis with IQ 198

He is a Greece national who founder World Intelligence Network which is an international organisation of high IQ societies. He is currently working as a psychiatrist and owns some respectable degrees in degrees in psychopharmacology, medical research technology and philosophy. He has achieved the highest recorded IQ of 198 which is expected by only 1 person out of 38,000,000,000 people.

3. Kim Ung Yong with IQ 210

He is a genius who started talking at the age of six months and was taking college courses at the age of 4 years. This genius was able to read many languages like English, German, Japanese and Korean from the early age. He has published 90 papers and has even worked for NASA.

2. Christopher Hirata with IQ 225

At the age of 13 years Christopher won a gold medal at an international physics Olympiad. He is one of the geniuses that can do many things with his brain. He is currently employed in NASA on the project of Mars Colonization.

1. Terrance Tao with IQ 230

He is considered as the smartest person you could ever meet. With an IQ of 230, Terrance was able to become a professor at UCLA at an age of 24 years. He has mastered different fields like random matrix theory, analytic number theory, and additive combination. These names are enough to make someone develop the phobia of mathematics but Terrance started learning maths when he was very young. He is one of the geniuses with such amazing qualities.

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